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Ehy Gnaxon, thank you for playing and for making the video!
In a few weeks, hoping not too much in the future, I'm going to release a big update that will surely improve your experience next time!
Will still be difficult, but more fair and with controls much more tight.

Thank you for playing!

Your let's play helped me a lot, hope the next update will make the game more enjoyable for you!

My email is, contact me there if you can.

Thank you! I'm happy you liked Gumgem and I hope you the best for your blog!
I would like to contact you somehow, email me if you want!

Thank you for your feedback, next update will include your suggestion!

Not yet, the ability to toggle fullscreen mode will be included in the next update!

Thank you for your support! Enjoyed the video a lot.
I had no testers during development, so watching you play has been really useful.
I'm already working on an update featuring a pseudo-tutorial, some fixes and several additions, stay tuned for that.
Hope it will improve your and other players' experience with the game!

Hi, thank you for your words!
The source code is not available as of right now for a few reasons:

  1. I intended this game to be a prototype for a future, bigger and ambitious commercial project.
  2. The code and the project in general are quite disordered and inconsistent due to game jam time limitations. (even if I was really late)

But I will surely share it if something changes in the future!
For example, when and whether the C# support of Godot reaches a great level my goal would be to switch to it, so that I can share the current GDScript version of the game.

The game is finally out if you want to try it!

Interesting and very well done shot on card games genre, there's surely potential here for future updates. Hope to see its development forwarded!

Very well thought out game, core design is solid, level design is top-notch and the overall style is nice and coherent.
Great job!

Really a nice little experience. Well done!

Thank you! I always try to think about the long-term game initially and then to narrow down it to adapt it to a jam.
It definitely wasn't an easy job for a 2 days rush!

Thank you very much!
I initially ended up making that area even smaller than how it is now, because I wanted to highlight the engine and its modules and also keep space to add more feedback on how the ship was going and for Mako.
Then I incresed a little its size, as you said, previously it was tiny to be able to move freely, but I kept it this way for the reasons just mentioned and because I was thinking about interesting new features to implement taking advantage of this setup.
Anyway, glad you liked the game, I hope to be able to continue its development in the future!

Ahh tu sei l'amico di Giorgio! Che coincidenza trovarti anche qui.
Grazie per i complimenti, per la Ludum Dare non so se riuscirò a partecipare, spero di si.
Comunque, per quanto riguarda Godot mi ci trovo bene, lo preferisco di gran lunga rispetto a Unity, e se non fosse per in particolare UNA scelta di design, per la presenza di ancora qualche bug e la mancanza di qualche feature sarebbe il mio engine definitivo.

Ci sono stato anch'io con 2.7 Light Years Away,  contendo di vedere che siamo diversi dall'Italia!
Per la prossima sarebbe interessante collaborare

That was wonderful.

Very cool game and the graphics are really nice, reminds me a lot of Spirited Away.
The difficulty is high, probably because more tight platform controls would be needed, I also found that I often had to try several times to pick an item, sometimes it doesn't work (perhaps also add visual feedback of which item you are going to pick), and maybe it's me but I got the impression that sometimes customers leave unsatisfied even if I prepared the bath they wanted.
Anyway, good base to built upon, great work!

Nice concept. The procedural level generation seems great.
Yes, as others say, the character is very hard to control in midair, I would add a slight stick-to-the-wall mechanic when sliding along one.

Really clever temperature mechanic, the platform dynamics could be improved but nice idea!

I found myself struggling trying to throw the eggs where I wanted but nice game dynamic!

Very well made! Polished, great graphics style and solid gameplay.

Funny graphics and an enjoyable game overall!

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Yes, the description was wrong, thank you for pointing that out, fixed it.
Glad you liked the game! I wish I could have added some more heat feedback on the engine and the ship to highlight the fact that something temperature-related was going on.
Anyway, the temperature here is important because it's the design component that balances the entire game.

Thank you! My jam started sunday morning (UTC), 48 hours are passed too quickly and I probably focused too much on polishing.
I uploaded the web version, will do the same with the Mac and Linux builds soon.