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Pretty fun game! I like the strategy and that you have to kinda plan around goals. Made a video, hope you enjoy! This game starts at around 6 minutes in. 

Pretty fun little game! There's a couple little bugs but honestly they just make the game a bit more fun! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Really enjoyed this game and the fight scene style brought back so many memories of playing the Megaman NT Warrior series. Can't wait to see what the future holds for this game! I know the devs already saw it (glad you guys enjoyed it), but for everyone else, hope you enjoy the video! 

I played this game months ago, but it's even funnier and more silly than I remember! The new graphics update looks amazing compared to it before. Hope the steam release goes well tomorrow! Hope guys enjoy the video! 

Pretty fun little game. I feel like it's a bit too much on rails as I can't seem to be able to prompt the conversation to make some kind of strategy, and could only talk when the game told me I should. Also clicking seems to be off? Like when I started to run low on an item it just wouldn't go if I clicked on it, like I had to find the sweet spot for the last itemto finally click. Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Another awesome game as always! Great job! Puzzles were great, and atmosphere was quite suspensful! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Super fun and awesome game! Can't wait to see what the future holds for it! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Really good game! Honestly gave me a bit of anxiety! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

That is honestly heartbreaking

Super pretty, super fun, but also a bit challenging game! I feel I came across a bug or something cause When I was asked to ally with the big dude, I had the same choice twice for question, so not sure if it's just a not choice or if it was a bug. Also the maze enemies were pretty buggy. They just continuously spawned and I even had one enemy spawn just a few pixels away from me. Also felt overwhelmed with te robot fight. felt a bit underpowered/ unprepared for such a difficult fight. Not sure if I was even hurting him or how close I was at killing him but maybe a health barfor him could help with that. Still enjoyable and I feel like there's lots of room for expanding this game and I look forward to seeing if there's any future plans for it! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Super cute and fun game! I didn't read the controls before hand and accidently restarted the game when I  went to check my inventory but definitly looking forward to more! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Pretty fun game! Graphics are really good, music is great. My only complaint is it's too short! Fell like with a game this pretty and fun, a 2 minute level is not enough. Would be awesome to see more levels and more enemies/obstacles and maybe even an obstacle course. Maybe a video, hope you enjoy! 

 Also sorry for breaking the game, but it led to a pretty funny moment right at the end. 

Super amazing and gorgeus game! Honestly such a cool concept! Couldn't really figure out how to interect with every piece but still enjoyed it none the less! This was the final game in my 3 Beautiful Games video, hope you enjoy! 

Another super gorgeus game! Loved the little points system and all the doggos everywhere! Still really wish the mouse was a crosshair rather than just constantly on screen so it didn't distract from the game and so clicking on the points was a little easier. This was the second game in my 3 Beautiful Games video, hope you enjoy! 

This game maybe hit too close to home for me. Anyway it was super good, really enjoyed it! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Super Awesome game! Wish my computer could fully handle it but I still can't wait to play more! Seriously, awesome job! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Fun, short little game. Feels like it got more difficult when I started playing properly. Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Gumgem community · Created a new topic Made a Video

Super cute but also super challenging! The randomized levels really add to that, some parts really making you have to think on how to get the darn spider stuck at the top without a lot to jump to to get him! Really like that there's contoller support, really helped to get my bearings and find out that the dash really is the only attck. Kinda wish it wasn't since it can be hard to control and threw myself into spikes a good number of times just to kill something. Maybe a third button for close combat hits would be good to even make some cool dash-punch combos. Still, it was super fun and I really enjoyed it! Hope you enjoy the video!

Super fun game! Unfortunately I had just woken up before playing it and my coffee hadn't really kicked in so I wasn't really fast enough for just how fast paced this game is, nor could I really figure out what to do next. Anyways, I loved the style, the gameplay is pretty hilarious. Maybe I might pick it up again when I'm having a good, energetic day. Here's my video, hope you enjoy! 

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Thanks for the email and sorry it took a while to make, but it's a pretty fun game! It's a little challenging with all the obstacles but not impossible! It ran really smooth, controls were good, and music was good! My only problem was I think it was level 2 or 3 where the crater you had to drive into was reading I was hitting things, probably in the back bumper, because of all the sharp angles, even though I was driving really slowly. But it was still a super fun game on a super serious subject. Here's the video, hope you enjoy! 

