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Katamari Snow DayView game page

Help the King of the Cosmos build a Snowman!
Submitted by ahintoflime (@ahintoflime) — 12 minutes, 49 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Graphics and Sound#193.1253.125
Theme interpretation#542.7192.719

Ranked from 32 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Source code
http://downloadable on itchio

First Godot game


You already had experience with Godot

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Cool game! Very cute. I included it in my Godot Community Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Thx for the coverage Jupi!  For next time, you can turn/rotate by pushing one stick up and one stick down (like in the Katamari games!)  Thanks for playing.

Is fun!

Controls need some work, the double stick for a single motion feels weird (also the mandatory gamepad).

At the end needs some "spectator mode" to watch your work and an option to take a picture, camera is too far and is not possible to see the final result.


Really a nice little experience. Well done!


Cheers! Thanks for playing.


Wunderbarer song. And as far as I am concered, someone who never onwed a PS this is the offical Pc release of Katamari


Thanks dude.  If bandai/namco ain't gonna do it they might as well let me!

(1 edit) (+1)

I was clapping when your song started at the beginning - pure awesome! (I wish I could give 6 stars for "Graphics and Sound")

Not many people tackle a 3D project for such a short jam, much less finish, so this is very impressive. The controls/camera need a little polish (very minor quibble), but overall I'm just blown away you were able to pull this off!


Thank you!

I've made 10+ small Godot games now, so I'm getting more and more comfortable with 3d, speeding up my workflow, etc.  When I started with Godot it was your tutorials that got me through my first few jams, so thank you! :)  I also owe a lot to all the artists who put their models up on lol.  That's what I need to work on now, modeling/texturing etc!  Anyways the silly creative stuff is what I enjoy so I'm glad people got a kick out of the song haha (it was only my 2nd take!)


A shame I don't have a controller with me, this looks cool. (But I found out if I press the UP key on the keyboard the snowball get's bigger hehe)


Yeeeeeah I meant to take that out before release :p

Submitted (1 edit)

Why would you expressly remove keyboard controls? This makes me a lot angrier than it should, and I will force myself not to rate this game, because it probably is fine inside. But please promise me to never do this again, ok?

Developer (3 edits)

I never implemented keyboard controls at all!  (the functionality described above was for debug purposes, not a gameplay function) Have you played a Katamari Damacy game before?  It's never been on PC and has a very particular, analog control style, which uses both sticks for movement.  I don't think it would transfer well to keyboard.  Its something I thought about attempting, but I worked up until the last 15 minutes or so before the jam, just barely getting the ending in-- so there was no time to even try and implement PC controls.  I promise you all my other games have mouse/keyboard controls available! :)


I loved it ( 10 points to Gryffindor!)


Thank you! Cheers.

This game is kinda similar to the snowman level in We ♥ Katamari.

(1 edit)

Looks interesting, but couldn't work out the controls which really didn't seem to work at all with my PS3 controller under Linux, would have loved to have played it if it worked with either this controller or keyboard+mouse though :)


Huh, do other godot controller-based games work for you?  I wonder what I could have done differently.


Love Katamari, it was hard to not like this one! I got a ball so big I couldn't see ahead of me. Looking forward to a nicer katamari damacy engine! :)


Thanks for playing & rating! :)


Impressive you actually made a complete katamari game. The movement could use a little tweaking but overall it's well executed and fun. Performance was also very smooth.


Thank you!  This was my first time properly using the physics system, I agree it could use some tweaks. I'm surprised the performance was good honestly I was worried with so many objects!  


Ahaha awesome Katamari song, did you record it?

Its always fun to roll a Katamari, good job.


Yes the song in the intro sequence is all me :)  The song during gameplay is a royalty free song from bensound.  Thanks for playing!


You're good, I'd prefer you kept singing than the royalty free song. That intro really gave the game character


Thank you! Haha I've been listening to the soundtrack a lot the last few weeks so it only seemed right to do my own little version.