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While I didn't get through the audio maze/thingy, that was interesting!

It is impressive how advance the visual novel mechanics. I also really liked the ascetics of the pause screen and how it allows you to redo sections again.

Great work!

The idea of using Godot's vector capabilities to reduce the file size is a great idea!

The game is fun to play and the graphics look great. I primarily only used the dynamite RC car as I found it the most effective, but it is cool that there is multiple different ways to go about getting the groundhogs (and snakes) out of the ground.

The only thing I might change is that the sounds are a tad loud, at least for my computer. Nothing I couldn't handle by changing the volume, but I thought I'd mention it.

Great work!

Nice ascetics! I really like the top down look and while the game was a little short, I really enjoyed sneaking around.

Great work!

The game looks great! Managing to fit all of this in under 2mb is really impressive!

I found the car to be a little hard to control at moderate speeds, as moving left/right would cause really large, hard to control turns that would cause me to crash into the trees. All in all though, it wasn't a huge deal and the game was a lot of fun!

Great work!

This is a neat little platformer! The puzzles are challenging without being overly frustrating. The level design is great and it is obvious quite a bit of time went into designing them!

As TaliOS said, I would recommend placing more checkpoints to reduce the repetitiveness of going through the same section of the puzzle again and again when you die.

Great work!

I found the game to be a little difficult, but once I got the hang of it was really fun!
It has a great arcade vibe and there is a surprising amount of content, especially for being under 2mb.

Awesome work!

Thanks vimino!

I think the reason Godot complains about the audio is because I removed the background music in the source code download because of the licensing. (I don’t know if I could include it or not)

Thanks again!

Thanks vikinghelmet99!

Here's a W.I.P screen shot of what I've been working on:

(Those lines are coins spinning, I just caught the worse frame by accident!)

I'm working on a low-res platformer, but with local co-op (not online), simple AI, and the ability to choose from multiple characters because I like a challenge 😜

Thanks for making this jam xudz! It's been a lot of fun working under a limitation like this.

Thanks PandaYT!

Thanks Danil2018 GameRemaster!

Hey SANSTHEPUNNY. Sorry to hear that the office is too dark. I may be able to fix the problem, but I need to know a few more things so I can better determine what the issue is.

If possible, can you take a screenshot of the game and post it either in a reply here, or on a platform like Imgur? That way I can take a look and see if it is a shader/graphics conflict with the game.

What platform are you running the game on? Are you running the game on desktop (Windows, MacOS, Linux), web (WebGL), or Mobile (Android).

If you are running the game on Android, are you running the gamma version or the normal version? Have you tried the gamma version? If you are not running the game on Android, have you tried the legacy effects? The legacy effects are slightly brighter overall, so maybe that will help.

Thanks! 🙂

For anyone on Itch.IO wondering, here's the Gamejolt comment:

Anyway, to answer your question, yes and no. I think I have discovered what the problem is, and I think I have found a way to replicate the problem on the official Android emulator.

The problem appears to be the Android devices that are not working do not support the full OpenGL ES 3.0 spec. This is a bit of a problem because I am using a linear color space in Unity so the post process effects work correctly, which requires OpenGL ES 3.0. I can compile for OpenGL ES 2.0, which should fix the problem, but I have to switch to gamma color space, meaning not only do the post process effects not work correctly, but also the game is very dark and hard to play.

I may have some solutions, but it will take a bit to work through them, especially with the holidays coming up. I'm shooting to release a bug fix version 0.5.1, sometime late December to early January. Please try to be patient until then 😉

Thanks for inquiring, and happy holidays! 🎉

Thanks jts0329, I really appreciate the feedback and compliment!

I am glad you are enjoying the game, and I will do my best to keep working on it and make it even more fun and fully featured.

I have some plans for some Easter eggs, just need to find the time to add them 🙂

I think I get what you are saying. I'll see about making the jumpscares faster, and with more threatening/rapid movement. I'll take a look at the jumpscares in FNAF 2 and 4 as reference. I will add redoing the jumpscares to my list of things to add in a future version :)

Thanks jts0329!

I can probably rework the jump scares. Anything in particular you feel is missing from them? I know they are not terribly scary, but if there is anything else you feel is missing I'll try to take that into consideration.

As far as the options not working, did you change the minimum and maximum animatronic count? By default the game is set to only spawn 1-3 animations at a time, but you can override this by setting the the minimum and maximum animatronic count to a higher value. You can also force it to spawn all animatronics by enabling the "No duplicate animatronics" option and setting the minimum and maximum to something like 20. That should spawn all of the animatronics.

Thanks Jupiter_Hadley!

Thanks for the suggestions supernewtonbros! I appreciate it!

While I have a general idea of what to add and how, I'm always open to any suggestions and/or other forms of feedback anyone has to offer. 🙂

I'll add adding Phantom animatronics to the list of things to add in a future update. I think the ideas are good, I'll just need to prototype and test them to see which works best with the game play and with the code base. While I cannot guarantee they will be added, I certainly do not mind giving it a short and seeing where it goes.

Thanks again!

Thanks Jupiter_Hadley!

Thanks +>eons!

Once the jam is over, I will add configurable controls and I will see about polishing the the overall game play in regards to the controls.

Thanks again!

