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A jam submission

Wasteland Rampage - Demo Coming SoonView game page

Visceral Action Roguelite
Submitted by RendahGames (@RendahGames) — 2 days, 22 hours before the deadline

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I don't have a controller so I feel like I am missing out a lot, but from what I can tell the attacks feel good. Even tough I'm not an hack and slash veteran, the attacks chain nicely after eachother, and even while button mashing I felt like I was doing awesome combos. The walljump/wallslide feels a little out of place because I never found myself attacking while jumping, given that i can simply dash on the other side of enemies. I love how blood sticks to the ground and walls (maybe add splatters to trees also)


Played on keyboard, which i don't feel was optimal experience. You have all of these directional inputs but you're missing a simple 3-button combo which i feel is necessary for this beatemup feel you're going for.

  • I really like this 2d DMC style game. But i spent most of the time fighting the controls, they just didnt make sense, maybe it's made specifically for a gamepad but see if you can tweak things around.
  • Also i got weird graphic glitches, i couldnt figure out if it was the effects like blood janking around or your camera glitching and reseting every frame.
  • I love that you already have combos in place, like that you can cancel and combo into other things. smooth the controls and polish the enemies telegraph and this can be really good
Following this!

I'm having a problem where not guts will always move to the left if the movement buttons are left idle. It also still persists after unplugging any controllers.