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Pretty fun, but it feels very frustrating without being able to run since the butler goes way faster than the player. Either having less keys (cause while they're not hard to find, there is a larger amount than what you'ld see in other finder games), or having a run ability, or at least a short sprint, would make the game a lot less irritating in my opinion. Also had a bug right at the beginning where I spawned practically right next to him (which probably shouldn't be a thing able to happen) but when he caught me he was also just about to ask me a question and it displayed the text for both things and I couldn't read the options. And lastly the flashlight doesn't seem to be able to keep pace with the camera. I made a video trying to beat it but I got too frustrated and gave up after almost beating the game. Hope you enjoy! 

Huh, I never even saw anything show up. When did it appear?

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Very interesting game! Really enjoyed what is in there so far. Can't wait to play the full game! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Really good atmosphere! Had me spooked a bunch of times. Hope you enjoy the video! 

Pretty fun and interesting! I don't think I've ever played a game that had it where you choose what kinds of movements you can do in the puzzles! Made a video early this morning, hope you enjoy! 

This game was fantastic! Absolutely loved it! Hope you enjoy the video! 

I think what is to the game so far is good, but I would love to see more done with it. Maybe add a story to the world, or some sort of ending besides dying because after a good pile of bodies build up the game sort of looses it's charm. The different kind of monster were really well done and I liked how both twins had a monster they could only kill. Really well done, just wish there was more. I hope you enjoy the video! 

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Super cute and fun, although a bit short right now. Really loved the little puzzles and mechanics that force players to work together to finish puzzles. My boyfriend and I knocked it out in about 5 minutes so we had to play another game to make a video long enough so just the first part is about this game. Hope to see more out of this in the future and hope you enjoy the video! 

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A warning to anyone playing with mouse and keyboard, do not play this game in windowed as the mouse is not bound to the window and will fly out. Maybe it was just a bug I had but better safe than sorry.

Maybe this game is a lot more fun with co op, but for singleplayer, it feels very cumbersome. Also, it's kind of inconsistent in the way of swaping things out. One time when I tried to put away my torch to conserve it, it swapped to the extra torch I had instead, even when the button prompt said put away and not swap. Also putting away potions didn't work once and I wasn't able to switch to my gun without first throwing it but it had worked just about 5 minutes prior. And getting to that, I shouldn't have to ditch an item to swap to an item I already have, and maybe instead making a swap button, just use the mouse cursor like literally every other game that has ever existed. It would be better than having to use a key for that so you can both scroll up or down to allow more on the fly swapping rather than a single cycle button.

Other than all that, the rooms were very well designed and I enjoyed the little bit I played. Everything looks really good. Gonna try to give it another go soon with co op and hopefully it will be a lot less problems. I hope you enjoy the video!

Update: I did try to play co op, but once we tried to go to the second room, the game just went black screen.

Super fun game! Really enjoyed the lovecraftian vibe and the swarming mecanics. I do feel like the swarm can start getting a bit out of hand though, they like to just kinda go off on their own and get lost especially if there are multiple enemies. Had practically half my swarm get killed in my video because they went off to do their own thing off screen which was kinda frustrating. Never the less, love the game and can't wait to play the full version! Hope you enjoy the video! 

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It would be really great to play this game, the art style at the menu looks fantastic and the premise sounds really cool, but I can't get past the loading screen after starting a new game, it hust crashes every time. At first I thought maybe it was just some code to stop me from recording it because it crashed my recording program at the same time, but it even crashed while I didn't have that open. Hope it gets fixed soon.

Had a lot of fun with this one! Got me with them jump scares a good few times. Hope you enjoy the video! 

Forgot to post this yesterday, but I gave it a go. So far I feel like Streamer Kim is making some pretty bad choices and it's kinda creeping me out, but I'll keep going and see how this all goes. Hope you enjoy the video! 

