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Just two health for whimp? really? I was able to beat the boss with Chuck, but I had trouble finding a vulnerable state when fighting him just with whimp. Going into this completely blind, I though the strategy was to possess the cloud, so i tried that for waaay longer than I should have. If the idea is that he's powerless as himself, throw in a few enemies before the boss? Or make the Boss encounter involve spawning new enemies? Idk, Kirby's adventure did it. I like the technique of "wall jumping" and the character development of chuck in the beginning. Lots of possibility with the other characters. I ran into a bug when I took damage with one HP left and the healthbar was just violently shaking. There were also a few times where I just died at random it seemed.

Overall is a real great concept. I Like all the art that's in and I enjoyed playing. keep it up.

Love the smooth animations and attack variety. looking forward to switching between elements and what you do with enemy AI.

I'm not really crazy about shmups, especially the unessicary difficulty of 90s ones. But i get thats exactly what you're going for soo...

It annoys me that I have to toggle my move speed, I'm used to a "focus" button. Maybe that could be an option

I dislike how continuing doesnt give you a max powerup, or you limit continues like you are actually trying to rob me of quarters. Its fine having a steep difficulty curve but you don't have to stomp on the dicks of those trying to gain a mastery of the system.

I hate how you can die on terrain and it moves in certain sections

Some of the patterns seem impossible to dodge and require a burst to get by. Especially ones with tracking shots if you don't know they're coming. Seems like bad design to me.

The art, sound and general style is all on point though, keep it up and clean up your timelines.

I could tell this was meant for a gamepad (at least i hope), but I played with keyboard. I didnt even notice I could use mouselook until i was checked out all the platforms. Before that, turning with the arrow keys caused me to move, which is awful for platforming. So are the castlevania jumps. I know it doesn't make physical sense, not being able to change jump trajectory in mid air feels awful.

Pretty nice. My biggest gripe is no reseting i mean come on dude. I feel like if you are going for the henshin hero genre, you could remove the delay after dashing and go full "H-He's fast!" since it takes up so little stamina. I played this on a KB+mouse and don't know how it works on an gamepad, but really like that LMB, RMB, and LMB+RMB are all different attacks. seems like a lot of potential combo mixups, but right now id say the spear is better. Good demo.

Great demo. All the weapons feel good. The movement feels good. The low poly models and low res textures don't detract from anything. I love the enemies and would like to see more difficult varieties of them. My favorite thing is constantly shooting once and reloading to make a pile of mags.

Besides the fucking terrible animation, writing, and collision. I kinda liked the whole ambiance. No clue how much of it is asset store nonsesne or unreal just doing its thing, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Enemies are just damage sponges, The same 3 hit combo gets old. jump attack is a nice change of pace but doesnt seem to do much. Unless you do it off the bridge

Overall works as a proof of concept. Fighting games like these could always use more juice. I would have liked to see some incentive to switch up left-right punches, making dodging less OP, and maybe a harder difficulty settings. I feel there is a lot room to expand on the punch out formula, so im looking forward to where you take the gameplay.

Pretty cool. I felt bad that I wasn't able to play on a gamepad, but at the same time, i fee like keyboard +mouse would work just fine a-la deadbolt. The console interface was a nice touch, but I'd like to see it overlap into the platforming. I was able to keep getting guns, and what I thought was ammo, but I still couldn't shoot. I wasn't able to completely finish the tutorial or actual demo because I kept getting frustrated at tricky platforming. Art is real nice but i wish i could upscale.

Played on keyboard, which i don't feel was optimal experience. You have all of these directional inputs but you're missing a simple 3-button combo which i feel is necessary for this beatemup feel you're going for.

Neat little thing. I think there is kind of an optimal strategy with the rapid fire weapon. Maybe it would be cool with a weapon pickup system? Some enemies spawned outside of the "cross" which seemed like a bug but was also kind of interesting. Would like to see what this would look like with a fuck ton of juice and shaders and fancy binural sfx shit.

I played on a keyboard and had decent time, I never felt that I didnt have control over the character. My biggest gripe is multi-screen levels. I guess just after a point I get used to there being a checkpoint after each screen and redoing something I already have completed feels like an annoyance.Especially in the mine levels it kinda feels bullshit when there are deathtraps just past the room transitions. Real nice, though I have to say i kinda miss the torpedoes though.

I kept seeing screenshots of your game, but never knew what the hell what i was looking at. I did end up really liking it, I like how I was slowly able to understand the core mechanics. My biggest issue is that it seems each puzzle requires you to know the solution beforehand. Some most levels dont have a goal visible until a good way though the solution. If you push a block the wrong way, you might not even know you fucked up until much later. I got frustrated and quit at level 6. I freed the little green guy and didnt know what to do afterward.

