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A jam submission

Seasons PastView game page

CRPG, LMB and WASD to move, stop moving to attack
Submitted by ambientdev — 2 days, 19 hours before the deadline

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The combat is pretty much broken so there's not much to talk about it, just holding enter to win isn't interesting.

The aesthetics of the characters is nice, I'm not a fan of the 3D enviroments though and I think 2D backgrounds can be more expressive when done right.

The combat-heavy gameplay doesn't really fit the temple setting but I'm assuming that's not the final design.


the rooms look cool, i'm a fan of limited color palette art styles, but the angles and perspective could be more consistent. also, you already know this, but the combat needs some major work. right now, all that you need to do is hold enter and everybody dies. things like knockback, windup frames, cooldown frames and different enemy types could make the combat more fun. I'm curious to find out where you plan on taking this game.


don't try and load the save file as it got corrupted when i recompiled the new version, just make a new one when you first start the game


gamepad support removed for v4


WASD = move

ENTER = attack

ESC = pause menu

gamepad uses x button to attack and start to pause i think, idk i don't have a gamepad

game comes with a blank save file that you can load if you die in the first room