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1.65 - Many changes, new weapon
Submitted by brum — 2 days, 10 hours before the deadline

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I'm really liking where this is going! The magic and metal theme works great and I love how the music responds to you. The floaty air controls are really interesting because it makes bad decisions that much more punishing. It also make the shotgun so much more useful because of the air control it provides. Never used the slow mo because it's not really fun to use.

The shotgun feels great to play with, with it's damage that leads to ammo kicks very well and the kick back that can save your ass. The cross bow however feels kinda crap. The stab takes so long to do with little range and unlike the kick it doesn't stay out as an active hit for long making it super hard to use for little reward compared to the kick. It's cool that the bolts penetrate but with it's spread, it doesn't feel like it's better than the shotgun at range or up close. I guess I'll have to wait for beefier enemies to really tell if it's actually bad.


Excellent artstyle and music that leave a good impression from the very main menu. I'm very curious to see what direction the gameplay will take in later iterations. At first glance I expected something along the lines of painkiller but the three strike health system and the slow reload times suggest something more tactical that could be really interesting. The only nitpicking I may point out is that it feels awkward to have to press F to pick up a weapon, and it would be more convenient to just walk over it (like you do with ammo).

Also, I love how you throw the cig at the start. It's a small thing but adds a lot of character!


Love the whole style. You got the whole flow of DOOM but you're missing weapons with a clip size higher than 2. All the weapons have a satisfying punch (including the kick), but I feel like I'm spending way too much time reloading. Slowmo seems pretty useless for this reason. Also idk if its intentional, but pressing Q +E at the same time is fucking badass.

Tested the Mac Version, pretty solid weapon and movement controls, not sure if it was a bug but I couldn't get rid of the 'pick a weapon to start' message on top and the 3 enemies never died. There was a small artifact in the crossbow where I could see the borders of the electric chord sprite.

Other than that the game looks great and the enemies look interesting. Good job.

Linux version doesn't run :(

I'm running ubuntu 16.04

i've got an hd radeon 6770, 8gb ram ddr3, i5 @ 3.5ghz


Impressive presentation, and the little gameplay there is in kicking books in the face is pretty good. However, there's no indication of when you get extra ammo for booting things to death and the deceleration on boot jumping is such that bunny hopping with it seems close to frame perfect timing, and otherwise it doesn't allow for speedy movement. There also didn't seem to be a way to pause the game.