Pretty fun game, but after the second floor it felt like things weren't working as well? Like it was harder to climb or go up the crane. I feel like maybe a controllable camera would really help this game out since the fixed camera doesn't allow you to see all around, along with a time or 2 where it zoomed in really close and I couldn't see anything at all, it was really annoying not being able to see why I was stuck behind a beam some times and how to move to get unstuck and not drop the beam I was carrying. Still really enjoyed the challenge, and I hope you enjoy the video! 

Had a lot of fun in the game once I got the bug to go away! Hope you enjoy the video! 

I think this was the most fun time I've ever had in a game, I loved every second of it! Made a video of me doing not great, hope you enjoy!

It's a pretty cool game! I really like the mechanics behind it and the style of the other dimention is amazing! Everything feels really well done! And the atmosphere was Fantastic! Good job! I only wish there was a little more horror to it. I kept expecting something to pop out at some point and was a little disappointed that never happened, not even something with just the environment. Hope you enjoy the video! 

Super fun game! Not much more to say, but I feel like sometimes there's a small collision issue when I hit a wall really fast. It's like a small bit somehow passed through the wall and gets stuck a little. Also if I happen to get just a small bit over the edge of something I can't go any further, which would make sense but there was a couple times where the tires were still visably touching the edge of the grave. Still had a blast though! Hope you enjoy the video! 

It was a pretty interesting story! I loved that as you went around the room the story changed. I would say the only thing that really needs a change is maybe after everything has been read the arrows should just show up. I was pretty confused at first but knew there had to be more than 3 minutes of content and went to watch someone elses playthrough to find out how to continue. Hope you enjoy the video! 

Of course! I'll add it to the description of the video right now

Super fun, even with single player, though I'm sure it's even more fun with friends! I honestly had a blast and my only negative reponce is that I'm just dissapointed no other characters are in the game but that didn't stop this game from being amazing! I hope you enjoy the video! 

Just got done playing and it's a ton of fun! Probably more fun with friends like it's more meant for but it's still fun in single player. The dialogue is definitly very fast and I wasn't able to keep up with any of it. I know I'm not the fastest reader but at time I only got in 3 words and the dialogue was already gone. Also I feel like the melee weapons, like the drill and the swords that I played around with should do more damage than the basic primary fire, it just kinda felt like i was doing about the same amount of damage against the grunt ships and that they should only take maybe 1 or 2 hits from those before they die. Felt like I was risking short range combat for very little pay off if none at all. Anyways, thanks for emailing me to check out your game, I had a blast. I hope you enjoy my video! 

Really enjoyed the game! It's honestly really well optimized too (coming from a couple games that weren't it was nice to see)! The shrinking mechanic is really well done and I love that you can actually gradually see yourself shrink! I only had 2 problems and that was I thought it was a little annoying that even when I hit under 2 feet, I can't open drawers, even thought one is still eye level and the other is still shorter than me. The other problem is that even after you wind up getting too small to really do anything I just wanted to see what would happened when I became too small and lost, but I think the shrinking slowed down a lot sometime  after I was under on foot and with how fast it was going by then it looked like it would have taken forever for that to happen, so maybe the slow down either shouldn't be there and you just continue to shrink at the same rate, or I think a speed up after you can't really do anything else, like at around 8 inches left maybe, and then suddenly you start shrink to micro level and cease to exist would be a fun way to lose. Anyways, really good job on the game! Hope you enjoy my video! 

I actually bought it like a couple days after I played the demo and finished it last week. I really loved the game and I was kinda upset to see it end! Here's the playlist incase you wanted to watch all of my playthrough https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDRY6Xh7DJoF1kTIY94C63sKfR2GtIBI0

It was short, but it was pretty fun! I did encounter a bug where I couldn't pick up an item but luckily it didn't stay when I restarted the game. Hope you enjoy the video! 

It's a really fun game! It's funny and really cute! My old problem is I think maybe the text goes to fast, I could normally just get through half of a sentence before it faded away, so unfortunately I didn't catch every joke. Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Personally, I feel like maybe we had it coming and I welcome our Plutonian demise. #plutoisaplanet

Super fun game! Had a great time playing it! Hope you enjoy the video! 

