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Fantastic job! Fun, fast-paced game. Once I spawned in a circle of 4 enemies - I didn't last long. :P 

The camera needs some work, but overall a great effort.

Very fun little gamejam game! Keep up the good work!

This is a great teaser that makes me really want to play the full game!

Controls were tricky - took me a while to get the wall jump down (and many fiery deaths). Great job with the procedural level generation.

Nice, simple concept, well executed. Rage inducing. Gotta try one more time.

I really want to look at your code to see how you accomplished some of those effect (esp the fractals). For a game with "death" in the title, it was very relaxing and soothing to sail around looking at the pretty images. :P

So cute! This would be *great* on mobile - just tapping away at your phone like a madman making weapons!

Fantastic job!

Great concept! It's a bit too easy - you should have to work harder to balance speed and overheating. I like the colorful little enemies trying to steal the ice - more steady attacks would make the player have to manage the train while frantically clicking on baddies.

Great work for your first Godot game. Now practice more Godot by expanding and polishing the game - I would love to play more!

I died! :P I had to read the comments here to figure out how to make a fire.

Fun survival mechanic. I felt like I was mashing my spacebar like crazy chopping trees. It would be nice to have an easier way to switch equipped items (number keys, for example).

Sharing the keyboard == massive (fun) chaos. I want to try this out on some of my students! :P

The connection to the theme was not very strong, but it's a fun game concept. Polish it up some and you could have a winner.

Neat idea - this is the only game I've seen so far that took the theme all the way into thermodynamics.

It was hard to tell the hot atoms from the cold ones - there needs to be more color differentiation and I'd like to see the hot atoms moving faster than the slow ones.  It wasn't clear at first what the goal was: let the hot atoms through or the cold ones? It was fun to play with and figure it out though.

Impressive job! I liked the lighting effects and the movement was smooth. Good job with the hot/cold UI too.

Do you plan to continue? With some more balance and polish this could be a very good game (and a great way to learn more Godot!).

Nice concept. It was very hard to tell where you were relative to the columns, especially when they're of different heights. I would have appreciated some sound effects, and maybe a more fast-paced background track to reflect the urgency of the game.

Mac version doesn't launch. Will try the Linux build when I have a chance.

I love the controls - the movement is super-smooth. Enemies are tough and fast, which gives a good amount of tension.

I really needed some instructions at the start to know what I was doing and what the UI bars meant. It was not at all clear how the temperature mechanic tied in.

Fun puzzle/platform mechanics. I would have liked more use of the theme. Sound/music would definitely be appreciated.

Great job on the movement and the UI.

Great concept. Definitely feels incomplete (but that's OK given the time and that you chose to do a 3D game!) Others have already made the same suggestions I would make.

It's a great prototype - keep working on it and it could be a really fun game.

Looks beautiful (as always). Interesting mechanics.

Very creative, and great use of the theme! This could make a great vector tutorial! :P

FYI, the Mac version doesn't work with the client - it says it can't find the executable. Downloading directly was fine (although it might be because there's another zip inside the download zip).

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I was clapping when your song started at the beginning - pure awesome! (I wish I could give 6 stars for "Graphics and Sound")

Not many people tackle a 3D project for such a short jam, much less finish, so this is very impressive. The controls/camera need a little polish (very minor quibble), but overall I'm just blown away you were able to pull this off!

Fantastic job! The way the theme alters the mechanics is great and can make for tons of great puzzles. The only place I had trouble was in the jumping level - when you're hot you're soooo bouncy! :P

I would have appreciated some sound effects - freezing/steam sounds when you change state, for example.

Great concept - please keep working on it!

The Mac download crashes about two seconds after launch. I'll try and play the Linux build when I have a chance.

Beautiful game! Great job, and I'd like to see this game expanded and polished. Keep it up!

Great game - very impressive work.

Great use of the theme and very creative gameplay. It was fun to explore the mechanic and figure out how it worked.

More levels, please!

Beautiful! Art, sound, gameplay - I'm a fan of them all.

It's an impressive amount of work - did you sleep at all during the jam? :P

Great game. I echo the praise of the GUI and the sound, especially.

The theme could have been a little more directly integrated, mabye hot/cold enemy types too, with different vulnerabilities? You could lead the chasing "hot" enemies onto ice squares to hurt them, etc.

Fun! Great example of a simple concept well executed in a limited amount of time. :)

It's surprisingly addictive - I'd love to see some way of limiting the number of tries you have to find him (plus the other suggestions here are great too). Keep up the good work!

Hectic! Very good use of theme.

This is a great concept and it would be great to see it extended. Good job!

Great job! *Love* the title screen!

This is very impressive for your first Godot game. Some of the levels were *very* frustrating :P

Great concept for the theme!  I could see this being a great idea for a full-fledged platformer, where you have to keep changing states to get through the various puzzles. I'd like to see some way to constrain when/where you can change states, i.e. move to the fire to become vapor, etc.

I hope you keep working on it!

Fun! Great job for your first time with Godot.

I second @Akien on the GUI compliments - that usually gets neglected in the rush to finish a jam.

Nice use of the theme - great job!

I would love to see what this could become if you put more polish into it. Jam games are great for seeing the spark of a great idea that you can then keep building on. It's a great way to learn more about Godot too! Keep it up!

Very funny - gave me flashbacks to horrible tech support jobs.

Really impressive what you were able to do in such a short time! Enjoyed the +/- temperature mechanic.

Fantastic! This is what gamejams are all about - seeing creative interpretations of the theme that no one else would ever think of!

Using live data == wow!