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Rescue the prince in a procedurally generated castle! · By DAZEL

Made a Video

A topic by Cyberwolf created Nov 14, 2018 Views: 112 Replies: 1
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Super cute but also super challenging! The randomized levels really add to that, some parts really making you have to think on how to get the darn spider stuck at the top without a lot to jump to to get him! Really like that there's contoller support, really helped to get my bearings and find out that the dash really is the only attck. Kinda wish it wasn't since it can be hard to control and threw myself into spikes a good number of times just to kill something. Maybe a third button for close combat hits would be good to even make some cool dash-punch combos. Still, it was super fun and I really enjoyed it! Hope you enjoy the video!


Thank you for your support! Enjoyed the video a lot.
I had no testers during development, so watching you play has been really useful.
I'm already working on an update featuring a pseudo-tutorial, some fixes and several additions, stay tuned for that.
Hope it will improve your and other players' experience with the game!