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Awesome, can't wait to check it out then

How do I get the game in english?

What an absolute humdinger of a hoedown! I'll tell ya hwat, that was more fun than mud wrasslin' the boys while being hopped up on a snake bite bein' 4 beers down, I tell you hwat! Hope yall done enjoy my video now, pardner! 🤠

Pretty fun so far! Combat is a bit to learn, and got really unlucky after my first mission and could only find missions a little out of my difficulty range, but the game finally decided to bless me with more appropriate level missions after a couple fails. I'm excited to see where the story goes! Hope you enjoy my video! 

Investigated a possibly haunted house and got eaten by house flys, 10/10. Seriously tho, really love point and click adventures, and enjoyed this one a lot. The actions menu is a bit tedious, really like it when p&c's just let me click on thing and display my options, so you dont have to move your curser so much, but its not a big issue. I didnt get to complete the investigation before time ran out, but I plan on trying again in the future! Hope you enjoy the video, and look out for a completed investigation in the future! 

Super fun if being just a bit difficult, but I guess thats the nature of RNG, lol. Loved the random classes, makes for a very interesting party dynamic each play! Hope you enjoy the video! 

PS, F*** the Slime Queen

I was suggested this game from one of my viewers, and planned on making a video on it, but ultimately just didnt really have a fun time. Everything just seemed like a losing battle, making progressing impossible.

I have some suggestions though: for starters, include instructions IN the game. When someone starts a new game, have the player buy a soldier who runs out and kills a monster and have the player click on the gold. Then have them send out a gold collector, no enemies should appear since they're so god damn slow and then it can explain how you need to have them reach the gold orb 30 times. Or if you dont want a whole tutorial, a splash screen at the start or a button "how to play" would still be better.

Secondly, touching on the gold collector being so slow, why? It doesnt feel like it makes sence of the units with 0 armor or weapons would be slower than the units carrying armor and swords. All too many time I had units just run laps around the collectors and provide them next to no support because they would bounce off the orb and run back, all while most of the enemies are much faster than the collector even and just kill them before they can reach the orb, or as they're heading back. I think boosting their speed to match literally everything else in the game or even faster would greatly increase they're ability to actually reach the orb alive or even just give them some armor, so they can at least take 1 hit and still make it

Lastly, the gold collectors have to reach the orb 30 times?!?! Seriously?!?! I played a run for almost 10 minutes and only could get a collector to the orb 3 times! 10 times, maybe I could understand, but where it stands now, 30 times seems a bit outrageous for a unit with a survivabilty of a snail on a busy sidewalk.

I see this is your first game so I hope this came across not harshly but constructively, the last thing I want is to crush someones dreams of becoming a great dev. I'd be happy to give it a second try and have a video thats going to help spread the game, but where it stands now, its just not fun. I hope to see an update soon.

I type about as good as a kindergartener, and tbh wasnt expecting a typing game! Was still super fun though, and the "Thwee" in the countdown got me every time! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Was definitley a lot shorter than I expected, but was still fun nevertheless. Hope you enjoy my video! 

Super fun and wild game! If I wasn't recording, could have gotten the camera during the gym sessions, unfortunate that it can only go to one source. I don't think I had any issues or gripes with the game, there was one spot after respawning fighting the final boss where won of his attacks was still coming for me, but to be honest, im not too sure that wasn't intentional. Could definitely see something implemented like that to troll the player lol. Anyway, i hope you enjoy my video! 

Loved the character and monster designs! Sometimes it felt like the weaknesses made no sense even if the monsters were just a couple levels different from eachother, but I'd kill the enemy thats not weak to the element i'd use and it'd be level 3, but the one that is weak would be level 5, the same as me, and barely take half damage, that part felt weid, like the weakness made no difference, But I eventually made it through! I hope you enjoy the video! 

Felt like I was back in my old job of having to call up customer assistance with warranties! Really great concept for a puzzle kinda game! 

