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Yeah its jaggy i dont plan on changing the way the sprites look right now

there are animations, im not sure what you mean "no animations" for some stuff its not animated for now.

mostly everything subject to change, thank you for the suggestions

level 2 is harder than level 5

visuals gave me a headache, very obnoxious

fat enemies are boring to fight against and have too much hp

kept using my ammo count as the center point of my bullet instead of the crosshair

exploding barrels look like health pick ups

seems cool, though im not really sure how to play properly and the animations were hard to read, i kinda mashed it out a ton.

Really wish you had added sound effects to this, felt really empty when i was playing, also the game sort of starts out really hard, you should smooth that out i couldnt finish the tutorial or the first level

also make it easier to dodge or attack enemies or something cause they kinda hit you and most times you have to jump off a a cliff you just climed or straight up die

and please make it easier to move towards a ledge and grab onto it so you dont just fall trying to ledge grab from the top of a ledge

game is promising, though the juggles seems a little too easy to do add some horizontal knockback to the enemy when theyre being juggled or something, also the air dash kinda removes the need for walking completely

it gave me epilepsy

not really a shump player but i found this enjoyable, didnt like the laser beam weapon. the default weapon felt a little juicier.

demo was a little short lived, enemies didnt know i was shooting at them from far away , and they just ended up dying, the enemies have corpse collision which could lead to some paths being blocked. able to reload while ammo is full, zoom should follow which direction the cursor is in not the where the character is facing.

control scheme initially really sucks, a lot

changed it to ASD(left,down,forward)W to jump and "up" to another key

game feels really solid, loving the music(could be a little longer by a minute or two cause it loops a lot) enemy knights are retarded when they are at the edge of a platform and you are below them

the AI in general is lacking, they kinda just keep doing the same move and if youre reckless youll get hit, otherwise its pretty straight forward. the ICE sword needs a nerf. i got upto the part where you get the chain spell and the dagger spell and the chest with the relic in it. but i couldnt find anything else after walking through all the zones.

shows promise

felt nice, music was overpowering the other sounds of the game. felt strange not having a reload button but its not a big deal. was not sure how to press the end game button so i ran around looking for non-existant enemies for a while. looking good so far