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Hey! Sorry about the delay in getting back! I was busy until recently and didn’t see the notification until now.

As for how the update is going, I actually had to stop working on it. Real life got in the way and I needed to shift my focus to other stuff. To be honest, I totally forgot all about it until now.

Currently I have no plans to continue the update, as I’d rather use my time elsewhere on my own original stuff.

I am currently working on hard on new projects, and on something I think will help game developers! I’m really excited to let everyone know all about it once it’s ready, which will hopefully be soonish.

As for this game,  who knows?  Maybe something FNAF purgatory related will eventually make it’s way back into my schedule :)

Thanks for asking!

(I really should make a devlog post explaining all this, so everyone knows ...)

Thanks BinaryShred!

Thanks Zen00!

From my experience in jams (5+ now), It's generally its okay to update your entry to fix bugs during the voting period. In other words: If something is making your game unplayable/buggy, it is okay to fix it as long as nothing new is added. It is generally not okay to add additional features/content/sounds/assets while the voting period is going.

I'd ask HeartBeast if you want to know officially. What I said is just from my experience, not the rules for this jam (and until we know officially, I would assume we cannot update during the voting period, to be on the safe side)

My game is based on a barren island, with limited/scarce sources of drinkable water. Not sure on the end goal just yet, but I have a few ideas.

Posted in Should I join?

Having been participated in several game jams (6+? I've lost count...) I would suggest joining a game jam if you want! It is a great opportunity to release a game you've made out in the world. My games gathered dust on my hard drive until I joined my first game jam!

Here is some advice I would give myself if I could go back that may help you:

  • Keep your ideas for the game jam simple. Especially in 3 day jams, time is of the essence! Do not aim for a completed game, or even polished game, because frankly you will not have time (no one does).
  • Plan ahead if that is your thing, or don't, but make sure to do whatever suits you best! Do what you know and is fun for you, not necessarily what you view as the most 'productive'. Many times I read people saying stuff like 'plan out your game ahead of time' and stuff, and while that works for some (and that's fine), it may not work for you. A three day jam is not the time to be trying different development styles! (Side note: I do not do any planning before a jam! Its strange, but its what works for me)
  • Get sleep! Overworking yourself does not result in a good game! I would highly suggest NOT working all night to get extra features in your game, but rather getting enough sleep that you feel ready to work and have fun.
  • Don't compare your games to others. Everyone who enters game jams have differing levels of experience. If you are happy with what you've made, then that is all that matters. Ratings/Comments/Downloads are nice, but having fun is the most important part. Remember, everyone starts from zero! No one got to where they are overnight! Even the most talented game developers started at the bottom, and had to make LOTS of games to get to where they are today.
  • I cannot stress this enough, but keep your game idea(s) simple! Do not try to go into this planning to make a amazing entry. There simply is not enough time. Make a game that you find interesting, but is something you know you can (reasonably) achieve! Nothing is worse than having to quit because your idea was simply impossible given the time frame (trust me, I've had this issue a lot)
  • Your (good, bad, or neutral) rating means nothing. Every jam I've been in has a rating system, and they all have their own flaws. Having lots of ratings does not necessarily mean your game is great, and having no ratings doesn't mean your game is terrible. It can be discouraging to get only a few ratings (or none), but just keep at it! Even when you get a lot of ratings, it doesn't mean anything! Ratings do not reflect the quality/fun/polish of your game! (BTW: I have nothing against having ratings in a jam! They just have some interesting flaws at times, and many people judge their game based on their rating, which can lead to disapointment if you get a bad ratings/few ratings)

I'm not sure how helpful the above advice is, but that is what I would tell myself if I could.

Game jams are fun and almost all of the jams I've been in have been friendly. I think this jam would be a great jam if your starting out!

The biggest thing is to have fun and not get discouraged!

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Thanks georgestomatoes!

I know the difficulty needs tweaking, and I’ve tried to fix it in the sequel. Currently I am remaking FNAF Purgatory 2 with a art style similar to this game and I plan on doing extensive play testing to ensure the game is a little more balanced. You can play FNAF Purgatory 2 here (though it is the legacy version. See the devlog for more information)

Thanks again!

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Thanks joel127!

