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Submitted by MaddoScientisto — 2 days, 22 hours before the deadline

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Developer (1 edit)

Since this page doesn't list anything and I don't seem to be able to add any sort of description here's important stuff to know before playing:


  • Move with WASD
  • Change the currently selected item with the mouse scroll wheel
  • Use the currently selected item with the left mouse click

Known Issues:

  • Some sprites may appear over the player
  • Placeable bed graphic is not complete
  • Player respawns somewhere else when using the bed
  • Chests can't be picked up (Temporarily disabled due to crash bug)
  • Graphic is bad
  • The bed inside the house looks like a person
  • Vendor inventory appears empty after sleeping once
  • the mine stairs need to be manually activated rather than being automatic

It's hard to comment on it since it's so early in development, but here's the things I ran into.

*The hover menu item that tells you about an item should be on top of all other inventory menus. It renders behind crafting, so I can't get any info on what I'm about to craft.
*The bed in your house looks like a dude, so I kept wondering why I had to talk to someone to end the day.
*Starting with a single seed seems odd. Maybe up it to 9 for that Harvest Moon feel?
*Doing everything is slow and innacurate. I know clearing my field *is* a chore, but it shouldn't *feel* like a chore.
*Amiga resolution destroys my eyes. You should expand your tileset as well, so that tiles can visually flow together rather than just ending suddenly.
*Wooden blocks went to my hotbar but stone blocks went to my inventory. Also I had a bed in my hotbar for some reason?
*You should have the game be playable with both mouse controls and keyboard controls. Also having a dedicated 'interact' button separate from the tool button would be cool.
*Closing the game crashes it.

Keep up the progress!


Thank you for the feedback, those are pretty much all known issues, I just need to work on it more


I dropped all of my spaghetti and when i tried to hold hand with a dude in the shed, the game teleported me back to spawn.

Couldn't do much else, except click on the menus and walk around, huge slowdown when you open the inventory, for some reason.

The look is pretty bad, in my opinion, too many high frequency details on everything, really makes my retinas go pop.

Also all of the mixel shit is going to produce a ton of accuracy issues, just make your game in 320x240 and upscale.


Yeah the graphics are pretty bad but I plan on changing pretty much everything eventually, also the guy in the shed was a bed but it's my fault I can't sprite pretty much.


Interesting little thing you have going here. I enjoy the aesthetics, but it's quite hard to tell what's going on without at least a little indication. Such as whether or not I actually planted seeds or used an item.

Very comfy. Good luck on development.


I definitely need to add a tutorial and better controls but sadly  I didn't have a dialogue system in place yet

I recorded a quick video of your demo, I encountered a few bugs like the shop items disappearing and water not blocking your movement, also it's pretty easy to get trapped by putting stuff around yourself, I don't know if there's a way to destroy the walls if you don't have energy.


Indeed I didn't think about getting trapped by walls, maybe I'll just make them handpickupable