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Obtain machines and explore. Buggy prototype.
Submitted by Plutoneus (@plutoneus) — 2 days, 9 hours before the deadline

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This is exactly the type of cocaine that I want to see in the demo days - experiences drowsed in atmosphere. The controls are nothing unusual, so you can start playing immediately without any problems. The graphics set you up for some old school dark space exploration, something along the lines of Another World. The music fits well, an the fact that it's a very short obvious loop doesn't break anything, possibly even adds to the atmosphere. The "star screen" room is great and getting the armor is great.

bug: I did get stuck in the floor after jumping once

All I want is more exploration with the same dark looming atmosphere. This game gets me excited and appeals to me the most out of the ones played this demo day.


Thank you very much! I appreciate it a lot.

I hope adding rooms and making it a longer experience won't take away from the simplicity, I'll try my best. Will look into the mech bug you and others experienced after classes.


As short as it was, I was very pleased figuring out what to do and what the controls were. The movement change once you obtain your mech is oddly satisfying despite how it's a downgrade in terms of speed. It captures the sudden bulkiness when you finally get it and it's a nice confirmation that yay you got the thing. Realizing it was also a spring was fun to figure out. I ran into one bug where if you fall down super fast, you get stuck in the floor and can't move horizontally. Jumping out of the ground though fixed it, so it's not a frustrating collision bug.

Visuals remind me of older games like on the Atari, so I wouldn't mind seeing you explore that further with changing the environment or using different color pallets for areas. Maybe an option for a CRTV shader?

Good progress!


Glad you enjoyed the slowdown due to intended clunky-ness! It was something I wasn't sure how people would handle, but I would like to add some way to get out of it and roam free as the chip when the player feels the need. I will look into this bug, as I came across similar things when adding this 'spring' effect.

Also concerning the joy in figuring out how to use it: I am conflicted on how obvious I want to make it when you receive one of the mechs, on what it's controls are. 

As far as the visuals go, might look into a filter, might not. 

Thank you for testing and commenting!


The art style is great, you really capture that feel of old ray-style(?) arcade machines and consoles like the Vectrex. Best room was the one with the stars. I also liked the wind-up jump of the mech though I'd suggest adding something like a bar to tell players how high they are about to jump. All in all good job!


(Already replied in thread, but will again anyway)

I was thinking about making some sort of UI bar or like a 'thruster' animation to show how long a player is charging, but I'll figure out what feels right. thanks for playing


On third screen or so, I went into a mech then couldn't do couldn't go further in the game. is that all?

Otherwise nice for a demo. Liked the artstyle

Developer (1 edit)

Friends of mine who played said the same thing. I didn't make it clear at all that you charge a high jump with the mech by holding down. Some communication about it is something I intend to add very soon.


Oh, tried it again and now it makes more sense.


Cute dome, pleasant enough artstyle, and the mech possession gimmick might be great, if you work it out enough. Pretty short, but it worked as intended.