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Cool, i've tried to break something and the only find i've found is mashing LMB, RMB and 1 will just lock you in place unable to move.

Combat did not feel very well, but it's an issue of those infinite small tweak to the animation lenghts and stamina drains.

Having two attacks disable enemies completely seems too OP, hell, even Sledgehammer charged attacks just neutralizes one enemy completely, since you can recharge it while he's down.

Spear charge missing should probably not play the rest of the animation.

Good job on fixing all the input stuff from the last time, keep at it.

Thanks for trying it out! I'll look into that bug regarding mashing LMB, RMB, and 1. Was the player character unresponsive to move input forever? Or did you get to make it move after doing something else?

I'm fine with the Spear taking two attacks to finally flinch the enemy, as it's only a flinch, and enemies can recover from that easily. But the Warhammer charged attack does feel cheap and I'm wondering what to do there. Maybe the first pound attack only does a flinch, and only the 2nd and 3rd pounds finally flattens your target.

I'm not super worried about it though, as the enemies I have there right now are only the easiest type (they just run straight at you and attack as long as they still have stamina, and they only have a low amount of stamina). They don't have any gimmick or tricks up their sleeve, and their only advantage is to overwhelm you, but as long as pick them off one-by-one, it's easy (and is meant to be so).

"When the spear charge misses it plays the rest of the animation" is intentional and is meant to punish you if you make a mistake with releasing the charge at the wrong moment. The impale attack is very powerful since it makes the enemy immobile and open to attacks, so there needs to be some form of risk in using it. Although now I'm thinking if there should be controls for canceling/aborting a charge if you decided you don't want to do it anymore.