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I would recommend checking out the C# basics page on the Godot documentation if you are new to C#, just to make sure you have everything setup and can compile a basic script in a C# Godot project. I would disable the plugin while you are doing this, as otherwise it will not compile

Then after you have the C# Godot project compiled correctly, I would then try enabling the plugin and see if that fixes the issue 🙂

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Have you tried deleting the C# project and solution, adding a C# script (can just be the default Godot-generated one), building the project, and then enabling it again? That is what I would try doing if you have not already, as the plugin was last updated for a version of Godot that was a few releases ago, so its C# generated files probably are out of date and need to be regenerated.

If that does not work, please let me know. If you could also include your OS (Windows, Mac, Linux), Godot version, and possibly the log file, that would be great as it would help me narrow down what the issue is.


The GitHub repository has a Godot module that you need to compile Godot 3 with in order to run. The Wiki on the repo has a step-by-step guide on what steps are needed to get the module working and integrated into a Godot project.

I also precompiled builds for a developer on this GitHub issue, so if you are on Windows you can download and use those builds.

Hello! I made the Godot module and you have my full permission to use it for the jam or for whatever purposes you need. I forgot to upload a license, but will do so soon and will set the license to the MIT license 👍

Sorry about not seeing this sooner! I’m not on Discord and only stumbled across this just now.

I tried using Godot 3.3.4 Mono stable on my Windows 10 development machine and it works there. I did initially have the issue where it said it couldn't enable the plugin, but I hit "build" and after the build I was able to enable it and it worked after that. I think on Windows I only have the "dotnet CLI", so that might be why I wasn't able to reproduce the issue locally.

ARCarr - Thanks for the detailed information! This will be quite helpful for trying to figure out what is going on. I'm wondering if it's a Window specific issue, though I'm still not sure why it is occurring, as I haven't been able to reproduce it on my machine. I will need to test again though, maybe something in a recent Godot version changed something.

For issue 6393: have you tried closing and reopening the Godot editor? If you have multiple instances of the Godot editor open, closing all of them and then reopening the scene may help. I believe it is related to trying to save the ".tscn" file.

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looking online, it may be a naming issue that is causing the problem, if this issue on GitHub is what is causing the issue here too.

Edit: Switching to Mono may also help fix the issue according to this Stackoverflow post. Based on what I can find online, it seems the issue associated with the errors is more on the C# end with project names and stuff than code, but I am not sure what is triggering the issue in this case.

Are you getting the exact same error messages showing something like “Cannot instance script because the project assembly is not loaded”?

Sorry for the delay, it's been a busy several days and I didn't get any notifications there was replies, so I completely missed these posts until now!

Have you used any C# scripts in your project, without necessarily Twisted IK 2 enabled? It seems like it might be something with compiling C# scripts that is causing the issue, at least I think that may be the issue. Can you make a new project, add a C# script, and then see if it builds and runs successfully? The script doesn't need to have anything in it, I don't think, but it may help narrow down if the C# build process itself is causing the issue or if it's something else.

Also, are all the issues mentioning "Cannot instance script because the project assembly is not loaded"? Does the top issue mention anything else, as it could be that one of the issues is causing all the others.

Sorry again for the delay in reply and for the incontinence!

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Okay, I think I know what the issue is and how to fix it.

The issue is the included ".sln" and ".csproj" files in the development example and showcase project. If you delete these files and then hit the "Build" button in the top right corner, it should successfully rebuild the project. I didn't have the correct C# libraries installed on my Windows machine that I was using for testing, but once I got everything installed and hit the "Build" button, the project compiled successfully and then I was able to enable the plugins.

I would try deleting and regenerating the ".sln" and "csproj" files and see if that fixes it. If not, can you see if the terminal/console shows any output and if it does, paste it here or take a screenshot and post that? That way I can look into what is specifically causing the issue and see if I can find a solution!

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Thanks for letting me know Death Reticle!

Does adding a C# script so Godot generates a C# project fix the issue? I’m not sure if that was the fix mentioned in the other forum post, but I know that sometimes Godot doesn’t see that there is C# scripts and will not allow the plugin to run if it doesn’t think it’s a C# project.

I’ll take a look and see if I can figure out what is going on! I might not be able to look today, but I will check tomorrow morning at the latest.

Edit: Okay, I get the same issue when opening and am looking into it 👍

I'm not sure I still have source code for FNAF: Purgatory 2 anymore and it uses a beta build of Godot 3.0, so I'm not sure I would even be able to export it successfully to HTML even if I still had it. I would highly recommend trying FNAF: Final Purgatory if you are interested in something like FNAF: Purgatory 2 but online, as it has a working HTML export and many more features :)

Awesome! If you find any issues or have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to let me know!

For the bones twisting, the latest update might fix this as well, as now it uses the bone's initial/resting forward position, rather than a hard-coded Vector3.UP. That said, I'm not totally sure that will fix it. I'll try to see if I can get a test rig hooked up and will test it. If it doesn't fix the issue, I certainly don't mind adding a "use_target_up" option if it would help.

Thanks again!

Thanks xoana! Yes, this is expected, I just forgot to bump the version in the addon file 😅

I just released version 2.6.0, which should fix the issue, as well as fix a few other issues.

I also applied the fix to the other IK solvers, as they were likely to experience the same issue and the fix also made things a little simpler, so a win-win all around. Thanks again for reporting and if you have any other issues (or version 2.6.0 didn't fix it for you), please do not hesitate to let me know!