Edit: Wow, just an hour after sharing it, I just got a bunch of comments all at once calling me propoganda for playing a game about rescuing civilians in war. Sad times man

That was a beautiful game! Would love to see more to the game in the future or just more from you guys cause this game was just absolutely gorgeous! Animations, music, design, all beautiful, and control were tight! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Aquamarine community · Created a new topic Made a video

Really loving the style and what's in the game so far! Really looking forward to the future of this game because it has a lot of potential. Something that kind of bugs me though, and I hope is fixed later on, is that it's hard to tell where I can and can not go so a game grid would definitly benefit this game. I'd also like to see some biodiversity in the future. Having only one other kind of lifeform on this planet is a little boring in my opinion. Also maybe a short text tutorial at the beginning, just to let player know what they need to do/ what everything does would help this game out, cause even after about 15 minutes of gameplay, I still felt lost as to my objective and what my pod could do. There's probably a few other things that could be added that I talked about at the end of the video, but forgot when I went to write this. But it was still pretty fun and I enjoyed it a good bit. Hope you enjoy the video! 

I was so excited to play this game when I saw it, love these midnight scenes, and this one was a step above the previous one in my opinion! Story was super good, music was chilling, and that ending, wow! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Pretty fun, little game. Feel like it has some potential if you plan to keep updating and adding new features. Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Well... that was weird! Really enjoyed the game! Honestly, loved everything about it! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Really enjoyed this game! Besides some stuttering issues and crashing, which might be because of obs, not too sure, it was pretty fun. My only suggestion is that a game, even a demo, needs subtitles if there's voice acting. I know there's already going to be in the full game, but maybe the demo could get a little update to include them. Anyways, can't wait for the full version! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Even for what little is in the game so far, this is a pretty fun game! I'd love to see this expanded in the future! The only problem I see right now is the gun's prioities are a little weird, they'd rather get more scrap than keep the ship alive. Even when a ship starts to go by when they've already been firing at enemies, it'll switch to shooting the ships and ultimately kinda kills me. You can still kinda try to avoid it but it's still an annoying. Still a really fun game and I hope you enjoy the video! 

It's cute and it's got charm, and I really like the retro game music in the bg, and the idea that your only responce is a yes or no is pretty interesting, but there's not a lot to the game really. It definitly needs a bit more in it or if it's done with at least just put a "thanks for playing" when you hit the giant expance of nothingness at the end. Besides the cat, which who isn't going to pet that cat let's be honest, it didn't seem like the only other choice had any difference. Going back to there needs to be more in the game, this is in essense a game about choices, but there's really only 2 choices in the whole game, pet cat, or whatever I'm talking about with the couple. Not sure what the items are used for besides that bottle cap, since it seems like nothing else responds to them.

I'd really like to see the game expanded, and maybe even some sort of story. Made a video, I hope you enjoy! 

Ah lol, thought poor Jimmy was a pirate. Thanks for clearing things up!

I've been playing this game over the last few months and I absolutely love this game and I can't get enough of it! So excited for the full release! Hoping that double event bug, even though it's helped in the past when trying for resources, gets fixed by then. Mainly just writing this to give some ideas for the full release if these aren't already planned.

I'd love to see ship themes! Maybe even just different paint jobs. That'd be really cool and make the ship even more completely customizable!

Something I'm just kind of hoping will be in the final realease, is multiple save files. My boyfriend and I are down to just one computer and he's dying to play it to but I got to keep my save for recording.

I can't think of any other right now, but If I do I'll just edit them in.

It kinda saddens me to put the demo down and wait for the full release, but I'm just tired of restarting now. Here's my final video till the full release, hope you enjoy!  

Startup Panic community · Created a new topic Made a Video

I love these types of sims, and this one reminds me a lot of Game Dev Tycoon! This one looks really good, and has some good ideas, but once the tutorial is all over, it felt like I was doing everything wrong. I would take from my mistakes and try to apply them to do better next time, but still nothing going right. I've seen other peoples' comments saying balancing needs works, and I'd have to agree, as it seems like motivation may have been the drawing factor in underperforming at tasks, given those comments. Just because motivation might not be 100% shouldn't take away from the task. I like the way the Game Dev Tycoon did it (just as an example) that nothing was effected until it started reaching low, maybe once it was less than 50% but I can't remember it's been a long time since I played it. What I'm mostly concerned with, is that it's not exactly clear what is nessesary for a task. The projects I can understand, but it would be helpful if there was maybe a hint as to what should be most important. But for the freelance work, I feel like it should should maybe explain what is expected of the task, because, and just from my playthrough, it just saying it's a graphic design, or coding, isn't enough. Somewhere in how it's set up is setting me up for failure, because like I said, I tried taking what I'd learned and applying them to the next similar task, but it just didn't work. Do I need technology when making a minimalist design? Apparently yes, but also no? Anyways, I'm still gonna give it another shot, gonna try to recover from how much I've already put my little company under. Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Felt like I didn't really know what was happening half the time, and not too sure what was going through most of it. Fell like there should be an indicator of how much energy is required for each type of shield and also a way to gain back people/  train new people. Something I also think should be changed is how much energy shields use, rather than just draining over time, I feel like a one time cost would be best. Overall, I feel like it needs a little more work done. Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Wow, I really enjoyed this game! The style and all the effects are really well done! Can't wait for the full game! Hope you enjoy the video 

