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Thank you so much!
I'm glad I was able to contribute!

Thank you so much!
I'm considering the idea of bringing it to Steam, maybe adding a few extra features and content!
I'll surely think about it!

Hi Lauren, in that situation and as a temporary fix, try to interact with the game using the keyboard or mouse. The game should go on.

Thank you, glad you like it!

Alright, the issue may be related to an Nvidia Control Panel setting.
Disabling the feature to force quality settings on applications should work, leaving applications themselves to decide.
Specifically, forcing MSAA seems to cause the issue, but selecting this option should do the trick:
NVIDIA Control Panel - does "Let the 3D application decide" invalidate  global settings in advanced 3D image settings?: nvidia

I see, that behaviour is normal, the game should load while windowed and then goes fullscreen.
As for the black screen, I can't reproduce it on my machine, seems like an issue with graphics drivers. Try to update them if you are able to.
Do you have an old gpu? An integrated one? What model is it?

I just uploaded a small patch for the Windows build (2.1.1) that enables the fallback to an older version of OpenGL ES if the required one isn't supported, let's see if it makes a difference. Consider that using this previous version of the graphics libraries a few visual effects aren't available.


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Hi! On which OS are you playing?
Does the game start in fullscreen mode?

Also, what gpu do you have?

Hi Doomstruck, I can confirm your issue, thanks for reporting! I'll fix it soon.

Yeah, they sound similar but Omori is a different (full-fledged) game, released after Omamori.

Ohw, that's unfortunate, can you tell me which controllers do you have?

We are sorry you're experiencing this issue.
We have now released here the 2.0 version of the game, it will probably fix your issue or, if not, now the game can also be played entirely with the keyboard or a controller!

Hi gandalf777, the 2.0 version is now available here too!
Hope you'll enjoy it!

Ciao kyuzo, stiamo considerando l'idea di effettuare un porting del gioco per Linux, ma la questione è ancora incerta.

Hi kyuzo, we're considering the idea of porting the game to Linux in the future, but it's still uncertain.

Hi Lucius!
You're right, the only way to exit the game is to close the window.
I see it could be an annoyance in case you're playing with only a controller, I'll consider adding an in-game button!

Sorry for the late reply!
For now I added a content warning statement in the game page, hope it helps.

Yes you're right, I'm stacking up those things for the next update, thank you!

It warms my heart to know that! Thank you so much!

Ehy mistakesonus!
Climbing is performed with L or R on a controller, and with Shift on a keyboard.
It may be inconvenient to play on a standard keyboard, so I recommend using a controller!

Thank you Rettacera! Your video is awesome!
It's always great to watch someone play, I'll make sure to improve the game based on your experience too!
I have several ideas that will extend the playtime offering diverse challenges and maybe some form of user-level procedural generation configuration, we'll see!

The update is out! Version 2.0 should fix a lot of your issues, check it out!

The game has been updated! Check out v2.0, it has really improved in every way.

Version 2.0 addressed this issue! Now attacking and hitting enemies is much more consistent and less frustrating.

Version 2.0 has arrived with fullscreen toggle support!
No keys remapping yet, will have to consider that for another update.

Ehy Gnaxon, the big updated has arrived!
I'm sure your experience will greatly improve in v2.0!

Should be good now in version 2.0!

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Seems like there is an issue with Godot games when Brave's shield is on.
It has been reported last month to the Brave team. Let's hope they fix that!

The game should work ok with shield disabled, or using Firefox or Chrome!

I see, so, the game only runs in a limited set of browsers (those that support WebGL 2), but in case the one you're using isn't compatible it should just output "WebGL 2 not supported" or something similar.
Could you report what browser you're using, its version, and which operating system?

Ehy! I'm happy you enjoyed the game!
A review would be very appreciated, if you like!

That's very strange. What platform are you trying to run the game on?

Please report any bug, typo or issue you're having here in this topic.
We'll do our best to fix them as soon as possible!

I'll enable the discussion board. Please post any other issue you might have there!

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Thanks, that was fixed! We have a few of those fixes pending the next update!

Absolutely! The game is now updated to the latest version!
Sorry for the delay!

Would really like to submit Gumgem, It's a procedurally generated platformer and I'm planning to release a big update in the coming days!

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Sorry about that. The game is a jam prototype and has a few bugs.
Trying another time should work.

I'm sorry for the delay. I hope to work on it soon!

Yeah the game approach on catching spirits is cautious. There are a few hidden game mechanics that reinforce this concept (running makes spirits notice you more easily, so the idea is spotting them and approach them carefully, flush them out, predict their escape trajectory and finally hit them again)

Thank you! Really appreciate it!

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Nice little game, interesting take on bombs interaction with the scenario!
Here's my stats: