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Ah I just got back to this thread and trying the new build, it looks like you've completely fixed it! Thank you very much!

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Hello! First of all thanks for making this (and GMlive which is a lifesaver), it looks super slick and pleasant to use.

 I'm trying to set up the windows build of GMedit and am running into a problem where I can't load my project or interact with the buttons on the window. It looks like this at launch:

It never showed the tooltip explaining how to load a project for me, from talking with others I learned you're supposed to drag&drop your project file into the window however that doesn't work either.

Am i missing some kind of dependency? Any help would be appreciated


Hi! Sorry for the late reply. You need to download and install directx runtime. you can get it from here

I hope this fixes the problem for you!

Thank you! :D

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Sure! When I upload the final demo revision within a day or so I'll also add an archive .zip of all the previous versions, too.


You can use the windows keyboard shortcut Alt+Enter to fullscreen the game

Are you able to download any other games? There aren't any permissions or anything, so you should be able to

It's a very mild concern, but I think it is unlikely as it's pretty tenuous ground for trouble, and we are not remotely big enough of a fish for EA to fry anyways

Hey thanks for the demo review dude, I'm sorry you didn't end up liking it. I appreciate the criticism! I would say that you may enjoy aspects of the game more were you to spend some more time, seeing more of the content, but I totally understand if you don't want to. If the game doesn't grab you from the start, you can hardly be expected to trudge through more of it :P

very cool, clearly pretty early since there isnt much here. since it's early i cant comment much on the overall gameplay but the basic idea of moving and shooting in topdown/aiming precisely in first person feels nice and seems solid. have you considered a max payne dodge of some kind? love the rimlighting on the character and the general look of the game, hope you finish this

a couple more thoughts, ctrl could also be used as a crouch key as well as making your hitbox smaller(dunno if it already does this) for crouch jumping

also the flying feels a lot more natural in the test level than it does in the first level and i think the reason for this is because of the ample frame of reference, it's hard to judge your velocity unless you're near an island. maybe air-speedlines that swish past you to show the direction you're moving in could help. having a skybox with some color gradient would help a too, but i think the main thing is just having more.. things floating around. those big grate type shapes in the test level are great for a visual reference in midair, interesting shapes that are clear at different angles/distances are what you want more of i think.

rly kewl, controls take a bit to get used to but that seems like the point and once you become proficient at it it's a lot of fun to move around

i think the only thing that continues to bug me is wanting to press shift + ctrl at the same time in certain situations, it's kind of difficult for me to do with just my pinky. rebindable controls would definitely be nice

shows some promise, the grappling hook felt pretty good once I got the hang of the controls. hard to think of much else to say at this stage

surprisingly cool game. neat mechanic

cute visuals so far

i love the vent mechanics, they're exactly what the game needed to help bring some dimension into the gameplay. those mirrors make no sense. the fireplace is pretty. fuck the 5th level is hard. just keep going and youve got another hit on your hands i'm sure. 10/10 it's ok

cute! hard. Man I feel like this needs more checkpoints but maybe I just suck

the skull jump mechanic is a cool idea

I unironically love the visuals. controls could use some work I think, not sure why I can't swim diagonally. I got bored playing after about 5-10 minutes, not sure if I was supposed to be waiting for something or what. pretty cool start!