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Really loving the world, characters, everything so far and I definitly want to play the full game once I get through the demo portion! But maybe I'm just really not very good or it's kinda weirdly difficult even on just normal. Is there like some strategy I'm not really getting? Besides it feeling maybe to difficult, I only have like one real problem and that's healing moves and revives. Seems kinda weird that healing moves can't go first but revives do, and either can wind up just being a total waste of a turn. For heals, I feel like that should always go first, cause there were a couple instances where I chose to heal Eve but before it was the turn for the heal, she was killed so Klien just didn't do anything that round. As for revives, it should be impossible for an enemy to choose a fallen charcter as a target for that round. I went to revive Eve once but as soon as Eve got up, she was immidiatly knocked back down in the same turn, making it a complete waste of a turn and mana and then Klien didn't have enough for any other move. Other than that little problem, I'm still enjoying the game. I'll probably just wind up setting it to easy cause I really just want to enjoy the story without having to save before every little fight. Made a video, I hope you enjoy! 

To start off, this game looks beautiful! Contols feel really tight, and music and atmosphere are spot on, but I feel like I just had like an endless stream of bad luck with this game. For one, controls were never displayed when I started the game and I had to watch another person's video just to get them. Also not sure if it was a problem with the game or with my computer, but when I plugged in my ps controller like I saw the controlls were for, the games sound turned off and I had to reboot the game. Also, in my opinion, some of the puzzles need a little work, I don't think one's where you kinda are required to die to get it are very good. Like the one where there's the columns, I feel like if I jump over the straight jacket guy, I should be able to just redo the puzzle instead of immediately getting tied up and having to wait like 10 seconds to repawn to try again. Also respawning needs a fix, feels like it takes way too long. Lastly, pacing is just not great in some areas like where you're following the zombie, or waiting in line to get into the tent, they felt like they dragged on forever. I can tell a lot went into this game, it's got really great ideas and I'm still excited to play a full version, but I feel like improving those parts would really improve the overall game. Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

IMMURE community · Created a new topic Made a video!

What a fun spooky game! Honestly wasn't expecting such a good horror expirence from a side scroller, but this one did so good at everything! Super fun game, can't wait to see the full game! Hope you enjoy the video! 

That was fun and weird and I loved it. Wish there was maybe some better hiding spots, felt like I really only had maybe 2 or 3 good spots total. But also, why the hell am I the one in trouble when all the guys are breaking and entering into my home, I'm just trying to defend myself! Made  avideo, hope you enjoy! 

Really didn't realize how short this game was going to be, but it was still fun, colorful, and cute! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Kinda forgot to share my video here after posting it, but I finally have time to. First off, thanks for the free copy to check it out! I uh, didn't realize there was any autosaving happening, so I just ran threw the whole thing. I uh... not really sure how I felt about it? Not that it was bad, but probably it was just that this isn't a game that should be played all the way through in one sitting. It was just, a lot of reading, and that's not really my strong suit, and given how weird the font and the area around it is, it was pretty difficult to get through. It kinda just felt like it was really hooking me at the beginning, but to me that feels like where it peaked and after talking to that first girl it just gradually making me uninterested as it went on. The characters were pretty good with each their own distinct personality tho, so I really liked that. I hope you enjoy the video! 

Thanks for the email, and sorry it took so long to finally get to, but here it is! It's a really interesting story, pretty bizzare with how everyone is in T pose, but ultimately very heart warming and sad at the same time, and I loved the little robot narrator, except when he would block me in a corner accidently. Maybe making it so he doesn't follow so close could fix that. I'd also suggest subtitles and a volume control cause it was hard to hear him at times, either just cause he doesn't talk very loud or the music was just being pretty loud for a moment. Here's my video, I hope you enjoy!