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A jam entry

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A new kind of SHMUP
Submitted by PerfectHumanInterface with 2 days, 23 hours before the deadline

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Neat little thing. I think there is kind of an optimal strategy with the rapid fire weapon. Maybe it would be cool with a weapon pickup system? Some enemies spawned outside of the "cross" which seemed like a bug but was also kind of interesting. Would like to see what this would look like with a fuck ton of juice and shaders and fancy binural sfx shit.

As smooth as I'd like it. Nitpicks:

-R is for restart
-Escape is not for quitting, preferrably menu/pause
-V formation enemies ignore walls
-If holding to shoot works for one gun, it should work for all of them clicking second weapon 2 is annoying after using wep 1, even more so that you're forced into a cooldown after a some clicks
-pop sound effect is nice, didn't like the music
-weps 2 and 4 felt the exact same apart from the visuals
-wep 3 is fun to use

It's alright, but the quality of the game rests on the enemy and their sequence design, which is not in this version.


The three other weapons feel pretty useless compared to the main one, they are too slow for how hectic the game can get, I only used the boomerang to get rid of the shielded enemies.

The boomerang takes forever to come back when you are changing attack directions.

Shotgun seems utterly useless.

Weapon switching needs better feedback, it's hard to tell which weapon I'm currently equipped with except for the sniper which has its own graphics.

Some of the smaller enemies spawn outside the lanes which makes them harmless and pointless.

Very fun game though, the concept is solid and I could play it for a good while, I think the biggest issue is the weapon balance.