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Unnamed pixel platformer (DD17)View game page

A simple action platformer
Submitted by korpiroot — 6 hours, 31 minutes before the deadline
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Unnamed pixel platformer (DD17)'s page

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Cute, responsive, I like how it handle slopes, and the upkick doublejump is fun. The spinny is also quite nice, but almost always ends in me bouncing to spikes, I dont know how to handle it well.

I feel the camera is a bit too zoomed in to see the level properly


All the moves can be canceled into special attacks if you hit an enemy - including the specials themselves. Interrupting the roll with a dash like that is a good way to stay safe.


I agree with Preece, the character makes you want to move fast, but enemy placement and obstacle placement makes you go slow, the rest is fairly solid, even though it refused to go fullscreen.


I actually place some enemies in the player's way to aid with the movement; the special moves can be chained if you hit enemies with them so there are some enemies that are intended to work as links between attacks in the air. I know I should reserve things like this to late levels, but since the gameplay still isn't finalized and I need to make new levels for every demo, I like to put in a bit of everything. I'll try to make the levels easier to approach in the future, at least the early ones.

About the fullscreen issue, that's odd. I don't think anyone has reported that before, but I'll look into it if I can reproduce it on some system.


Soopah cute and comfy. Love the art, music, effects, feel, etc... But my issue is similar to my issue with sonic. The movement of the character is really fun and cool, but the level punishes you like hell for it. The level is built like you should be moving around really carefully. Once I move even a little fast, I immediately get hit by something. The only antidote is to memorize the level. Maybe that's why sonic is good, and why it works for this game, and I just don't get it. But for this game, I just had to move slow to get through it. 

One part of the problem for me is the size of the screen. It's really small, compared to the size of the character. If you just double it (revealing 4x as much stuff around the player), it would help a lot. When you're moving fast you would have more time to react to stuff. 

Also, if cheesecake heals you, shouldn't the picnic restore all your health!?! And when I get to the picnic, you know I wanna sit down a sec and chill with the other character before moving on :) Maybe she could say something


Thank you for the feedback.

I'm aware of the visibility being a problem, and I've tried to mitigate it the best I can. Things like the camera scrolling further forward the faster you go and such, as well as invulnerable special moves that you can use to quickly change momentum. I'll see what I can do to further mitigate the issue.

I've also tried out doubling the screen resolution but that made the game look really cluttered in my opinion. It also made me run into some performance issues on really weak hardware I'd like to keep supporting.

As for the picnic, full healing and magic restoration is indeed what is supposed to happen. This is the first demo with multiple levels (in the main course) so I simply forgot to add that in. There's also going to be a level summary screen there in the future instead of instant transition to next level.


Cool, keep up the good work