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be a cute 6dof witch
Submitted by SSTRANDBERG (@sfdstrandberg) — 1 day, 23 hours before the deadline

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a couple more thoughts, ctrl could also be used as a crouch key as well as making your hitbox smaller(dunno if it already does this) for crouch jumping

also the flying feels a lot more natural in the test level than it does in the first level and i think the reason for this is because of the ample frame of reference, it's hard to judge your velocity unless you're near an island. maybe air-speedlines that swish past you to show the direction you're moving in could help. having a skybox with some color gradient would help a too, but i think the main thing is just having more.. things floating around. those big grate type shapes in the test level are great for a visual reference in midair, interesting shapes that are clear at different angles/distances are what you want more of i think.


the spell system is great, and has a lot of potential. Falling to my death while trying to remember broom summon is a great feeling.

I couldn't get solve solve any puzzles, just put 2 cubes in a buckets. I really struggled with the broom controls. The amount of control you have over flight is impressive, but overwhelming.I feel like you need a tutorial to show not just the mechanics of flight, but the dynamics. Like at first I couldn't tell why I couldn't point the broom up and hold shift wasn't making me move up. but found you can't fight gravity, you need to build momentum sideways first before you pull up. You may need to subsitute extra control for ease of use, at the very least for beginners.

Maybe you could add an auto-hover mode for beginners/players focusing on their spells while in air? Or a trajectory trail?

Anyways, Its all great progress, l've been looking forward to playing this for a while. Keep it up.


I really liked it the controls were weird at first but after I got used to them and started using the spells I had a really enjoyable time with it!

rly kewl, controls take a bit to get used to but that seems like the point and once you become proficient at it it's a lot of fun to move around

i think the only thing that continues to bug me is wanting to press shift + ctrl at the same time in certain situations, it's kind of difficult for me to do with just my pinky. rebindable controls would definitely be nice

Pretty game, cute hat, too little force acting against the momentum.


I like it!

2 complicated 4 me