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I've been having trouble running the game and recording and this is like my 3rd try today, even when my specs are way above required, but I finally had an ok video come out since upgrading my gpu and I just really wanted to get a video made since I'd been waiting months to even be able to play this.  Performance problems asside, I love everything about the game. I love the style, mechanics, detail to the creation, it's all super well done! I only have a couple issues with the game, and that's I think you should be able to sleep whenever you want. I didn't even know I'd need to and I tried to sleep when it got too dark to see well, but it wouldn't let me until I had gotten tired while trying to explore, which made for a really annoyingly slow walk back home. The only other problem I have is maybe have some directions on how to make a shield somewhere like with the weapon schematics. I had to go look up the wiki to figure it out and I think it would just be best if you didn't have to leave the game to find out how to make one. I hope you enjoy the video and hopfully my computer will behave better during the next one. 

Really enjoyed the game! The puzzles were really well done and really made you think at times. The mechanics of things being different with the camera was so seemless and I really enjoye that. Like a lot of people I did have the audio issue, but restarting the game didn't help even after 3 times, but I got it to work by just moving the audio slider. I made a video, I hope you enjoy! 

Loving the game so far! It's keeping me on edge for most of it so far and atmosphere makes everyhting feel intense! I hope you enjoy the video! 

Just gave it a go. It's a pretty fun small game. The music was fitting, all of the art was amazing, and animations were really good! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Loving the game so far, it's a lot of fun. The music is really good so far. I've only had a couple problems with the game. Like the platforms that disappear after a while don't seem to be behaving correctly. Sometimes if I just get very close to landing, but don't actually land, it goes away. Another is maybe  a slight lag between jumping and the actual movement of it. Several times if I tried jumping at a last second spot, even tho the animation looked like it started, i'd still fall from the flipping platforms. Anyways I still had a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy the video! 

Thanks, I'll definitly be watching out for more of your games, and I saw your other games you already have on here and just by looking at the art and screenshots, they look really good! I'm really looking forward to playing those and your future games and I'll be sure to post a video for each one.

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The game is really fun! I really enjoyed the puzzles even though some were a pain, it was still a very fun game! The only issue I had was when I accidently got some glass in one of the boxes in the second puzzle, it wouldn't let me progress even though I had the puzzle correct and there was no way to get it out. Can't wait for the full game! Hope you enjoy the video! 

It was pretty fun, more towards the start, but it still kept me going. I would like to see the eating speed increased a little more with each level so it doesn't feel like the player is waiting very long for the stomach to get full enough to get a protein, it could also incease stress on the player to move faster between organs making it a little more of a challenge. made a video, hope you enjoy. 

Wow, this is amazing! The characters are so intriguing and honestly a lot more fun than I expected. I defintely want to buy the full game soon because I just really love this game! I made a video, I hope you enjoy! 

I had a lot of fun! It's a really good game, though I think maybe the basement is too big. Took forever to find the key. Other than that, everything was really good! The Krusty Krab looks just like from the show! Hope you enjoy the video! 

I am loving this game so far! The charcaters are delightful and the dialogue is pretty funny. Made a video, I hope you enjoy! 

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Really enjoyed the game! I love tactical rpg's like fire meblem and this one gives me so much nostalgia for the old gba versions! I don't have a lot of negatives for the game, I just think at some point you should tell the player what button to hit for the hit meter and how it works, because it feels very inconsistant right now. Like during my play through, some characters had the meter loop back while others did not. Also I hope to eventually see more classes, because at the moment I kinda take issue with one of them, like infantry beats cavalry? That kinda goes against the point of cavalry. But that's not a real big issue. I still loved the game and the style of everything! Can't wait to play the full game! I hope you enjoy the video! 

I've only played a little bit so far, but I'm loving this game! It's sad at first, but it feels like it gets back to being cute pretty quickly. Hope you enjoy the video!