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I don't like the complexity of 5e, I like the FKR and the OSR lite.  This rules is perfect! Thanks for sharing them with the community!

Michele Pavani hai qualche consiglio per l'avanzamento del personaggio? Grazie!

Complimenti! Un regolamento leggero che risulta sempre utile!

I've bought a lot of ruleset here, I don't usually comment on them but this is exactly what I was looking for. I find the combat very well done, diceless and tactical. In other similar products, the actions are so vague as to be boring, not here. This game is an example of excellent game design. I ask one thing if the author reads these comments, does a deflected attack automatically deal damage or can it be parried and deflected in turn? As a referee I let it automatically deal damage to weak creatures but not elites, however no png or monster can deflect an already deflected hit.

I really like this product, well structured and organized!

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Ok, thank you! I figure what file. Now I am on ARM linux (raspberry) and so I wait for return to my AMD setup. In case you want to experiment ;-) an ARM64 version would be very popular :-)

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Hello Dev! I buy your game (linux version) but I have some difficulties to figure how to launch. I am a bit dumb! XD I can run it in a browser? Thank you!

Pulse community · Created a new topic FPGA controls

Hi developer, your game is a rare gem! really! The unexpanded version works perfectly on Mister and Mist fpga but I would like to point out that the 8k and 16k versions have a strange behavior of the controls, what could be the reason? Thank you!

GS64 version works perfectly on my SiDi fpga and also works on my raspberry pi 4 with Lakka 2.3.2 (vice emulator). Great game!

Hi, I bought the game and I ask you if there is a way to skip the infinite starting music. I have tried all the keys. Thanks.

Thanks, I assumed it! Keep developing roguelikes, they are never enough!

Hello! I bought ossuary, in the dos version is there a way to save?

Thank you!

Hello, I have a bit of problem with linux version... Anybody can help me? Debain buster.

Thank you for your reply. The game require 32 bit version of libcrypto, libssl and libglu, but I stop because libglu is only 64bit in my debian buster. I am not so skilled to continue, I think that more "modern" distro (ubuntu or mint) work without problem. Thanks anyway!

Hello, the linux version give a libcrypto not found. I have the libcrypto 64bit version, the game require a 32bit library? Thank you.

Thanks DAZEL, even just a key like Q or X or F9 would be very convenient! Thanks for the answer, great platformer!

Come si esce dal gioco in linux? Ho dato una veloce occhiata ma non trovo una voce o un bottone per uscire, l'unico modo è uscire dal fullscreen e chiudere la finestra? Grazie!

How do i quit the game in linux? I took a quick look but I can't find an item or a button to exit, the only way is to exit the fullscreen and close the window? Thank you!