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2.7 Light Years Away

Travel faster than light without overheating the ship · By DAZEL

The game seems really cool but...

A topic by IAMACAR10 created Jun 18, 2020 Views: 136 Replies: 7
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I can't run it without it saying "Cannot find property length of null"


That's very strange. What platform are you trying to run the game on?

Just in my browser


I see, so, the game only runs in a limited set of browsers (those that support WebGL 2), but in case the one you're using isn't compatible it should just output "WebGL 2 not supported" or something similar.
Could you report what browser you're using, its version, and which operating system?

I'm using the latest version of Brave browser on the latest version of windows 10... come to think of it i've had this problem before. I'll try to use a different browser and see what happens

Developer (1 edit)

Seems like there is an issue with Godot games when Brave's shield is on.
It has been reported last month to the Brave team. Let's hope they fix that!

The game should work ok with shield disabled, or using Firefox or Chrome!



I tried using chrome and it works! It's an excellent game