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When It Hits the FanView game page

Defend the Earth from four apocalypses with local co-op in this action arcade twin-stick shooter
Submitted by Yomic (@Trueyomic) — 2 days, 6 hours before the deadline
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When It Hits the Fan's page

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Thanks for the review. I recieved the crash log and have now fixed the bug and uploaded a new build. I'll work on the holding a direction after a continue as I fixed something similar recently. Fullscreen mode is currently just "windowed maximized mode" and not true fullscreen. I can add that option sometime.

Pretty good game, reminds me of 90s free- / shareware games. However, it doesn't really have much personality; enemies, weapons and graphics all feel generic and unmemorable. Gameplay-wise, the enemy hitboxes could be smaller. Currently you die from the tiniest graze (the flamethrower at the start of the lab level is one of the worst offenders). It's better to let the player feel the occasional "oh wow how did I survive that" than "how the hell did that kill me". Also, the enemies are occasionally hard to see. There's a lot of things going on in the game and every now and then I failed to notice an enemy that had spawned behind me. Finally, some technical issues:

-Can't hold a direction when respawning with a continue.
-The fullscreen mode doesn't cover my status bar (Linux, XFCE desktop)
-Encountered a crash at the end of Hell level. I've mailed you the crash log.

So yeah, the game has potential but doesn't stand out. It's something I'd play, but probably not buy at the moment.


Thanks for the reply. I haven't used my PS4 controller to test it yet so I'll get on that and try to correct it when I have the time. As for the fullscreen issue, it should be fullscreen in borderless windowed mode. What OS do you have? I'll see if libgdx has any particularities with Windows color settings in different versions.


On my Dualshock 4, if you press R2, a second player spawns in, but the function and dirctions of the sticks are reversed (Right stick moves, left aims, both reversed). I forgot to mention, playing it in fullscreen also somehow messed up my Windows color settings.


>the gameplay loop of serious sam + smash tv - level/enemy design just isn't fun
Tons of people disagree and that's okay. This is entirely subjective. It's already a compliment to be compared to Sam and Smash Tv

>technical problems
This part is useful to me, thanks! What controller are you using exactly? I've only ever tested with an Xbox360 controller. I've never experienced the "player 2 - reversed controller" bug that you describe. And the game closes with the escape button + Q, or start then back on 360. It's always been that way.

>to be frank...
I'm in the process of finishing it up. If some people don't like it, that's fine. If most don't, I'll try harder on my next one.


This game just keeps coming back. Will it ever actually hit the fan? What is 'It'? Will the main characters ever do leg day?

Anyway, other than the new content the game still seems to have the same fundamental problems from around dd9 (and I imagine around dd2 and 3 too); the gameplay loop of serious sam + smash tv - level/enemy design just isn't fun, and there's tons of technical problems ranging from controllers buttons being bound to both accept and back, a second player spawning with reverse controls in single player (if this is intentional it's the most confusing thing ever), to the game refusing to let it's self be close by anything less than task manager.

To be completely frank, this project has been spinning it's wheels for far too long, it either needs a huge overhaul or scrapped. Continuing with this without some serious re-tooling would just lead to the game being nothing more than a .99 cent trading card vehicle.


For this update I drastically changed the tiles in the Lab and I added the first Hell area. Let me know what you think!