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I absolutely LOVED this game! As a non-binary, ace person, who's favroite colors are cyan and purple, plays guitar, loves anime, and has undiagnosed adhd, just absolutely fell for the characters here lol! Music was good, and I felt pretty invested in the mystery (probably mostly because of how much I was relating to Cyan and Pav lol). Hope you enjoy the video, the final episode 2 will be up later this week. 

Super creepy, and had a lot of fun! My only issue was scary ambient sounds were WAAAAY to often. After a while kinda just started ignoring them and not really caring if there was a random thud or scream, cause i was starting to understand it didn't mean anything.

Still though, this was an awesome experience and did an amazing job regardless. Can't wait to see more of your work! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Pretty enjoyable! Pretty creepy, but still enjoyable lol. Very excited for the full game! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Had an absolute BLAST playing through this game, enjoying the story, the puzzles, the music, absolutely amazing beautiful game! Made 3 videos over the last few weeks on it, just gonna post episode 1 as to not take up a bunch of space with videos, but I hope you enjoy it/them! 

This was by far, the weirdest horror game I ever played! Good job, keep up the good work lol! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Had me creeped out from beginning to end, though I was kinda confused with the ending not gonna lie lol. Hope you enjoy the video! 

Pretty good! The darkness had me pretty worried for the first half, but after the monster like noise, didn't seem like it was happening anymore and nothing else was really happening so I was able to relax a bit. I think taking advantage of that and making more unsettling noises would be good to keep the player on their toes. Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Very spooky, with a surprise twist M Knight Shyamalan couldn't dream of! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Super fun game! Didn't get far cause the last level I was on was taking forever, but had a blast anyway! I swear those cardboard cutouts got me to jump more than the imposter did lol! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Super cute and fun, but my old man brain couldn't parse which direction was the right direction in quick moments since my keyboard isn't diagnal like the map lol. Also got frustrated with not being able to simply turn into the exit as i passed it, but i guess that's also just me having old man brain lol. There was a bug i seemed to be having though, every now and then it went into a "first person mode" and only looked in one direction, and seemed the only option was to restart to get out of that. I think the puzzles that i played so far were really well done, good job! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Pretty good but shorter than i expected I guess. Think it has a good system going for it right now, but my only comlaint is how often the same letter can appear. Ruined my first run with almost back to back requests to build the canal, so i think maybe a cool down for each event would be good, at least so the player can get other things going before the same letter comes through. I also think more events would be good to make the game feel like it can go longer. Made a video, hope you ejoy! 

Maaaaan! I enjoyed this game so much! felt super nostalgic for me going back to Megaman, the first boss definitely felt like i was fighting Yellow Devil!

All the bosses were super cool and creative, but i feel like the only one I didn't like was Boss 3; it was interesting and liked the design, but it felt like a lot of waiting for him to come down and attack. Maybe if it had an attack where it stays on the ground for a bit would be good, and also being able to hurt it without jumping would be alright too.

Music was great, but menu sounds could get a look at to be more appealing, rather than straining.

Not a whole lot I saw bad, everything else was awesome and I loved every bit of it! Music, combat, background, character design, everything was phenomenal! Can't wait to see where you go from here! 

Hope you enjoy the video! 

Had a lot of fun playing, altough i forgot i was supposed to be making deliveries part way through lol

The only issue i had was every now and then I'd flip over and couldn't get back up, seems like the game is supposed to rewind me, but didn't happen most the time. 

Hope you enjoy the video! 

Awesome! Definitely gonna have to give it another shot!

Had lot of fun with this game! Hope you enjoy the video! 

WELL THAT WAS CREEPY! Really well done! Hope you enjoy the video! 

This game is pretty wild! Really enjoyed the environments, but the ai of the enemies left a bit to be desired I'll be honest...


You can't shoot them if they're too close, you can hit them, but they recover so fast that if you try running they catch up already making it pointless. They move pretty frikkin fast so if they wind up getting in your face you can't get far enough to get a shot, and they just want to be in your face at all times, absolutely no respect for personal space lol! My advice would be to slow them down a bit, like zombie just limping, and maybe make their stagger at least long enough to move a few feet away. Would also like to see a better description, maybe whats going on with the world, set it up a bit. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video, and hope to see more updates in the future! 

Really enjoying the game so far! Giving me HUGE vibes of playing Fire Emblem on the old gameboy advance and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Don't know if theres a save mechanic, really hoping there is because i didn't have time to run through the entire game. One issue i did have, was usually if I got he crit 7, it wouldn't update the numbers for the crit if I didn't click anything else before hitting end. Either way, hope you enjoy the video! 

