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Come si chiude il programma in linux? - Linux: how to quit?

A topic by Lucius1202 created Oct 11, 2020 Views: 372 Replies: 2
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Come si esce dal gioco in linux? Ho dato una veloce occhiata ma non trovo una voce o un bottone per uscire, l'unico modo è uscire dal fullscreen e chiudere la finestra? Grazie!

How do i quit the game in linux? I took a quick look but I can't find an item or a button to exit, the only way is to exit the fullscreen and close the window? Thank you!


Hi Lucius!
You're right, the only way to exit the game is to close the window.
I see it could be an annoyance in case you're playing with only a controller, I'll consider adding an in-game button!

Thanks DAZEL, even just a key like Q or X or F9 would be very convenient! Thanks for the answer, great platformer!