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A member registered Dec 21, 2019

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GS64 version works perfectly on my SiDi fpga and also works on my raspberry pi 4 with Lakka 2.3.2 (vice emulator). Great game!

Hi, I bought the game and I ask you if there is a way to skip the infinite starting music. I have tried all the keys. Thanks.

Thanks, I assumed it! Keep developing roguelikes, they are never enough!

Hello! I bought ossuary, in the dos version is there a way to save?

Thank you!

Hello, I have a bit of problem with linux version... Anybody can help me? Debain buster.

Thank you for your reply. The game require 32 bit version of libcrypto, libssl and libglu, but I stop because libglu is only 64bit in my debian buster. I am not so skilled to continue, I think that more "modern" distro (ubuntu or mint) work without problem. Thanks anyway!

Hello, the linux version give a libcrypto not found. I have the libcrypto 64bit version, the game require a 32bit library? Thank you.

Thanks DAZEL, even just a key like Q or X or F9 would be very convenient! Thanks for the answer, great platformer!

Come si esce dal gioco in linux? Ho dato una veloce occhiata ma non trovo una voce o un bottone per uscire, l'unico modo è uscire dal fullscreen e chiudere la finestra? Grazie!

How do i quit the game in linux? I took a quick look but I can't find an item or a button to exit, the only way is to exit the fullscreen and close the window? Thank you!