Don't know where you're going with this. it doesn't feel like an endless runner, the pace is all wrong for that and not just the game speed. There are big stretches of nothing and enemies can take more than 1 hit. Not that it couldn't work as some sort of linear RPG. Gameplay is nice and snappy.

I guess the concept is kinda funny, but I'm just getting Columbine vibes. How are these guys supposed to defend themselves? You have a fucking gun. Is this an art game?

Love the whole style. You got the whole flow of DOOM but you're missing weapons with a clip size higher than 2. All the weapons have a satisfying punch (including the kick), but I feel like I'm spending way too much time reloading. Slowmo seems pretty useless for this reason. Also idk if its intentional, but pressing Q +E at the same time is fucking badass.

There is ZERO reason not to have full auto. I like the whole sensory overload, but maybe you could put the score bubbles behind the enemies, bullets, and player as to not disrupt gameplay. All the flash is nice but not when I feel the only times I get hit is because I can't see through it all. I like guxt too.

Just put up a fix, Thanks for catching that

This was unexpectedly fun. The physics make no sense but i was still able to maneuver with moderate ease. I love the attention to detail of the environment but some of the models are meh. GJ

Amazing. The demo is short and sweet, fully explores a great concept with the few moving parts it has.

Better! The slower pace makes me feel more in control, and the camera isn't giving me any more issues.

The game is only 4 rooms? "hard light" is an interesting concept though.

Overall the game seems pretty floaty. You may want to look into either acceleration of speed for Leto, tweak your cam lerping so it always shows whats in front, or even just slow everything down a tad.

I like the wallrunning mechanic but it behaves inconsistently. It forces me right when not pressing anything on the ground, but when I'm on the ceiling i can just hold it and hang there. It shows promise though, I liked that I was able to get the speed power-up by climbing the starting left wall. Also, I found it weird that you have to hold forward for only the first wall jump, and the rest you can just hit jump. It makes sense now that I think about it, but its still not explained fully. I'd expect wall jumping to work the same both ways.

Keep it up.

Awesome. As great as this is with sensory overload, I feel like the "oh shit you are about to collide with this wall" blue squares feedback is a little too tame.

Art and juice is fucking on point. The recoil gimmick is neat, but i feel like it gets stale with only 1 enemy type and the solution being "shoot down and jump to cross the gap" for most of the puzzles.

The jumping felt really inconsistent, I only found out the ideal time to start shooting through trial and error. I had a real hard time with the shotgun jump in the 4th room.

Looking forward to see more great progress (and more puzzles!)

the spell system is great, and has a lot of potential. Falling to my death while trying to remember broom summon is a great feeling.

I couldn't get solve solve any puzzles, just put 2 cubes in a buckets. I really struggled with the broom controls. The amount of control you have over flight is impressive, but overwhelming.I feel like you need a tutorial to show not just the mechanics of flight, but the dynamics. Like at first I couldn't tell why I couldn't point the broom up and hold shift wasn't making me move up. but found you can't fight gravity, you need to build momentum sideways first before you pull up. You may need to subsitute extra control for ease of use, at the very least for beginners.

Maybe you could add an auto-hover mode for beginners/players focusing on their spells while in air? Or a trajectory trail?

Anyways, Its all great progress, l've been looking forward to playing this for a while. Keep it up.

Great progress. I got 83 thingies. love the traps, they're subtle enough to hide in plain sight and trains the player to look for them, I'd like to see more like them.

I would suggest you put off adding in combat as little as possible. That stuff can really affect flow of exploration and stuff.

The collect button replenishes your energy without the devcheat in the store. Leveling them up makes them give more energy and more often.

Also I can't describe how much I love this picture

  • The world map traveling system seems more complicated than it has to be.
  • Cool af inventory system, seriously.
  • Maybe a hotkeys for contextual buttons, at least one for one there is only one option.
Not really one for super complex roguelike-rpg-things, but i definitely get that feel here for what its worth. A tutorial or REALLY simple quest would really help plebeians like me get onboard, and slowly introduce mechanics.

Good name. I don't know why, but I really like this resolution. Movement is too slow and environment is too boring to feature exploration as a feature, but you only need to change one to make it work. Curious to see where you take combat.

  • I'd like to see some feedback for when the ball is off screen.
  • Don't abruptly stop when you swing while moving. skid a little bit.
  • Ball physics seems a little weird when bouncing on blocks. Can't really describe it
Good concept and art. Lots of promise.

Got more than a few sincere laughs out of this.

Interesting concept, but lacking in the execution. Its impossible to dodge ghosts on the right side. High score of 2.