I fixed most of the player collision issues in a recent update. That said, my entry should probably be judged by the initial release (the state it was in when I submitted to the jam). Thanks again!

Um, I think you're missing the Unity data folder for the game...

I get a popup saying "Data folder not found: There should be 'ThrowItv01_Data' folder next to the executable".

Thanks Tacratis!

Thanks lastnerd!

The provided download only works for windows, not Linux or MacOS (Without something line Wine). I would suggest removing the platform tag for Linux and MacOS on Physic_Santa.zip, and then maybe add exports specifically for those both platforms. That way people with Linux and MacOS can play too.

I'll have to try this later on Windows :)

I couldn't get the game working on Linux. All I get when I choose a level is a gray screen with a circle in the middle. Also it seems every character put into user name input field gets doubled.

Looks nice though! I'll have to try it on Windows soon.

Thanks IrregularWombat!

I plan on fixing the various issues in the new year, and I'll see if the speed is causing the player to get stuck.

As for the candles, there is actually three of them! You need both soul stones to put out all three white candles.

Thanks again!

No problem, glad you got it fixed.

Strange. What OS are you using? Are you using an integrated graphics card?

It works okay on my computer, which has the following specs:

  • Intel i7 CPU 3.40Ghz
  • 8 GB ram
  • Gefore GTX 660 TI
  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Windows 10
  • So if your computer is similar (or more powerful) then it should work.
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Thanks victfv!

After the new year I plan on updating the game to fix various issues, including the collision problems.

The reason you cannot move while the game is narrating is because I was trying to avoid triggering another bit of narration before the first one was finished, as the dialog system I wrote for the game didn’t allow for saving dialog for later or any other way of handling overlapping dialog segments. As the game was made in a week for the jam, I decided it was best to stop the player instead of having dialog potentially being missed. My apologies that it was annoying, and I plan to look into various ways to fix it in the coming update.

Thanks for reporting the bugs! Jumping off the balcony is a bug and I’ll definetly fix it. Teleporting out of the house was actually thought of and all you have to do is fall of the building and into the void, you will be teleported back into the game with no progress lost (and you get a bit of a surprise for doing so!  ).

Thanks again!

Thanks FellowPlayer!

Alright, I managed to submit in time. Phew!

You should be able to rate them when the submission period has ended. (at least that's how it worked for the other jams I've entered)

Started getting everything working in Unity! Most of the game play mechanics are done, so really most of what is left is just adding more content (3D models, story, polish, etc). I've also decided on a title : You are (not) welcome here.

For some reason I decided to make a scary game for the holidays...

Well, it's starting to get somewhere. Here's a blender internal render of my WIP game assets for the jam:

Now just to add all the other stuff, and code it all together!

It's cool seeing everyone's progress! Looks like it's going to be a fun jam!

Thanks Jupiter_Hadley!

OK, thanks! I'll look into possible fixes.

Thanks MiniChimera!

Sorry it crashed :( . What OS are you using? I’ll see if I can replicate the crash so I can fix it.

Replied to JTGn in DemoDemo comments

Thanks JTGn!

The game uses system environment variables, in this case the username variable. I just assumed that most people (myself included) name their computer profile their name, or something close enough that it wouldn’t break the story if I used it.

Another Godot game!

I liked the art and music, and the story is interesting. I didn't notice any difference in the story based on the choices I made, but I probably just missed it. I was a little confused when the story seemed to be stuck in a loop, but I read the game page and realized that I needed to solve the puzzle.

All in all, I had a lot of fun playing!

A pretty fun Tetris like game! I wasn't sure on how to play at first, but that was because I didn't look at the game page (I only looked at the entry page) so it was my fault. I really liked the music, gameplay, and graphics!

This was a lot of fun! I only have one suggestion: Maybe make the ability to cancel when you have the hack menu. I found myself accidentally pressing the hack button when I meant to press slide and I had to chose one of the programs to get back.

Regardless, the game is a lot of fun, and I enjoyed playing it!

Posted in DemoDemo

I just released an update to the game, which adds the following features:

  • Background music for all levels
  • Walking/sprinting noises for the player
  • Customizable mouse sensitivity
  • Better quit mechanics (now a label shows you how to quit when you press escape)
  • An small hint on what you need to do for each level when you enter it
  • Small fixes and changes here and there.

