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Weird but interesting game, may need some work on the movement mechanics and give more meaning to the stage, decide if goes for pure action or more stragic and agressive enemies.

Nice game, reminds me of the old windows 95 ski free game, some things to jump and accelerate could be nice to add more flavor.

Fun game, and have room for a lot of extra gameplay elements.

Simple and good, it needs more challenge, like harvesting coal from the road.

For a jam there is no time to get a good way to show how to play, so some labels in game may be enough (go there, shoot here).

I will try to check looking at the source in a couple of days and will tell you if I find something.

Looks nice, I do not understood much what happened (health going lower on flashes but nothing visibly attacked) also controls felt a bit weird.

Nice visuals and atmosphere, it needs better feedback on the movement (like a trail) and most interactive items did not said anything (a default WIP message can help while developing, to not get lost in the game feature hail :P).

Really good for a first project :D

I do not understand the first room, no shrimp or anything to do apparently, some in-game indications could be nice.

The gun reminds me of last Prey's glue gun.

It was fun! Just the labels never cleared after finishing and remained in the screen.

You can use lights and effects for a better visual appeal.

Linux version plz :D

This is a really really nice game.

At first looked a bit dull, when pressed the sleep button I have thought that was the end game, then my reaction was "what the...!".

Cool puzzles too, could not quit until finished it :D

2D dash sometimes was hard to control, like always dashing to the right and 3D controls may need some polishing.

Really cool puzzle mechanics, just got a "soft lock" on one of the last water parts were water melted and the character got stuck in a corner.

Nice game, it needs a bit more action and visual exaggerations (particles, lights and more particles) to keep the player engaged.

Impressive, it just need more visual feedback but was really good and decent difficulty.

Keep updating and add a post-jam version :D

Interesting game.

It was hard to kill the ants and gave no penalties at all for keeping them alive, and found easier to just level the reactor emperature attacking it, may need some motivation to kill ants and to resist (a time based score, probably).

oh, got it!

Oh, I see, that is something to complain to itch.

Is a amd A10 with R5 graphics, tried running on a desktop too but takes both monitors as the screen wide and the game is placed half on each monitor, I guess there is something weird on the fullscreen part.

Now that you mention it, I think there are no direct examples of how to do it for 3D, 

For simple systems you can do the same as on you will work on a 2D viewport but controls will be shown over the 3D one when running if is inside the same scene.

I only saw one kettle kart and 2 bars that go to 100%, I'm missing something?

I did not understood the exact mechanics, a tutorial/help may come handy (just an initial layer of labels indicating what means each part).

Cute game, found the wife but was almost dead so I guess it did not had a happy ending ^^;

You can add some trail to the turtle to see the movement, also maybe some light on the fire to see the area of influence and maybe a dirt patch under it.

Nice game, I think control under water needs a bit of polishing, also more visual feedback when you eat a fish.

It was running really slow (on linux at least) and input was unresponsive (no idea why).

I like the touch of difficulty settings and the consideration of different keyboard layouts, I'm not a fan of forced fullscreen, though.

Good for being a first game, try to add some information about the current state of freezing because there is nothing to tell how frozen you are and how much time you gain from picking fire.

A summer mode, avoiding the fire could be nice too :)

Interesting take on the theme, but it needs more work on the concept (goal and failure).

It was hard to tell when a particle was hot and cold, color and speed and probably elements that affect the particles.

Nice management of the change of environment, just be careful when things are not reset on death, that can add interesting mechanics but can easily cause some softlocks too.

This may turn into a nice base for a bigger action game.

Surprised how well work the particles on web, more simple examples have a lot of initial stuttering but this was bearable.

It may need some delay for checking the correct input, other than the basic fireball and dash, are hard to pull.

Had to replay after reading that was for 2 players.

It needs more motivation for the sun other than killing the main, also needs some penalties, something that may hurt it, slow down or something, is too powerful.

Cool graphics and vaporwave background aesthetics.

Loved it!

2350 points on my second attempt, I need to reconsider my career :P

Really cool cartoony effect and thanks for putting the unit selector :D

Got more points when I did not know how to play than when I realized the controls and gameplay xD

Really cute graphics and good control, it was hard to walk over a pile of eggs or with eggs over your head, though.

Made it crash by spamming grab and throw once but could not replicate again.

Itch app cannot run webgl 2 zzz....

Tried on firefox and could run just fine, just some pointers:

When exporting, do it on release, you need to toggle the badly placed button on the lower right when saving the exported project, that will make it more light and faster.

Be more nice with your instakill elements, reducing a bit the hitbox will result in a better experience.

And add particles, lot of particles (I know is not a good advice for the current state of godot particles shader issues but keep that in mind).

Got a bit of problems timing the roll to avoid the wall-barrages of the enemies but the rest looked good.

Really cool graphics too.

Consider making powerups you can buy to change the control modules (other types of shots, phase in-out to dodge,etc.), or upgrades to make the modules more efficient.

I do not know what I had to do on the level 2 (I guess it was what solved the fixed version?).

Anyway, looks nice and control is good.

Interesting game, really nice graphics.

I did not understood much the mechanics, sometimes the same thing did different amount of cold/hot damage, also got the broken indicators which maybe made things more confusing for me.

Is fun!

Controls need some work, the double stick for a single motion feels weird (also the mandatory gamepad).

At the end needs some "spectator mode" to watch your work and an option to take a picture, camera is too far and is not possible to see the final result.

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Interesting use of light, but controls are weird, too hard to jump, too easy to get stuck.

Also I found impossible to survive the night if you try to keep cool during day, there is no way to keep some warm at night.

Think of removing the runner mechanic, it can be fun as single screen survival puzzle.