Hey iwilliams!

Thanks for letting me know about this and providing a code snippet that fixes the issue! I really appreciate it! I will take a look at the issue this weekend and see if I can figure out what is causing the issue and release a fix.

Thanks ObsidianBlk!

The hand drawn effect is just careful use of the scribble assets from Kenney! No shaders or special effects were used 🙂

A checkpoint system is a good idea, and definitely something to look into adding after the jam.

Thanks again for playing!

Thanks Phil Madden!

Thanks Edevjogos!

Awesome job! I really liked how smooth the difficulty curve was, how polished the entire thing felt, and how much variety there was in the levels and mechanics. I did find level 9 a touch hard to get to the goal, but that was almost certainly just I didn't get it and had to use luck. The whole thing was really fun and enjoyable to play!

Great work! I think it was a really unique take on the theme! I found the controls a little difficult, especially at first as I thought it would face my cursor rather than rotate relative to the movement, but once I figured out what was going it wasn't an issue. While I didn't make it to be a member of the druid circle, I enjoyed playing it. Great work!

Awesome work! I really liked how the game was designed and how it presented a darker, more mysterious atmosphere. I totally wouldn't have thought to try and use the assets like that and I think it's super impressive how well you pulled it off. I also got stuck, in level 4 at the beginning by doing a partial rotation (rotated the straight piece to make a ramp going bottom left to upper right, but then couldn't get back up to rotation thingy), but that was the only minor snag I ran into. It was fun to play!

Great work! I think the visuals were really good and the mechanic was interesting, if not quite what I was expecting. I have a pretty sensitive mouse wheel, so the levels were a little easy, but I think using the mouse wheel only as an input method is a unique idea and one that could definitely be expanded. It was a nice experience playing through it!

Great work! I really liked how you decided to incorporate the theme by having rotation around a point using a magnet-like mechanic. I wasn't sure how to get more time though, so I wasn't able to get too many balls before the game froze from running out of time (not sure if it's a bug). Because of that, I wasn't able to get too far into the levels of the game.I can totally see this being an interesting puzzle game if there was added obstacles, like bumpers that bounce the red ball if touched, or perhaps spinning objects that the player has to work around to get the ball to the goal. Great work!

Really impressive work! I had a ton of fun playing and really thought everything in the game meshed really well together. I did get a little motion sick with the rotating on multiple axes levels when the there was a bunch of little targets, especially after I had been playing for awhile, but given the warning in the game it didn't catch me by surprise and certainly didn't take away from the experience. Awesome work!

Great job! I really like the game play and I was quite impressed with how clean the UI and game looks. Showing a preview of the level and then using the start space for the UI made going from the menu to the game really nice. I do agree with Rushkiller that the first level is a touch difficult, especially as you are getting used to the game, but it was good for building up skills that were useful in later levels. I would suggest maybe remove a couple of the holes in level 1, just to make the difficulty curve a little easier. I can totally see the potential for this game on something like mobile devices where you rotate the device to rotate the scene. Great work!

Awesome job! I really liked the puzzles and the clever level design! A couple of the levels took me awhile to figure out but it didn't feel frustrating and throughout the entire thing I was really impressed with how well the levels were laid out. Great work!

Great work! I think rotating the gravity upside down and back was a great. I liked the level design in the first few levels especially, where you could get to the end in multiple ways and how it highlighted being able to change gravity direction in the air. A couple things I might suggest changing is the noise for jumping, it's a little harsh sounding in my opinion, and some of the levels start with an enemy right at the start, which can be difficult to avoid. That said, I think the game was really fun and I enjoyed playing through it. Great work!

Awesome work! It was really fun to play and a great use of the theme. At first I was a little confused on the what the coins do, but then I realized that it multiplies the score gotten for getting the correct color, which I think is a really nice mechanic that adds some more strategy to the game. Great work!

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Congratulations on finishing your first game jam! :)

Right now the jam is in the voting period, after which the results should be available afterwards. I don’t remember right off, but I think there is a results tab that will appear on the jam header next to submissions once the voting period ends. After the voting period you should also be able to see your entires results on its submission page as well.

As for prizes, there are no additional prizes for winners beyond the creation of the game itself (source).

Thanks hgldev!

Thanks Pazume!

Thanks Rosie-Da-Red! I’m glad you and your brother enjoyed the game 🙂

Thanks LinkedLemon!

I was going to have the player stuck on platforms but ran out of time to implement it on the jam period. Definitely something to add after the rating period ends.

Thanks hamcola!

I looked into the issue, and I think it has something either to do with Godot C# loosing data when building OR because the data is not marshalable (serializable) it gets lost on rebuilds. There was a few issues about it on GitHub, but nothing definitive. I will do more looking into it soon to see if I can find a viable solution, but short term you may want to close and then reopen the scene file after building, as it looks like it may be a Godot bug.

Thanks for letting me know, I will look into it!

Awesome, thanks so much for the information! I was able to reproduce the issue on my end and I think I have a solution. The issue seems to be with the joint count property, or rather the lack thereof. Currently the code shows the joint count by using code like "array.length()" and setting the array length, but not actually setting a dedicated variable. Changing this to a dedicated variable that is used only for the joint length seems to fix the issue, even when rebuilding the project.

I will push a new version next weekend (June 19th or June 20th) with the fixes, as well as some new additions :D