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I posted in the game page that I accidentally deleted all the files mid development and I was left only with that debug build. I really wanted to polish it more and add levels too. So sorry about the lack of menus, leaderboards and the debug info and console.

Yeah sorry about that. I posted in the game page that I accidentally deleted all the files mid development and I was left only with that debug build. I really wanted to polish it more and add levels too

yeah, maybe blocks that melt or change size. Or challenges where world temp need to be kept at some range.

yeah, I didn't know if I needed to bundle the package with it too as in the other versions. I thought not because it makes its own folder and the filesize, but I wanted to keep safe as I don't own a mac to test it and I dont really know about them.

I guess it could work as a vector tutorial but its a bit on the simple side I think, at least vector-wise.

Great puzzle game, The thermoluminescence was a great and accurate way to show temperature as well as the fact that temperature reached equilibrium, the theme was on-point. The level design was also good but I have to agree with other comments that some levels needed too much repetiton, maybe if the effect was more dramatic it would be better, once you solve a puzzle executing it should be as painless as possible unless difficult execution is part of the puzzle and game like some puzzle-platformer but this wasn't the case.

another nitpick is that jumping is too unforgiving, you should give a "grace period" when falling from ledges to jump, this is not noticed by most players but feels a lot better, as well as being able to input jumps a bit early from the landing. This is a puzzler not a platformer, but failing the last jump in the level with the hot column and water to the right was really frustrating.

great! it is really hard but eventually I got my hands emancipated from each other and could control the game.  Great graphics and sound.

Some items left the sides of the screen and lost me lives by no fault of my own.

A truly cinematic experience with rewarding archievments and an intriguing plot that will let you craving for more.
10 / 10 - ign

The tempura gun is fun, better instructions would have helped a lot, first room is quite confusin.

Good job, it handles well, even with moving platforms. And the shooting and smoke particles look nice.

I think you could have given better feedback with hitting the reactors, some animation , sound or color change would be nice. Also a shadow drop shadow for the character would aid in platforming sections, even so they are not that hard and the jump feels nice.

you can change the radius and strength of your power, maybe that will help you.

I found the second to last level to be the more challenging one if you get sucked by the heat vortex. I wish I had made more levels but it was 5 am and needed to work early . Ifelt  that by the last level I was getting a grasp in making interesting challenges.

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thanks, I it's quite simple but went through several iterations to find a working model, hope you don't get confused by some mild spaghetti, un-used / changed functions and signals and lack of comments. It's part of the jam experience.

It's training for heat wizards to improve their control and finesse.

You're good, I'd prefer you kept singing than the royalty free song. That intro really gave the game character

A bit too small a time frame.  but It did challenged me to be more and more efficient.

Ahaha awesome Katamari song, did you record it?

Its always fun to roll a Katamari, good job.

Cool looks, but the controls were too sluggish, the deceleration was too slow, also, I suffered hypothermia at 35 C ? Im pretty sure that's cold but not that dangerous.

great looking first project, The light effects were pretty and the music and gun sounds were great.

the camera was annoying, I think you could have locked the pitch as there was really no need to look up and down and when you lower the camera the walls don't let you see.

I didn't get the theme but as soon as the music began playing and the visuals hitting I smiled.

Nice concept, but lacks a clear objective. Is it just surviving?

A petty and intriguing game
The music is very good but...
Animation slow

Here's a Comfy Game
Cinematic Experience
I hope more arrives

A bit simple, but still fun and well executed, nice graphics and sound.

A more detailed score would be great because there is not much use to kill birds otherwise. The throwing mechanic felt really good.

Really good concept, But It ends after I touch godot, Is that intentional? I wish it had more levels.

The controls didn't feel that good either.

Best game I've tried yet. It looks and sounds great, the theme is clearly represented and the game-play of role playing being that poor weather guy winging it is really funny, I was giggling with my sister the whole time. 10/10

Great comfy game, the frog is really cute. I could play this one for a while. Great Job!

This looks pretty but... I dont get it.... Keep developing it tho, seems interesting.

I like twin stick shooters, so Im glad I played one this jam. Finishing a game jam on your first time is hard.

The mage felt a bit slow, and the theme wasn't very represented, but It was a great for a first Godot project.

Good job, keep it up.

this was really cool and the graphics amazing. The concept was very original.

I wish it had more feedback, specialy with the animations and the hurting. I didnt feel like I was doing anything, and maybe I wasnt....

Woah this is too great for a first godot project.

The graphics were great and the music changing a great detail, The fire theme is awesome, but It clashed a bit much against the ice them,

the world swapping idea is a bit burned, Ive seen it a lot, and doesn't go 100% with the theme, but with your great spritework its compensated.

I think you could have polished the controls a bit, i felt it a bit slidey but still really good and there's a bug when you get ice-locked you keep accelerating. 

Cute Cute Godette-chan.

I feel like I would enjoy this game, but I don't get it at all, you should really add instructions.

visually its great tho, I wish it had animations but I know time constraints are hard.

Cute illustrations, I always like seing dodging games, and the concept is interesting, but I didn't like being hurt without knowing why, the hitbox areas didn't feel fair, remember that you should err on the side of the player in this kind of games.

Reducing the game play area with the heaters is a neat idea, but forks come out without giving a chance to dodge and that also feels unfair, you could show the tip appear and stop before launching or a danger indicator.

Great Job, Its surprising how much you could do in so little time. The concept is really interesting but I didn't really get 100% how things work.

but having a card-game with multiplayer and AI game in a game-jam is impressive.

I would add a better tutorial.

Really fun game, Its quite addicting and has nice feedback with the slow-mo death and the physics.

1 strike to lose is a bit too unforgiving, but once you get the hang of it you can get a good streak.

Oh I didnt realize, I thought It needed to finish the animation, so I hardly ever used it.

How do I run this on linux?

This is really adictive, it could be a good mobile game. Keep it up

Cute, responsive, I like how it handle slopes, and the upkick doublejump is fun. The spinny is also quite nice, but almost always ends in me bouncing to spikes, I dont know how to handle it well.

I feel the camera is a bit too zoomed in to see the level properly

Great, this looks pretty, and its awesome. Changing weapons on the fly is really fun.
it is hard to hit enemies when you are not locked to them tho.

Good job

This is great! I love it and everything good has already been said by other comments so I'm gonna complain.

Windup is a bit long, specially for the shield, I found it almost useless. If you want to make it slow commit to your attacks combat like darksouls maybe make hits do more damage, spiders take too much to kill so I just went and bashed them off the ledge.

I love this keep it up!

Thanks, I'm really happy you found it interesting.