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Absolutely loved this game! So fun, fast paced, aesthetic was awesome, and music was great!

Noticed a couple bugs, mainly being being able to fly can be a benefit and can kill you, since you can't just move down from a platform.

I think there was only one other bug I noticed, and that was some of the smaller crawling enemies can just keep walking off a platform and stay at the same elevation, like they're flying. Not like a deadly bug like the not flying down from platforms, but still a weird one to see.

Made a video even though it says this demo's not the best for youtube, but I just couldn't wait anymore. Hope you enjoy! 

Absolutely loved this game! It was a great story start to finish! I got to play 2 of the endings and they were bittersweet but so good. Made a video, I hope you enjoy! 

Really enjoying the game, seems super fun! Liking all the characters and music is superb! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Really interesting and nice looking game! Loving the game so far but I ran out of time cause I died twice. Looking forward to finishing it soon! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

It seems like it's mostly there, just not quite. Some things are just kinda confusing, like the circles. It doesn't feel like they're actually tracking anything, when I hit them perfectly, they don't move sometimes, and other times they'll move when I'm nowhere close to them. There also seems to be a problem and continuous complaint that the character just wants to lean to the right. Not exactly sure what's up with that and when he winds up going fully verticle with the weights, it's nearly impossible to get him back up. Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

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Really fun game! I'm loving the humor in the game, not sure what the story is so far but I'm sure it'll be good based on the first section. Took maybe too long to solve the first puzzle, and could use some tweaking, but not bad. Made a video, I hope you enjoy!

Real fun music maker! I'd love to see a bigger game of this with levels like the painting one bringing different intruments in each level or even buying different instruments, something to do with that money you can earn. Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

There is no denying this is a super cute game, and I would have loved to keep going, but I noticed a few problems that just didn't make me want to keep going.

The music just kinda ends and having silence for a long while is not very good. Makes things a little boring. I noticed there are a few different songs that play but only on each different day. It'd be a real good idea just to have them all continue to the next song or just loop the song for the day.

It'd be nice to have some sort of guide in game to help out. I only found out right before posting this that you can play in night (well I was getting the idea that there was a night mode) but it's only every now and then and after 4 days I felt a little annoyed I couldn't get my night time ingredients. Ellie was also confusing at first, as there was nothing to say she was going to plant related to what I fed her.

One annoying bug that popped up was I wasn't able to drink my potions. I tried to drink the Triple Brew for it's bonus a few times. I tried a couple days back to back but it never got consumed and I didn't see it have any effect. 

Moreover, the most annoying thing was what the professor was ordering. Day after day he kept order multiples of potions I had no access to because either I couldn't access night mode for some dark water, or have enough money for a chicken or cow for milk, feathers, and eggs, because I'd maybe get one potion I was able to sell which isn't enough to by an animal, so I'd just be stuck in a loop of checking each morning for orders of potions I had no access to ingredents for, grabbing ingredients for potions he almost never seems to want, going to sleep, only to wake up again to orders for potions I can't make. I did get lucky with a couple potions being possible, but that didn't seem to be the norm from my experience. A good idea may be to limit that he can only order one of a particular potion  each day, making it more likely he'll want a possible to brew potion.

I hope some of these issues get resolved and I'll be looking out for an update to try the game again. Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Super cute game! Absolutely loved it! I only had one problem, when you're building something, it'd be nice if it didn't move you cause I wound up getting stuck next to a house, a tree, and mailbox and didn't know I could just move things yet, but luckily moving the mailbox teleported me away. Made a video, I hope you enjoy! 

Really fun, beautiful looking game! I only had time to play the first level because I wasn't quite getting how the energy economy was working (wasn't quite understanding that even if I have surplus, the surplus affects how fast things charge). Definitely going to be playing more of this game! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Saw Markilpier play this and it looked like fun and I wasn't disappointed. This game is a ton of fun! The puzzles and obstacles are really cool and trying to get around them can be a challenge but it feels pretty good! Made a video, hope you enjoy, and look out for more episodes soon!

Neat little game! I love the random puzzles and different functions each robot performs! I think some light background music would really help as it feels a lot of the game is silent when the robots weren't using their abilities. Also, just a gripe when it comes to recording, the game doesn't seem to like being recorded (with obs at least) for some reason when in full screen, and my first recording just turned into the menu screen frozen with all the game sounds still playing. Even just a whole screen capture was just a black screen. Finally found a way to record it but only in windowed mode which is in a fixed resolution that doesn't look as good as it did in full screen but at least still worked. Would like to see that either fixed in the full game, or at least an option to change the resolution to make it at least 1280x720 if not higher. Hope to play the full game once it's out and hope you enjoy the video! 

First off, thanks for the email and I'm sorry it took some time to get this video made.This game is super cute and a fun platformer! Definitly lots of fun and wanting to play more! Look for another video soon. Hope you enjoy the video! 

