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A jam submission

Travelers: Demo-Day 9 SpecialView game page

Special build of Travelers made specifically for Demo Day 9
Submitted by Stork (@storkdev) — 1 day, 22 hours before the deadline

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Travelers: Demo-Day 9 Special's page

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I played it for about 2 minutes but man! Game feel is coming along nicely. MGS inspiration feels obvious but alos that's not a bad thing since that series' gameplay has changed. Coming along nicely, dude

demo was a little short lived, enemies didnt know i was shooting at them from far away , and they just ended up dying, the enemies have corpse collision which could lead to some paths being blocked. able to reload while ammo is full, zoom should follow which direction the cursor is in not the where the character is facing.


thanks for the feedback, everyone! feels good to do a first entry and get a bunch of very constructive and detailed critique. I'll be continuing to work on the bugs and polishing the game which I think is very important as this is the bulk of the feedback. After that then that's the time I'm confident on moving to other features or level design.


I love the Metal Gear Solid-esque vibe it has. The PS-esque graphics rendering is so awesome.

I like the feel of the gameplay, and the first-person mode is just awesome.

In first person, I found it impossible to hit an enemy with the pistol from a distance. I don't know if there's a range on the pistol or if it's just really inaccurate.

Additionally with the first-person mode, I think you could really benefit from making it so the player faces the cursor as soon as you right-click, rather than the first-person camera facing where the player is looking. Dead Rising had this same thing, and was resolved with a toggle in options, whether you'd face Frank's direction, or the camera's direction when you ADS'd. Maybe consider that?

Also, what's with the delay in firing the assault rifle when you fire in third-person? A short delay is fine, to shoulder the weapon and line up a shot, but the delay just seems really long.

I can't wait to see more of it.


I really like the MGS1 and Max Payne (specifically the GBA version?) thing you've got going on. The swimy textures and lack of Z-buffering look good, but I feel like you should shoot for the PS1 look even more with low quality bitmap effects and blocky lighting.

The gameplay that is there isn't too refined, but the mechanics are there for something pretty cool. Keep at it.

very cool, clearly pretty early since there isnt much here. since it's early i cant comment much on the overall gameplay but the basic idea of moving and shooting in topdown/aiming precisely in first person feels nice and seems solid. have you considered a max payne dodge of some kind? love the rimlighting on the character and the general look of the game, hope you finish this

Damn, something is very very wrong with your walls (and boxes), I keep going through them by accident and that's the only thing that I find frustrating with the game right now.

Shooting feels pretty good, graphics and atmosphere are awesome. Keep it up, very promising.