Thanks Akien!

Thanks kidscancode!

Okay, so I should (in theory) be able to  reproduce the freeze, since I am also on Windows 10 64 bits. Thanks for letting me know, I'll look into it! And don't worry about not knowing where it was, I'm just trying to pin down what could be causing the problem. Knowing it was before the 3D stuff really helps a lot!

I have a update coming soon that fixes several smaller bugs with the game, and I fixed what I think was the problem with level 4.1, so maybe it is fixed now? I'll see if I can reproduce the freeze in the current version, and then I'll see if I can replicate the freeze in the new version.

 I will look in to getting a fix, if the coming update does not already fix it. Thanks again for the help!

Great! Thanks Akien! I’ll start working on a bug fix then!

Ok, thanks! I’ll look into it and see if I can fix the issue!

(And I will be making a bug fix changing the controls soon!)

Thanks dalton5000!

I will see about either making the blur not quite as strong, or add configurable blur strengths, in a future update (post jam). I will add it to my list of things to do post jam!

Thanks MiniChimera!

The blur effect is just a slightly modified version of the vignette shader found in the Godot demo repository. If I remember correctly, the shader is stored on a TextureRect in the Level_<number here> scenes.

Soon I will be releasing a update to fix a few bugs, and I will be remapping the controls (but not adding configurable controls, which will come later). Sorry to hear that it froze your computer. Do you mind telling which OS you used, and (if you know) roughly where it froze? I have a hunch that the freezing is occuring either at level 4.1 (the ‘secret’ level) or level 5 (where 3D is introduced), but that is just guessing on my part.

Thanks again!

Maybe it was the second to last level. To be honest, I don't remember which level it was exactly, other than it was near the end. It wasn't bad though! Just a little harder than the others. I really liked playing through the game!

I totally get wanting to make more levels. I wanted to make 15 levels for Dreams of Fire, but in the end I could only manage 10, and I really only managed tho have 10 because I worked like crazy the day before the dead line and the day of the dead line. Making levels is surprisingly hard, and making interesting levels is even harder!

I really like the idea and the game was a lot of fun to play! It is a really neat take on the theme. The game is pleasantly challenging, with the exception of the last level, which I felt was a little too difficult, but that by no means ruined the experience for me.

Well, I got those cookies :)

At first I had a really hard time figuring out what I could walk on, and what I could not. I think the reason I had difficulty was because the dirt/ground tiles have boarders of snow, suggesting they higher/lower than the rest of the snow (I thought the white snow tiles were the ground at first). I would (maybe) remove the snow boarder on the dirt/ground tiles to give a better visual contrast, which may help make it a little more obvious at a glance where you can walk. To be fair, once I figured it out I had no difficulties, so maybe no changes are needed.

The only other thing I had difficulty with was I did not realize I had to go through the burnt house to get to the lake, though that is my fault since I missed the clue in the text the first time.

Other than that I was able to successfully go through the entire game, and it was pretty fun! I really liked the RPG Maker vibe I got, especially from the text boxes.

Thanks Davi Fox!

I will see about increasing the overal speed of the gameplay in a future update (after the voting period). Sorry it froze your PC, that does not sound fun. What OS did you use? If it is a bug, I may be able to replicate the freeze and fix it!

Thanks again!

Does changing the controls count as a bug fix? Several people have said the controls are rather awkward, so if possible I would like to change them a bit to make the game a little easier to play. I would just change the key bindings, not adding any additional functionality (like configurable controls).

Thanks lokijki!

Thanks NLAigis! I really enjoyed watching the video!

I agree that the controls need fixing, and if possible I will change the controls in a bug fix. If not, then I will definitely change the controls (and add configurable controls) once the voting period of the jam is over. My apologizes that the controls caused so many issues for you, especially right when you were at the end of the level.

I am not sure on what is causing the 2D character getting stuck, but I will look into it!

Unfortunately I cannot fix the 3D camera angles until the voting period is over (as personally I feel changing the camera angle does not count as a bug fix), but after the voting period is over, I will look into finding a better camera angle.

As for the 3D lighting, I'm not sure what is causing the problem. The light used is a directional light (Godot's version of lights like the sun) attached to the scene, not the player. However, it very much looks like it is attached to the player on your video. Do you mind sharing which OS you were using to record the video? I developed the game on Windows 10 64 bit, but maybe I missed something... Regardless, I'll look into it!

Thanks again!

Don't worry, once the Jam is over I will add configurable controls! I'm going to ask and see if I can change the controls as part of a bug fix (but not add configurable controls, since that would be adding a feature).


Thanks quirkySketchman!

As I said to Mr.Slurpy, I will see about increasing the speed of the animations (in a future update, since I have to wait until the voting period is over).

Thanks again!

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Thanks Mr.Slurpy!

I will see about increasing the overal speed of the game, the transitions, and (especially) the jump animation, as I agree they are a tad slow.

Edit: I’ll have to change the speeds in a future update, since I have to wait for the voting period to end. Thanks again!

Thanks William!

I'll add zooming and configurable controls to my list of things to do once the jam is done.

Thanks AlexandrosKap!

I thought the connection was cute too! It was nice to work on a more cute themed game, since most of the time I tend to make more serious, dystopian themed games.

Thanks again!