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Become your enemy in this 2D platformer!
Submitted by AttaBoy (@AttaBoyGames) with 22 hours, 28 minutes before the deadline

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The vulnerable state in the boss is that he can hit himself with lightning during the part where the cloud tracks you. I didn't include a hint because I didn't know how without treating the player like a baby, but it's good to know that it is actually hard to figure out. My goal is that every boss is beatable (even if it's hard) if you start as Whimp, so I'll work on making those options clear.

Thanks for your feedback!


Just two health for whimp? really? I was able to beat the boss with Chuck, but I had trouble finding a vulnerable state when fighting him just with whimp. Going into this completely blind, I though the strategy was to possess the cloud, so i tried that for waaay longer than I should have. If the idea is that he's powerless as himself, throw in a few enemies before the boss? Or make the Boss encounter involve spawning new enemies? Idk, Kirby's adventure did it. I like the technique of "wall jumping" and the character development of chuck in the beginning. Lots of possibility with the other characters. I ran into a bug when I took damage with one HP left and the healthbar was just violently shaking. There were also a few times where I just died at random it seemed.

Overall is a real great concept. I Like all the art that's in and I enjoyed playing. keep it up.



Sorry that you had such a rough experience with it, I've updated it so that it no longer crashes and many of the bugs are sorted out. This feedback was really helpful as none of it showed up on my machine, so without you I wouldn't have known.


Fixed as many of these as I can (I need to do sound design but I'm pretty lost!). I'll play around with eliminating walking and seeing how it feels. I'm glad you liked the music!


I'm glad you liked the boss and that mechanic, I need it to ensure that you can't instakill every enemy. From what I've seen people are getting it pretty intuitively, which is good. And I've seen that at my end, I'll probably have to refactor my slopes a bit. Thanks for the feedback!


The mid boss was pretty cool, and I like the effect for hitting Norm/Reece enough to be able to possess them.

Also, I'm not sure if you're aware, but there are some odd things going on with the little dirt mounds that act as slopes. I made a webm trying to list the issues. Getting stuck on the slope is from a result of walking up to it then stopping.

  • Dialogue boxes spawn outside the view if you are too high
  • The top of the big tree sprite ends abruptly, you can jump high enough in some sections to see it
  • The game froze when I dashed into the boss and I had to force quit the process, it only happened once though
  • I used Bucka Chucka to easily kill him, I'm not sure if that's intended
  • I dislike the walk-run mechanics, having to double-tap or jump just to move at a reasonable pace is annoying and makes the game clunkier, I can't think of any situation where I would want to walk slowly. The rest of the controls feel right to me though.
  • The sound effects are too meek and lack impact, but I like the music and I didn't mind leaving the game open and listening to it on loop



Alright now that the game's actualy playable, here's some bugs that didn't kill it completely:

-The game soft-locked while Chuck's dialogue about betraying him started when I was off screen
-I killed the boss and died in what I think was the same frame, so the regular level music and the game over theme played over each other
-the grim reaper guys knocked me into a wall I had to wiggle to get out of
-In the room after the boss the game started running at halfish speed and the background started to wig out
-At some point leaving it idle while typing the above out it started to worsen
-eventually it crashed and it now exists only as an icon in volume manager
-the candle dudes' fire seems to not do damage to anything


Well if nothing else it's the crashiest game of the show. I couldn't get too far into anything without one. About the only thing I was able to do besides talk to a trashcan full of nerf darts was die to the reaper guys.

Here's the crash reports: