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Thanks man. You can only ring the gongs with the gold ball(the one in the cover image above). It's only mentioned once in the pause menu so I guess I should have put it on the title screen or something seeing as I don't have a tutorial yet.
But if the gold ball wasn't ringing the gongs, then that's a huge problem!

I completely agree with just about everything you said, though I do want to try human characters first alongside more quirky ones.
I'm going to have some different level shapes like say a slightly S shaped level or long skinny level, but a hazards mode sounds really awesome too. Definitely would be a cool for variety.
I do want to make some pretty nice looking levels, too. The levels are all just simple stadiums so i think I'll be able to focus a fair bit on making the art.
Local multiplayer is definitely a must but maannn I dread the idea of having to make online multiplayer. I'll try to make it but we'll see how that goes.
Thanks so much, man! So encouraging to hear it's actually fun.
Oh and yeah the ai doesn't change, they're just all over the place. Got a lot of work to do on the weird ai.

Overall I thought it was pretty fun but man there's a lot of weird things good and bad and maybe good or bad idk. Sorry if I repeat what others have already said.

Firstly there's a weird sluggish feeling to the attacks. I normally like slower attacks but here it felt off sometimes and I think it's the animations. It's most obvious with the hammer where even if you double tap B, the knight still has a pause between lifting and slamming the hammer. The speed is fine but I think you should look at how Smash Bros and Bloodborne handle the slowness of their charge attacks with a flowing animation where if you just tap your Smash/Heavy attack, the character will simply play a slow attack animation without the charge.
I think the same can be done for the witch's attacks. They're a little slow even without a charge and that's great, but the lack of movement between pressing B and her shooting the spell makes it feel like she's just lagging or doing nothing for that split second if that makes sense.
Also is there a reason the hammer uses a double press for it's basic attack instead of a press and hold like the witch?

I think you run just a little bit too fast for how slow everything else is in the game. Enemies have no time to get you before you zoom past them even if they're already locked on to you. The high walking kinda trivialises the dodge mechanics. I also think you go slightly too far with the knight's roll.

Sometimes it can be hard to aim your attacks. I think it's a combination of the fast movement speed and the fact that both characters lock their aim in place once the attack begins. It makes the timing very strict for turning around to hit an enemy right next to you if you don't want to walk into them like the slimes, so you have to walk away then walk back just to aim your attacks.
I think it'd feel much nicer if during the windup of of your attacks, your character would slow down/stop walking like normal but would maintain the ability to turn around until the attack comes out.

Lock door sometimes doesn't close if you roll through it.
Rolls and teleports don't cancel charge attacks. It's cool and pretty fun but idk if it's intentional. I think you should keep it for the witch.
Teleporting between rooms as witch will have her stay invisible.
KOed witch doesn't revive after reloading.
I got stuck when the Witch got KOed in the locked room, wouldn't teleport between rooms and would stay there even after loading.

Good luck, man. I can't imagine level designing will be easy for this game.

Thanks for playing, man.  There'll definitely be more of this game in the future. I'm working on a remake of the current level so hopefully I'll have that done for next Demo Day.

Thanks heaps man, that's really encouraging to hear.
I completely agree about the game needing much more weapon and enemy variety to really shine. I'll try to get some more of the gimmicky weapons out for the next demo so hopefully that will give a better idea of the direction.
Enemies that change to different combat styles sounds interesting to fight against and hitscan enemies could shake things up but unavoidable damage might go against the style of the game. I'm thinking enemies like hitscan snipers who lock onto you and blast you after a 3 second charge time or something. They'd have a limited turn speed so up close they can be dodged but far away it'd be undodgeable which would force the player to take cover.

I guess I'll have to try hard to get into the next demo day to test more weapons and enemies.

Argh. Sorry man, I'll be sure to have graphics options available for the next demo.

Thanks heaps for this, man. I appreciate you going through all the weapons and being thorough in talking about the mechanics and lack of mechanics. Got a lot of notes out of it.
I'm really cautious about movement being too strong because I want the enemies to always be threatening, but I was able to add jump cancelling for the dash. It just lowers your velocity when you jump so you can't fly around being untouchable.
Wall jumps sound good, though. They'll give me more material to work with for platforming sections.
I'll be working on those missing basic functions like dropping weapons. Completely went over my head how important those things are.

Thanks a lot for beating it.
For the damage sponging, I'm wondering if it's related to the fairly severe damage drop-off on most of the weapons. Because if that's the case, then I think it might be a clarity problem or lack of incentive to get close to the enemies.
For picking up stuff I'll probably add that as an option, my main worry is people having a gun they like, then accidentally deleting it by walking over a different gun. Probably be handy for health packs, though.

The swinging and puzzles are fun but the way the tongue ball inherits the players momentum is really weird because you have to lead your shots against static targets while moving.
Made it pretty hard to reliably hit small obstacles but if it's an intentional level of difficulty then I guess it's working as intended.

The throw ball sticking looks like it could be used to make some real tricky levels so I'm interested to see where this goes. 

It's quite fun for how little there is right now. Neat controls, positioning and timing is intuitive, good core gameplay.  Only gripe is how much the ball stays off screen when the bot goes to the top of the level. Maybe the camera could move up and/or zoom out a little if the ball gets too high?

Damn it. I forgot to remove the quit when you hit esc when I added the pause menu.

Thanks for playing and I'm glad the level and combat seems to hold up. The weapons definitely need HEAVY rebalancing, but that might be a slow process of minor tweaking. Haha and yeah the after death shooting is a bit bullcrap. I think it's funny but I guess I can make the shots fired after death not do damage to the player.

Yes the sound is garbage right now. There's no audio positioning at all right now.

Thanks so much for the gameplay! I think it's clear now that I need a bit more in the way of showing the player the mechanics because that slow shooting machine gun was actually the gun that spawns turrets.

Thanks! You're right about those points. I don't want the enemies to die too quickly but they are much more deadly than they're supposed to be. I'll make their shots easier to dodge and lower the spawn rate and max spawned enemies.
I've increased the grenade hitbox size to make it easier to direct hit stuff and I'll add a second weapon slot so you can have a backup for tricky enemies.

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I suppose right now all the guns are just different projectiles other than the sky beam. I'll have to work on getting the more quirky weapons in.
I just nerfed the range on all the guns before I submitted the demo but I guess it wasn't enough, I really want to avoid sniping everything so that's REALLY helpful to know.

I'm really liking where this is going! The magic and metal theme works great and I love how the music responds to you. The floaty air controls are really interesting because it makes bad decisions that much more punishing. It also make the shotgun so much more useful because of the air control it provides. Never used the slow mo because it's not really fun to use.

The shotgun feels great to play with, with it's damage that leads to ammo kicks very well and the kick back that can save your ass. The cross bow however feels kinda crap. The stab takes so long to do with little range and unlike the kick it doesn't stay out as an active hit for long making it super hard to use for little reward compared to the kick. It's cool that the bolts penetrate but with it's spread, it doesn't feel like it's better than the shotgun at range or up close. I guess I'll have to wait for beefier enemies to really tell if it's actually bad.