There's a hole, oh there's a hole, there's a hole in my backyard!

intriguing little mystery! I enjoyed it! I also made a video, I hope you enjoy!

Pretty cool game! Not too hot, not too cold, just warm enough! Loved the little easter egg of the devs around the table, pretty creative! Had a particularly hard time with that level honestly! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Really enjoyed the game! The music was great and the parkour action was non stop! Had an absolute blast! Hope you enjoy the video! 

I can't believe I only just realized I never shared this after I published this video, its been nearly a month! But I really enjoyed the dialogue and mechanics, although they seem like they may need some work. I saw that this was a prototype and hope the problems I faced that you can catch in the video are fixed by now, but thought I should alert you to them anyway. Hopeing to be able to play the full thing soon, for now, I hope you enjoy my video! 

Absolutely beautiful game! Had some graphics issues that were only showing on recording, game ran perfectly otherwise. Hope you enjoy the video! 

Fun little game! Really enjoyed it! 

I beat it, although had some bugs! Flashlights wouldnt work sometimes and after I had all 3 valves turned, the door still didnt open until I closed and reopened the game. 

Back when this game first came out, i used to waste so much time on my computer at work playing this game in between customers. I dont work there anymore (they never found out I was playing games at work lol, the business just shut down), but the wave of nostaglia I got when I saw the thumbnail for Mobs Inc on the page when I loaded up Itch last week was crazy, I just had to sit down and record it! I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed how it helped kill time at work years ago! 

Super awesome! Been watching a lot of Kyle Hill the last few months and learning all about Chernobyl and other various nuclear disasters, and enjoyed that this game provided a quite detailed simulation of what it must have been like to keep this disaster from getting worse. Really great job!

I made a video, albeit havent finished the game, I plan on the second part coming out this week taking on the elephant's foot and finishing the job. I hope you enjoy, and are able to catch the second part! 

Super awesome game! Really enjoyed the magnetic mechanics and music was pretty amazing! Visually it was spectacular, although there were some camera angles that made it difficult to know where things were, like the door on level 1 looked like just a regular metal plate, or the spikes near the end were hard to see and know where was safe.

All in all, super enjoyable! I hope you enjoy my video! 

What a crazy, weird, and yet strangely fun game! Maybe it has something to do with "just one more door, and The Door will be right there. Just one more door. Ok, NOW one more door..." I could have kept going for hours possibly, but started to get tired. But to be honest tho, I dont even want to find The Door, I just want to see more rooms! There were some crazy weird places in here, some with a super creepy filter on it that just really made me worried something was going to jump out! Maybe adding some kind of entity that just stays at the edge of the vision fog, never wanting to get to close, but always moving will REALLY boost that creep factor! Is it a monster? Death? Some other poor soul that got stuck looking for The Door? Maybe if you catch it, it'll open a special room that has become its home.

Really enjoyed the game, and I hope you enjoy my video! 

What a sweet game! Loved the whole bakery sim! I also loved the simulation of being one of the ingredients, was definitely a game changer! Hope you enjoy the video I baked up for you! 

Loved the demo! Absolutely great game! I was getting pretty on edge once all the action started! Can't wait to play the full game, it looks like its going to be amazing! Hope you enjoy my playthrough! 

Damn! What a demo! absolutely blown away by the art style and just the game style in general! Never seen a story game like this where each scene was somehow vastly different from all the others, be it different transitions or other ways of presenting information! Beautiful job! Hope you enjoy my video, and can't wait to enjoy the full story! 

As simple as it was, I absolutely loved it! After a while I was starting to wonder when the horror part was going to start, and it definitely got me lol! Hope you enjoy the video! 

A great game and a piece of art at raising blood pressure lol! I'm not too great at pixel perfect things, so I didnt beat it and instead just wound up frustrated. But its a great game in its frustrating design. All the mechanics are so well done, my only gripe is having to hold for how far your candle head gets thrown. Feel like, with mouse and keyboard at least, it'd be so much nicer to just be able to aim with the mouse, and it'd just throw to there, up to its already max legnth, cause dont need to to throw across the whole screen. Other than that, its pretty perfect as aggrivating as it is lol. 