Thanks to Kai20 for the feedback and everyone that's played the game so far!

Replied to Kai20 in DemoDemo comments

Hello Kai20!

Thank you for the feedback. Most of these problems are actually design choices I made that seemed a little off and I wasn't sure if they'd work with the player. Good to know that they don't and my apologizes for the confusion.

Here's a full written walk through of the entire game. There are spoilers but I'll try to keep them to a minimum:

Starting in the overworld you need to enter the whale of noise level.
Once you are in the whale of noise level, you need to get atop the building that the whale is beside. This can be done by climbing scaffolding and various objects. There are two paths, both starting with scaffolding. You need to walk near to the center of the top of the building to interact.
Once you've got to the top of the building, you leave to the overworld and enter Bana the Banana's level. Here you need to gather 5 bananas. Some are sorta hidden but the two most hidden (in my opinion) are in a cave and floating by a saw.
Then you need to run away once you've been given a gift and then leave back to the overworld.
From there you can now get to the I-like-trains level. Here you need to jump from train to train until you reach a floating platform with a power-up on it. From there you can leave back to the overworld and enter the final level: Dark tolls.
In Dark Tolls you need to flip switches to open doors and reach the top of the building. Once there, you need to interact with the object up there and you can end the game.

As for the controls, I probably should have found a way to explain it better at the beginning. You only have the ability to walk at first, and then you slowly acquire more features/abilities, like jumping. I'm not sure what to do about the movement speed (I'll play around with it), and I think I can make the mouse sensitivity an option in the title screen. The Q key was to keep people from quitting when they hit escape thinking it'll pause, however it occurred to me that if you didn't see it at the beginning with the rest of the controls, then you're stuck not knowing how to quit. I'll make a label appear when you hit escape telling the player they can quit by pressing Q, and that should (hopefully) fix that.

Thank you for the kind words and feedback! If you have any idea on how to make the objectives more evident for the player, please let me know.

(Since I've play the game so many times when I'm developing it, I kinda forget that not everyone knows as much about the game as I do... Whoops! Thank you for the feedback! I really appreciate it!)

Created a new topic DemoDemo

Hello everyone!

I just released my entry to the jam: DemoDemo

The game features four levels, two of which are based on fantasy cartridges. I was inspired by the DemoDemo cartridge, but I don't think my game really lines up with the picture or the description of the cartridge, just the name... Whoops! It does stay mostly (kinda) true to the other cartridges, A whale of noise and Bana the banana.

I decided to release early because I thought I'd see what you guys think about it, and update the game if there is time. Please let me know what you guys think and if there is anything I should change/remove/add!

It has been super fun working on the game for the jam. Huge thanks to the organizers of the jam for making this possible!

(Should I tag this as a devlog? Or leave it as is?)


Yeah, FNAF:Purgatory has some difficult gameplay moments due to how the code is set up. I've (hopefully) fixed most of the animatronic behavior in the sequel: FNAF:Purgatory 2

I'll probably fix animatronic behavior in FNAF:Purgatory at a later point, probably after FNAF:Purgatory 2 is at version 1.0.0.

Strange. I'll look into it. Thanks!

Thanks, but FNAF:Purgatory 2 has been released since June 17th ;)

I made the announcement in this devlog! I just released an update to the game a couple days ago.

(I'll edit the devlog to reduce confusion for future readers)

(Edited 2 times)

I just released an update the fixes most of these bugs. Hopefully the game is playable on Windows now :)

Thanks for reporting! If you find any bugs in the new version, please let me know!

EDIT: I changed the topic name to reflect the state of the bugs. I also thanked you in the devlog posts and put a link to your profile. I hope you don't mind. If you do, let me know and I'll remove it.


So, I started looking at fixing the problems. It would appear that the majority of the problems are with the Windows export template for Godot 3.

Unfortunately, the daily builds I was using for Godot currently don't export to Windows due to build errors. I might be able to build my own Windows export templates and I'll update if possible. Regardless, I'll do my best to update and squash bugs as soon as possible, but it might take awhile.

Thank you for your patience.

(Guess that's what happens when you use pre-alpha builds of a game engine :P )

Thanks Jupiter_Hadley