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Sick style, fat beats, the problems start the farther you go.Going backwards still play the forward walk animation, which is really weird looking.

Combat seemed fun, until i had to fight the fish, and then it got hectic, random andweird. Can't tell what's going on and where you should strike. Also, the sword seems to do no damage after some combination of movement and drawing.

And the parallax seems not to work as intended.

Thanks for the feedback man.  I know that I had back-stepping as a animation task (I think it just got pushed down the todo list), but I can defiantly see people being confused/annoyed by that.

On the note of combat I had considered lowering the speed of the first enemy, I could also make their "sword lines" a bit more clearer. Maybe that could help make the combat a bit more approachable.

The parallax problem will take some research to figure out. Thanks for pointing it out.