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Ctesiphon Alpha - Demo Day 21View game page

Classic Style First Person Shooter
Submitted by stomygame (@StomyGame) — 2 days, 22 hours before the deadline

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Excellent work as usual, the game is really starting to shape up nicely. The combat feels quite satisfying and the movement feels smooth. My only real complaint is the lack of new content, as it's still the same single level as all the previous demos with some new tweaks. I'm looking forward to what you can come up with on that front.

As a side note, I think this is the first time the game has worked perfectly on Linux (besides the flickering lock panels) without any tweaking for me, so props for that as well.


Great demo. All the weapons feel good. The movement feels good. The low poly models and low res textures don't detract from anything. I love the enemies and would like to see more difficult varieties of them. My favorite thing is constantly shooting once and reloading to make a pile of mags.

I play evertim. Everything's still great. Complaints on new (forgotten) things:

-The weapons are very dark now for some reason everywhere not in direct light - would up the ambient light much more
-Melee is alright
-With the increased number of weapons a fading indicator on which number is which weapon would be useful on switch
-Same for whatever the the alt fire of the shotgun does
-Grenade launcher is alright
-As with fall damage, would prefer not to have self inflicted grenade launcher damage, realism doesn't work for me here
-Rewarding roof-climbing is alright
-Z fighting line above the final room door
-Glass shattering is alright


I wish I could set the mouse speed more exactly, 2 feels too slow and 3 feels slightly too fast for me.

The controls feel just right and exactly as I would expect. I think adding a bit more friction would be an improvement, it (very slightly) feels like I'm on ice.

Enemies could have flashier muzzle flashes, they look like peashooters.

The fun factor already improved 10x from the previous demo day since the enemies aren't utterly useless, I had fun with it and shooting feels very satisfying.