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A jam entry

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Fluid movement, visceral combat, stealth
Submitted by CytoShift with 2 days, 2 hours before the deadline

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Cool game! The tutorial is misleading, the way it is paced makes it feel like a fast paced platformer with fiddly walljumping, while the actual game is a nice randomly generated labyrinth that is way slower and more manageable. I expecially like how you have to plan in advance how to enagage a group of enemies that are placed in a difficult spot when trying to reach a safe. I'm curious to see what your plans are for the console menu.

For dumb people like me: SPACEBAR opens doors. It took me hours to figure that out.


Really wish you had added sound effects to this, felt really empty when i was playing, also the game sort of starts out really hard, you should smooth that out i couldnt finish the tutorial or the first level

also make it easier to dodge or attack enemies or something cause they kinda hit you and most times you have to jump off a a cliff you just climed or straight up die

and please make it easier to move towards a ledge and grab onto it so you dont just fall trying to ledge grab from the top of a ledge


Pretty cool. I felt bad that I wasn't able to play on a gamepad, but at the same time, i fee like keyboard +mouse would work just fine a-la deadbolt. The console interface was a nice touch, but I'd like to see it overlap into the platforming. I was able to keep getting guns, and what I thought was ammo, but I still couldn't shoot. I wasn't able to completely finish the tutorial or actual demo because I kept getting frustrated at tricky platforming. Art is real nice but i wish i could upscale.

Some problems I had with the game:

-for a fast paced game where you die a lot the crates take way too long to open.

-I feel like drones and the foxes take too long to kill.

-sometimes drones come in groups which I feel is unfair for the beginning of the game.

-no downwards attack which I feel would be very useful.

-proc gen often spawns ledges that can make wall jumping more finicky.

-to add on the proc gen doesn't seem to emphasize fast paced movement with all the ledges. Maybe make more opportunities for continuous wall jumping.

-I feel like the game would benefit a lot by adding a dash option.

Good Things:

-You are on the right track in regards to melee combat. Its fun to smash an enemy with a baseball bat.

-graphics are pretty nice

Overall, this is a great base. Looking forward to the next demo.


This game is what I'd imagine Flashback (the original) and Gunpoint would look after a spin in the procgen blender. If I'm not missing something, the current gameplay of jumping around dilapidated buildings and gomba stomping woodland creatures is functional, but missing a lot.

Some of the game play seemed to betray the ascetic, like how a dog can get right back up after geting knocked 20 feet back by a baseball bat to the face or how gomba stomping thing at all. The random generation also seemed a bit loose, I got a lot of guns without bullets, doors guarding nothing and pre-killed critters strewn about.

And some bugs :