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Konrad the RocketView game page

Konrad has to test a secret weapon. Can he survive it?
Submitted by boustrophedon — 2 days, 20 hours before the deadline

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Simple and fun! I like how you paced the levels introducing one element at a time. They get a little frustrating in the yellow zone, when you introduce the double screen levels. The problem is they are presented along with the mines, wich break the flow of the game and make those sections feel extra long and repetitive. I feel they would be used better in those fast spike-dodging sections where levels last only a couple of seconds anyway. Having to wait for the mines to explode, and then dying on another mine you didn't see because it was just behind the door feels cheap. Overall, It's a really great game. Keep it up!


I played on a keyboard and had decent time, I never felt that I didnt have control over the character. My biggest gripe is multi-screen levels. I guess just after a point I get used to there being a checkpoint after each screen and redoing something I already have completed feels like an annoyance.Especially in the mine levels it kinda feels bullshit when there are deathtraps just past the room transitions. Real nice, though I have to say i kinda miss the torpedoes though.

  • Smooth controls
  • cute gfx and sound track
  • I do wish for a bit more control in the windtubines, i understand it's a balance between changing the dynamics and keeping difficulty but at times it feels a bit too random.
  • i like the pacing and how you introduce obstacles and then combine them for variations.
  • There are some difficulty spikes maybe coming a bit too quick but not too bad.
  • Would love some sort of timer or scoring.
Good job!

I played this one before outside DD and it's one of my favorites, I finished all chapters and feel like I could play it forever as long as you throw more levels at me.

I do have a few nitpicks and suggestions though.

  • The turrets that aim at you should reset their attack timer if they lose track of you, right now they ready up a shot and might fire at any moment when you come back to them, I have to keep track of their timers in my head. It does add some nuance to them but it feels inconsistent
  • The cutscenes and "storyline" don't mesh well with the game itself. Communism is not what comes to mind when I see sterile test rooms and such
  • Some hitboxes feel larger than they should be, particularly the bullets. I think close calls are more satisfying than bullshit "that didn't even hit me" deaths

- I like the controls. they feel pretty good.

- You keep introducing new mechanics which is great.

For the record I stopped playing a couple levels after you introduce the key card mechanic so not very long. I don't want to go all idea-guy on you but I think that the actual look of the levels should have more variety. For example a game like super meat boy has a variety of visual environments that I think add a lot to your game. Also, I know I didn't play to the end but I think it would be cool if Konrad eventually escapes the facility and you can add more open levels in an outside zone. Maybe visuals of scientists working on stuff in the background/areas in black to give more atmosphere.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the game just needs more character and then it will be pretty good.