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I don't know what that would entail. 

I meant that I'm interested in making 3D art in collaboration with you because I think this game has potential to sell well.

Hey, this is really really good. I loved it!

I had an idea for these controls ages ago but never made it. If you'd like some help I would really love to help you.  In any case what you have so far is great and it's worth making into a full game. Best of lucks!

Definitely needs improvement on the controls. Art style looks promising for a platformer. The fence's collider feels weird when it causes friction. Would prefer space bar to jump.

I found it difficult to kick and not get hit. I never got to kill an enemy with a kick so I always ran out of ammo.

Wish I could increase mouse sensitivity from inside the game.

Love the models and the concept. With more enemies and cool maps this could be a cool Doom or Duke Nukem-style game.

Feels good (even though I played with mouse and keyboard). Will be interesting to see where it's going

It's nice that you have a lot of content here.

Honestly i was a little overwhelmed by the initial setup. And unfortunately I didn't really get where I had to go.

I'm pretty sure I got the hang of the pace of the game. I encountered the same events too frequently though, so I guess you'll be adding many more.

The clues aren't really connected to the investigation events, so it felt a little inconsequential in my opinion.

Finally, I'd prefer to have more than 2 options, and also more than "1 choice events". Like 2 or 3 choices to make with 3 or 4 options each, for the same event would be cool.

You got something golden here. Keep it up!

I love the visual style but honestly I didn't get what I had to do

Progress is going well. I feel like I can't say a lot, since more progress needs to be made. But so far it feels good to play

I played it for about 2 minutes but man! Game feel is coming along nicely. MGS inspiration feels obvious but alos that's not a bad thing since that series' gameplay has changed. Coming along nicely, dude

Never overpromise and underdeliver