Really fun game! As someone that plays dnd, I loved how like my games it is (missing constantly lol)! I would absolutely love some added elements added like a town outside the farm where you can spend money you earn while killing enemies to spend on weapons, spells, potions, and train stats so you can get further per run, cause it kinda felt like I was only making it so far per run. Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Honestly, what an amazing looking game! The style is mesmerizing! It's really interesting and unique and I can't wait to play the other levels! Made a video of dying a few times before living, hope you enjoy! 

It's a fun game, and it looks good, but I would have thought after having this game sitting in my library for about half a year, it would have recieved at least one update to fix things but the same problems I'm having are the same I see in the comments from 100+ days ago. I saw it wasn't that optimized, but I didn't imagine even when I can run most games at pretty high settings it still slugs to halt most of the time. I hoped to at least set the graphics a little lower so things could load better but upon getting to the options, we couldn't escape let alone change a single thing, almost like it crashed. My friend also managed to drive straight through a building and off the map and I managed to drive through a ramp of stairs. Problems aside, it was still fun. Wish we could have kept going but it probably would have taken about an hour with how slow things started to get. Everything made a pretty funny video, hope you enjoy! 

Super cute game! Had a lot of fun! It was kinda difficult to find out where toppings were at first, so maybe add in a sign pointing up in the chocolate area for the gingerbread and cream so people know where to look would be a good idea. Hope you enjoy the video! 

Oops forgot to post here when I posted my video, but I had a lot of fun with this game! It's pretty fast paced and I wasn't able to beat the boss cause hoo boy is she fast! Still pretty fun though. Hope you enjoy the video! 

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Really fun little game, enjoyed it a lot! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Really fun, fast paced little game! Really enjoyed it! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Ah I did not notice it was part of a game jam so that's understandable!

I don't know what I expected... It was still pretty funny but wasn't prepared for how challenging it was! Hope you enjoy the video, and had a very merry christmas! 

Pretty fun christmas game! There's little problems here and there and could use a bit more polish as it kinda has a crashing problem. Still had fun though! Hope you enjoy the video and had a very merry Christmas! 

For what's there so far, it's pretty fun. I know it's in early alpha but I'ld love to play this again next year when there's more added. Hope you enjoy the video and had a very merry Christmas! 

Pretty fun game! I like the strategy and that you have to kinda plan around goals. Made a video, hope you enjoy! This game starts at around 6 minutes in. 

Pretty fun little game! There's a couple little bugs but honestly they just make the game a bit more fun! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Really enjoyed this game and the fight scene style brought back so many memories of playing the Megaman NT Warrior series. Can't wait to see what the future holds for this game! I know the devs already saw it (glad you guys enjoyed it), but for everyone else, hope you enjoy the video! 

I played this game months ago, but it's even funnier and more silly than I remember! The new graphics update looks amazing compared to it before. Hope the steam release goes well tomorrow! Hope guys enjoy the video! 

Pretty fun little game. I feel like it's a bit too much on rails as I can't seem to be able to prompt the conversation to make some kind of strategy, and could only talk when the game told me I should. Also clicking seems to be off? Like when I started to run low on an item it just wouldn't go if I clicked on it, like I had to find the sweet spot for the last itemto finally click. Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Another awesome game as always! Great job! Puzzles were great, and atmosphere was quite suspensful! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Super fun and awesome game! Can't wait to see what the future holds for it! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Really good game! Honestly gave me a bit of anxiety! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

That is honestly heartbreaking

Super pretty, super fun, but also a bit challenging game! I feel I came across a bug or something cause When I was asked to ally with the big dude, I had the same choice twice for question, so not sure if it's just a not choice or if it was a bug. Also the maze enemies were pretty buggy. They just continuously spawned and I even had one enemy spawn just a few pixels away from me. Also felt overwhelmed with te robot fight. felt a bit underpowered/ unprepared for such a difficult fight. Not sure if I was even hurting him or how close I was at killing him but maybe a health barfor him could help with that. Still enjoyable and I feel like there's lots of room for expanding this game and I look forward to seeing if there's any future plans for it! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Super cute and fun game! I didn't read the controls before hand and accidently restarted the game when I  went to check my inventory but definitly looking forward to more! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Pretty fun game! Graphics are really good, music is great. My only complaint is it's too short! Fell like with a game this pretty and fun, a 2 minute level is not enough. Would be awesome to see more levels and more enemies/obstacles and maybe even an obstacle course. Maybe a video, hope you enjoy! 

 Also sorry for breaking the game, but it led to a pretty funny moment right at the end. 

Super amazing and gorgeus game! Honestly such a cool concept! Couldn't really figure out how to interect with every piece but still enjoyed it none the less! This was the final game in my 3 Beautiful Games video, hope you enjoy! 

Another super gorgeus game! Loved the little points system and all the doggos everywhere! Still really wish the mouse was a crosshair rather than just constantly on screen so it didn't distract from the game and so clicking on the points was a little easier. This was the second game in my 3 Beautiful Games video, hope you enjoy! 

This game maybe hit too close to home for me. Anyway it was super good, really enjoyed it! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Super Awesome game! Wish my computer could fully handle it but I still can't wait to play more! Seriously, awesome job! Made a video, hope you enjoy!