Saw one of my friends playing this on stream, and found this demo. Its awesome and the craziness comes pretty quickly. Like its like a bullet hell, but like not too overwhelming, except near the end of my vid where it definitely felt like the game was trying to tell me the demo is over lol! Great demo, and definitely gonna be buying it! 

Super awesome game! Had a great time playing! Evreything felt very sharp and clean, and I can't wait to play more! My only thing is maybe have some description on what each ability does when you hover over it. I think everyone here, unless they have gotten to use the assassin's first ability, dont know what it is.

Yeah, totally cool! Can't wait to see the update!

Guess I'll have to give it another go

A short but fun little game! Really enjoyed the burger! 

Finally the last bit of the playthrough, had a great time and found it pretty funny just how much people wanted those sticks that were just lying on the ground lol 

Thanks for the email! Your game was pretty cool, really enjoyed it! It gets pretty hectic once those archers start to show up lol! I didnt get to really use the upgrade menu much in between runs, things are pretty expensive there compared to how many bricks you earn from each house, other than that, it was pretty cool! I think something that would make it even cooler is with every upgrade you purchase in the middle of a run, your Lord evolves a bit, just consmetic but it would be super sick in my opinion.

Hope you enjoy the video! 

I already posted a bit before but I had to make another cause I managed to finally beat the demo! Absolutely blown away by how gorgeous the the small village i past, the boss fight, and just everything else I hadnt seen in my previous playthrough, and also still very addicting! Can't wait to play the full game! 

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The game has some very interesting ideas, I really enjoy the retro graphics, camera angles could be better but they're nostalgic, the sound/ voice acting is superb, and I love the hidden things you have to choke yourself to see!

I see a lot of inspriration taken from games like resident evil here, but same as I said when I was a teen playing RE for the first time, these controls suck. Especially with mouse and keyboard, never in a million years did I think anyone would want to make tank controls on m&k. I think once controller support is added, I think itd be a bit better, but I still wouldnt be a fan of the tank controls lol.

Now that I've gotten my biggest complaint out of the way, I didnt really enjoy the reload system. Its alright and I could get used to it with a longer playthrough, but i think the fact it still locks up even if you just didnt hit it is a bit odd. Im pretty sure a couple times it loaded with the crank so close to the zone I would have been better off hitting immediately.

The spin of having to actually choke yourself to see the hidden bits is a really neat mechanic and appreciated that it provided guidance as well of where I needed to go, because I was so lost at the beginning on what I needed to do. I never tested it but I think even further if enemies might go passive or disappear would be cool too, but that might just be me not wanting to hear those laughing crazy girls again lol!

I know this is only a demo, but I do hope the full game touches on everyone suddenly turning into zombies and the mall shop portal thing that pops up. I see the description saying Hoshi had a mental breakdown, but it just seems like another day to her; It felt a bit unimmersive for all these odd things to be happening around and Hoshi not acknowledging them in the slightest.

Lastly, I also encounted a game ending bug. When I tried to enter the store right outside the school, it just went black screen and nothing else happened. Was left to only force close the game because the menu wouldnt even pop up.

Sorry for the essay, but you guys have obviously put so much love and effort into this game, I really want to see it improved and check out the full game in the future, but I also dont want to be frustrated while playing it and I'm sure you dont want to frustrate your players either. I hope you enjoy the video! Also wishlisted!

Got through the qualifiers and enjoyed the funny bits here and there, especially the guy i crushed twice lol

Absolutely fell in love with this game! Something about the limited colors, the feeling of becoming an op god as you level up, and the amazing music that just made me never want to stop! Already wishlisted on steam and looking forward to the full release! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Quick question, does the game use your microphone lol?