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Here it says (on Ubuntu, 64 bit):

error while loading shared libraries: libssl.so.1.0.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Is weird because the library is in the system.

Tried to test it with some old 2.2 templates I got here and throw some errors and a window like @CGCFSS capture. I guess is tricky to get 2.2 working fine everywhere now.

@dibuzapping for some reason, tagged the project as public but the repository stayed closed, now it should be accesible for all

@reinards If rain is a particle effect, you can create a particle attractor with negative gravity (and high absorption maybe), for some bouncing effect.

Look at this little capture of that effect https://twitter.com/_eons/status/77002642531116646...

Is normal that the stars fall like missiles, the first one always destroy 2 or 3 balloons .___.

Super hard for somebody with low reaction like me but the game is amazing, great work!

Amazing work on the visuals and the weird gameplay.

I've never though this could be that fun :D (stupid cat >_> )

This game is so fun xDDD

Too bad is just to use with controllers but I was able to play a bit with my old single d-pad.

I think this is a great game to make for touch screens.

To avoid the problem of the ball stuck on Y, you can add 2 big areas with space override and gravity on different mask, and each side affects the layer of the ball on hit.

Is simple and fun!

You may need to make the areas a little bigger and use multiple layers and masks turning the ball to one side and another, to avoid double hit.

Nice game.

Was hard to understand the two buttons theme until I needed to turn a button off xD

ps: F8 is not working on Linux, maybe is a Gnome thing

Weird, got a segfault on the linux binaries, had to run the pack with another executable.

Looks like you forgot to upload the data pack, at least on the linux binaries.

Agh! The forgot the "level complete" message xD

The game needs a more fluid transition, maybe dropping the cube directly into the next level (the design allows to change levels on the fly).

At 1st I was thinking on a low perspective and infinite generation but finally decided for fixed puzzles, the level 5 is where I try to trick the muscle memory presenting a pattern and breaking it.

Thanks for the feedback and the offer, I'll be in touch if need something after fixing some issues and the horrible menu.

And thanks for playing it too ^^