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A jam submission

Vinyl HungerView game page

Classic First Person Shooter
Submitted by epiplon (@viniciusepiplon) — 1 day, 16 hours before the deadline
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i want to bunnyhop but i cant, didnt shoot enough doods, where are the record scratch sfx, thats a fair quantity of destruction


There's no much room for bunny hopping honestly, something I kept in mind for designing future levels. And the demo is too short, so yeah, soon it will have a lot of enemies. ;)


Short, but everything in the game so far works well. That one sound clip got me good.
I found one secret area, wasn't really sure if there were more.


Here's me playing your demo.


HI, try this shader: it might look good on your game :


It was the first shader I tried!
However I'm aiming at early 3D PC games rather than PSX, so the looks doesn't match.

Submitted (1 edit)

i played this for five minutes, i walked around, then i fell into the pit and died, then i walked around some more and then quit, i never shot a dude

i like to think i'm a pretty typical gamer, so maybe turn down the difficulty



Wow, this ended suddenly and very abruptly. Nice style, even though it might need some tweaking, the weapon seemed to jitter when i walk. The combat is flat but the movement is nicely.

Did you record that [HUH] yourself, big boy? ;)


Hey, thank you!
No, but I recorded the mimics hehehe :^)