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Dreams of Fire (jam version)View game page

A open source 2D and 3D puzzle game!
Submitted by TwistedTwigleg (@TwistedTwigleg) — 4 hours, 48 minutes before the deadline
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Dreams of Fire (jam version)'s page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Graphics and Sound#113.2833.283
Theme interpretation#622.5872.587

Ranked from 46 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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First Godot game


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Neat platformer! I included it in my Godot Community Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Thanks Jupiter_Hadley!


This is a really really nice game.

At first looked a bit dull, when pressed the sleep button I have thought that was the end game, then my reaction was "what the...!".

Cool puzzles too, could not quit until finished it :D

2D dash sometimes was hard to control, like always dashing to the right and 3D controls may need some polishing.


Thanks +>eons!

Once the jam is over, I will add configurable controls and I will see about polishing the the overall game play in regards to the controls.

Thanks again!

Jam Host(+1)

I really enjoyed the atmosphere of this game, and the puzzles with linked 2D and 3D worlds are quite nice. Visuals are very good, though this ice guy is a bit creepy :D Nice music too. I agree with many that the gameplay is a bit slow, but overall it's pretty good :)


Thanks Akien!


Beautiful game! Great job, and I'd like to see this game expanded and polished. Keep it up!


Thanks kidscancode!


Beautiful game and interesting Mechanics. The blur was a bit too much for me personally. I agree with it a being slow but overall it was a fun experience!


Thanks dalton5000!

I will see about either making the blur not quite as strong, or add configurable blur strengths, in a future update (post jam). I will add it to my list of things to do post jam!


Beautiful graphics, and nice blur effect, I'll take a look at the source code to see how you did that =D

Found the controls a bit weird, not being able to move sideways, took some time to get used to it. As someone else said, it also froze my computer.


Thanks MiniChimera!

The blur effect is just a slightly modified version of the vignette shader found in the Godot demo repository. If I remember correctly, the shader is stored on a TextureRect in the Level_<number here> scenes.

Soon I will be releasing a update to fix a few bugs, and I will be remapping the controls (but not adding configurable controls, which will come later). Sorry to hear that it froze your computer. Do you mind telling which OS you used, and (if you know) roughly where it froze? I have a hunch that the freezing is occuring either at level 4.1 (the ‘secret’ level) or level 5 (where 3D is introduced), but that is just guessing on my part.

Thanks again!


Thanks for the info!

I'm using windows 10 (64 bits).  I don't remember exactly where, but it was definitely before the 3D. And now you got me curious to play again haha


Okay, so I should (in theory) be able to  reproduce the freeze, since I am also on Windows 10 64 bits. Thanks for letting me know, I'll look into it! And don't worry about not knowing where it was, I'm just trying to pin down what could be causing the problem. Knowing it was before the 3D stuff really helps a lot!

I have a update coming soon that fixes several smaller bugs with the game, and I fixed what I think was the problem with level 4.1, so maybe it is fixed now? I'll see if I can reproduce the freeze in the current version, and then I'll see if I can replicate the freeze in the new version.

 I will look in to getting a fix, if the coming update does not already fix it. Thanks again for the help!


The graphics are cool and music too. But the gameplay is a bit to slow and at some point the game froze my pc :/ had to restart manually. Idk if it was a bug or just a problem with my pc. Anyway, would like to see improvements in the gameplay!


Thanks Davi Fox!

I will see about increasing the overal speed of the gameplay in a future update (after the voting period). Sorry it froze your PC, that does not sound fun. What OS did you use? If it is a bug, I may be able to replicate the freeze and fix it!

Thanks again!


I wish it controlled better.


Don't worry, once the Jam is over I will add configurable controls! I'm going to ask and see if I can change the controls as part of a bug fix (but not add configurable controls, since that would be adding a feature).



A petty and intriguing game
The music is very good but...
Animation slow


Thanks quirkySketchman!

As I said to Mr.Slurpy, I will see about increasing the speed of the animations (in a future update, since I have to wait until the voting period is over).

Thanks again!

Deleted post
Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks Mr.Slurpy!

I will see about increasing the overal speed of the game, the transitions, and (especially) the jump animation, as I agree they are a tad slow.

Edit: I’ll have to change the speeds in a future update, since I have to wait for the voting period to end. Thanks again!


Great graphics and funny gameplay, but the camera is to near and the controls are to difficult.


Thanks William!

I'll add zooming and configurable controls to my list of things to do once the jam is done.