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Great feedback, especially the last couple of points. Might try to implement some of this myself and open a PR.

there is no change log. the big differences since v1 is bug fixes, translations and gamepad support

Coming from a fellow game developer, multiplayer (depending on scope) can be very, very, very hard to implement. It takes a lot of time and effort and isn’t just a simple thing that can be added with one click.

While I do agree that it is better to have native linux builds, why not just try WINE? On something like this it should work perfectly.

it will just work, just unzip the file and run the .exe like any other app :)

  1. what operating system are you on? (windows, mac, linux, etc.)
  2. What file are you trying to open?


The official name of the country (and the name of the country in portugese, the official language) is ‘Cabo Verde’, Cape Verde is just the english name (and both Cabo Verde and Cape Verde are considered correct in English)

I also have an M1 chip and I think you could probably fix it by right clicking on the app, clicking get info, and making sure that "Open using rosetta" is on. I'm not sure if this will work as i haven't tested it yet, but it might be worth trying

Wow that was really cool

I tried using chrome and it works! It's an excellent game


I'm using the latest version of Brave browser on the latest version of windows 10... come to think of it i've had this problem before. I'll try to use a different browser and see what happens

Just in my browser

I can't run it without it saying "Cannot find property length of null"