This game is so wild and fun! Had a super great time getting to play it so far! Made a video, hope you enjoy!

Pretty crazy, but lots of fun! Had a blast grabbing all the different abilities! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Made a damn good cup of tea! 10/10 would brew again! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Had a lot of fun with this game, but the drifting sure is brutal! Never really felt the same way twice, maybe its just being a tough game, maybe its just my inexperience in it. All i know is the AI can go f*** itself, tried pushing me off the road tons of times lol! Made a video, I hope you enjoy! 

I really enjoyed the demo, although was kinda disappointed theres no actual spooks in it at the moment. Really sold me on the atmosphere though! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Super hilarious game! Gave me some good tips to get out of a job interview lol! Hope you enjoy the video! 

This was a really fun game! I enjoyed the mystery but mostly the comedy, really gave me some good chuckles! Made a couple vids cause it was taking me too long to solve the puzzles, I hope you enjoy em! 

Had a lot of fun in the game, music is pretty great, I just suck at DDR like games lol. I hope you enjoy the video! 

This game was pretty dang fun, this coming from a guy who's not a huge fan of getting spooked! Really enjoyed the demo! The only issue I really had was how slow the faith bar refills, pretty sure I would have died if the last dog in the dark place hadn't just ran off after biting me a couple times, other than that it's perfect as it is! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Glad you enjoyed it!

I enjoyed this game so much, it was so cute and wholesome (and I'm suddeny craving basil ice cream lol). Made a vid, I hope you enjoy! 

Whew this game was INSANE lol!!! Had a great time playing, felt lost a good few times and not really understanding what was going on (not sure if reading the letters would have helped but skipped reading for time in the video). There seems to be a few bugs, specifically with the kick off things, if i killed things with a kick it'd just send me flying, one time sending me from the 3rd island back to the first, but pretty sure if I didn't double jump it would have sent me further, probably just straight over it (caught in the video). There were also times where wall jumping just didn't seem very effective, but after some repeated tries it worked. Hope you enjoy the video! 

This game was absolutely EPIC!!! I got completely hypnotized by it some how and fell hard in the zone! I feel like this game has awoken something in me... lol I couldn't beat the first boss, but can't wait to jump back in! Made you a vid, hope you ejoy it! 

Had so much fun with this game! Honestly can't wait for the full game, its gonna be so good! Hope you enjoy the video!

This was such a fun and hilarious game! super can't wait for the full game! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Rosie's Inn community · Created a new topic Made a Video!

This was pretty great, I feel like there's a bit missing, like actually being a barkeeper to put money in your own pocket rather than just commissioning adventurers, but never the less, had a pretty greattime with it! Lost a couple adventurers, but hope you enjoy the video! 

Super fun game! Had a blast playing! Wish there were multiple parts instead of just wave after wave, btu enjoyed it none the less! I hope you enjoy the video! 

This was honestly super awesome to play! As a proof of concept, I can't wait to see where this game or you might be headed! Made a video, i hope you enjoy it! 

This was pretty fun game! I was very spooked at first, but as I got a handle on the game, just kinda started to get annoyed with the amount of monsters roaming around, even if it is a large map. Speaking of the map, it is pretty large, and without being able to see very far because of the blizzard, I found myself getting lost quite often. By the end I just kinda started roaming the outer edge of the map cause I was pretty sure I grabbed everything from the houses that I could but was still missing stuff, but anyway I feel like a physical map to look at would be super handy just caue sense of orientation and direction can get pretty messed up in a blizzard. I feel like that would actually help players make sure they've explored every nook and crannie, even if those spots aren't important, players would still want to see what might be over in that area they haven't checked yet and could possibly finish the game without it taking forever. I'll give a follow so I can stay up with updates (hoping for that map lol) and maybe again one day when i have time, check it out again to actually finish it. Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

This was pretty cool game! Really enjoyed being a little goo guy jumoing around, crawling through things, and taking over people's minds, like a symbiote from Spiderman but with less teeth lol. I did have a few issues with the game, mainly during jumping. Such as turrets hitting me while i was mid jump and the bullet didn't touch me, or at one point when i landed on a platform with a closing door the game had a weird reaction, like it expected me to keep going, but because the path was blocked off i just kinda fell in slow motion while being pushed against the wall until i touched the platform and died. Like i understand i messed up and died there but it was just kinda weird. Made a video, I hope you enjoy! 

Had a great, relaxing time with this game! Enjoyed the little bit of humor that was thrown in. Also so freakin gorgeous! Loved all the views of the towers in the distance. Made a video, hope you enjoy!