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A jam submission

Gunsun Zeros - Demo Day 20View game page

Mix guns and shoot robots!
Submitted by GearSting — 22 hours, 32 minutes before the deadline
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Submitted (2 edits)

This is pretty great, excited to see where you take it. Love the visual style, the projectiles look especially cool. Homing missles and grenade launcher sound and feels awesome. The "air strike" weapon is a very interesting idea too. The weapons do need a lot of balancing, though. The purple lasers deal pitiful damage. Machine gun's upgrade seems to make it weaker. Homing missiles are surprisingly not very effective against flying enemies because they can't catch up. Grenade launcher and "air strike" seemed to be the most effective. Also the little rocket jump you can do with the grenade launcher is awesome. Enemies feel bullet spongey too since they don't react when getting shot and have quite a lot of HP. Movement overall feels really good, though I was wishing that the game would allow me to cancel the dodge roll into a jump.

Submitted (2 edits)

>quits when you hit esc


Oh my god this game is a blast. I had so much fun in all the combat and exploration. 

I feel like these weapons are just clearly better than the others:

I love the weapon combination system, it's absolutely great. I was extremely satisfied getting to the top of the tower and destroying the last pillar. But please consider making it so enemies stop shooting when they are killed, most of my damage taken was from this.

I'm super excited to see where this goes.

edit: sound was a little hard to understand where things were coming from, but I know that's tough to implement (or I assume it is, I've never done 3d)


Damn it. I forgot to remove the quit when you hit esc when I added the pause menu.

Thanks for playing and I'm glad the level and combat seems to hold up. The weapons definitely need HEAVY rebalancing, but that might be a slow process of minor tweaking. Haha and yeah the after death shooting is a bit bullcrap. I think it's funny but I guess I can make the shots fired after death not do damage to the player.

Yes the sound is garbage right now. There's no audio positioning at all right now.


Gameplay video:


Thanks so much for the gameplay! I think it's clear now that I need a bit more in the way of showing the player the mechanics because that slow shooting machine gun was actually the gun that spawns turrets.