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A jam submission

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Solitaire RPG
Submitted by crabowitz (@crabowitz) — 2 days, 23 hours before the deadline

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This is great fun! I'm loving the jokes in the card descriptions and the characters are both cute and funny (expecially the goblins). Character customisation is amazing, but i'm not sure if I would ever want to pick the generalist specializations, considering I would be missing out on the most powerful cards and the alleged versatility is not felt a lot when most cards simply deal damage and are randomized each turn anyway. For the same reason, I don't think giving the mage a bigger deck is a good thing, because it just makes it harder to find those really amazing cards (altough magic missile saved my ass a couple of times). Maybe an extra card in the hand would achieve that effect. Overall, It's great and I cannot wait to see what you'll be adding next! Keep it up!

Sequenced thoughts as in order:

Music is alright. Flash level customization is welcome at all times. Text is tiny. It says you can click a card to resort it - thought that means place the pathed card back on to the stack, but that doesn't work. The 50/50 mechanic is cool, real cool if explored well. Oh, once the cards are placed, you can move them to the other side. Encounter music is annoying and doesn't fit the turn based gameplay, at least at the very first encounter, when I'm still learning what to do. You can hack your own team - noice - no restrictions are top tier mechanics. Descriptions are good comedy, meme-free. Text doesn't split into lines. Assuming the party numbers and abilities are going to be introduced more slowly in the final (good luck) version. Had an encounter with ran, goblin and 2 chests - not sure what did the rain do or what happened to the chests. "Why? Fuck you" is too much.

It's very fun. I'll get inspired from this for the next game. Glad I redownloaded.


I love the art, the jokes, the encounter system and how you have to be smart and not waste all your skills early on, but I don't like how the skills have their positions shuffled every round, I feel like I'm relearning the same character every time, there no point in showing duplicates either.

Skills could always keep their slots and have charges instead, with cards representing these charges just to keep the whole card system going on but without the annoyances I mentioned. You could add some systems like not being able to use the same skill twice in a row and encounter cards/enemy abilities that disable skills too so there's still some random aspect to it.

The table background is a good idea but it doesn't really fit the rest of the art right now, the dark wood and shadowy spot makes the game look more somber than it needs to be, I dislike the tiny font used in most of the text too.

Hey, played a bit and recorded it if you're interested in seeing how first timer plays it. Overall it's a pretty cool game, looking forward to seeing more progress.


Just put up a fix, Thanks for catching that

It's a shame, I wanted to play it.