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I loved everything about the game! The  graphics, the design, the music, everything is just amazing and so great! 

This was actually super fun to play, I hope you enjoy the video!

The game was really good despite a lack of background songs or much really any ambiant sounds other than the bell, doors, lights to fill in the void. Made a video, hope you like it

This game looks absolutely beautiful, the music is outstanding, and the gameplay is pretty fun so far, I can't wait to play some more tomorrow and I can't wait to see what more  could come to this game! 

It's been a while since I played a text adventure game, but this one made me want to play a lot more. Made a video, hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed your game

Honestly this game is a lot of fun. Infuriating fun, but still fun.

Really enjoyed the game! It's a ton of fun!

Looks super cute, super fun, but is actually super dark. I tried so hard but the world was just out to get me. I JUST WANTED TO BE A GOOD BEAR


Pretty great game! The randomness of it made some pretty funny moments!

Such a cool game! I love it, love the idea, andthe puzzles are amazing

It made me so freaking angry but for real tho, i loved it. Such a beautiful game and such a cool idea.

This game is freaking hilarious! I wanted to keep playing just to here all the different things the announcers would say

This game definitly got me! Can't wait for more!

Created a new topic Loved it! Made a video

Beautiful game. Would love to have a mobile version!