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Punch the furries. Get punched by furries.
Submitted by Kickindev — 2 days, 8 hours before the deadline

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seems cool, though im not really sure how to play properly and the animations were hard to read, i kinda mashed it out a ton.


Uploaded third build:

-Fixed a crash related to opening the debug menus (F3 & F4) if the player had never dodged or attacked before attempting to open them.


Uploaded a new build in response to feedback!

-Added an indicator that pressing space defeats the title screen boss.

-Added a link to the devlog tumblr on the main menu.

-Increased text scroll speed for the enemy's bio

-Increased enemy attack speed

-Made many of the enemy guarding hitboxes increased hitstun for if you accidentally hit them.

-Hitting the enemy's guard or whiffing now detracts some of your super meter.

-Increased the speed of the player's super abilities slightly.

-Using one of your super punches now drains a small amount of the super meter. If you connect with it properly, the meter is refunded. If you miss or are counter, the meter will drain more and you'll have to work to build more meter if you want to use supers again.


Overall works as a proof of concept. Fighting games like these could always use more juice. I would have liked to see some incentive to switch up left-right punches, making dodging less OP, and maybe a harder difficulty settings. I feel there is a lot room to expand on the punch out formula, so im looking forward to where you take the gameplay.


The big feedback from is that the punish rate is too small, u can almost just hang to the corners and the risk of getting punched is too low.

this can be cool if you expand with different combos and moves. Good job!

It works. Looks like all you need now is polish for the graphics to make people feel the punches with teeth, liquid streams flying out on each hit. The mechanics need some speeding up and variety too as I could just spam 1 and win without even looking at the screen. Hope you utilize the fact that the fighters are furries by having moves based on their features - horns, jaws, hoofs.


A bit too much on the easy side, I managed to beat the furry in my first try without getting hit once. I think the joy of games like Punch-Out is in getting your ass kicked the first few times to figure out the enemy's patterns and tells and then finally beat him.

Everything needs a speedup in general, dodging should be faster, punching should be faster, the enemy's punches should be much faster, the countdown should be faster, you get the point.

It felt pretty intuitive and I figured out what to do pretty much instantly which is nice, the problem is that I never felt like I had to do anything other than spam punches and calmy press down to dodge the very slow incoming punch.