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the spell system is great, and has a lot of potential. Falling to my death while trying to remember broom summon is a great feeling.

I couldn't get solve solve any puzzles, just put 2 cubes in a buckets. I really struggled with the broom controls. The amount of control you have over flight is impressive, but overwhelming.I feel like you need a tutorial to show not just the mechanics of flight, but the dynamics. Like at first I couldn't tell why I couldn't point the broom up and hold shift wasn't making me move up. but found you can't fight gravity, you need to build momentum sideways first before you pull up. You may need to subsitute extra control for ease of use, at the very least for beginners.

Maybe you could add an auto-hover mode for beginners/players focusing on their spells while in air? Or a trajectory trail?

Anyways, Its all great progress, l've been looking forward to playing this for a while. Keep it up.