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I gave it a shot, and at first I thought it was pretty good, a little challenge  that was still pretty fun, but once I got to the boss it felt like the difficulty was cranked to 11. I didn't realize until like and hour of playing later, that I was fighting him wrong, mainly cause I guess I probably assumed I wouldn't be able to climb the walls of inside a lab like i could a rock wall or a tree on the way getting there. I got some  little points that I think could make the game less rage inducing, and more fun and balanced (and maybe small bit more stream friendly for the download version). Sorry if it seemed I was being too critical, I was just very exhausted and the difficulty caught me by surprise, but I did actually enjoy the gameplay and the style. Overall, great job! I hope the video is at least helpful if not entertaining.

OOO I loved this so much! Reminded me so much of watching the twilight zone! The pixel style, the mystery, the puzzles, it's all so good! Made a video, hope you like it! 

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That was a really interesting game! I honestly really enjoyed it. 

The game is very interesting and I really love the idea, but I feel something is off with this game? Like several Times when I'd hit Y right before getting hit, it just wouldn't register, and maybe Limbo has maybe too much HP? After a little while it just kinda felt boring of doing the same rythmic thing over and over. Other than that, the music sounds amazing, the art style is beautiful, the charcter design is great,  and I can't wait to see what else this game can bring to the table.  Keep up the awesome work!

OH MY GOD!  THIS GAME IS TOO ADORABLE! I'm only a little in it, but I absolutely love it!  I can't wait to play more! I made a video, hope you enjoy it, and more to come. 

I absolutely love this game! I can't wait  for chapter 2 to learn more about this strange world! 

I thought the game was pretty good! I really liked the idea and the shop is pretty nice! The only problems i had was i didn't realize there were 2 different necks so i thought the game was just bugging for a while,  and having to put every single bill inside the register manually  is very, very  monotonous and almost makes me not even want to sell anything because of how annoying it is. I think either changing  it to  just dropping one  bill with all the money in it would be a good idea, or simpy just an automatic thing where it just goes to the register on its own would improve this part and the game as a whole. Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

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I loved the game! It was super fun, cool, and informative in a way! I tried to make a human... kinda towards the end of the video. Hope you enjoy!

The game was so cute! I absolutely loved it! 

I really enjoyed the game! My only complaint is that i think having maybe C rather than tab be to switch characters cause having to use tab is super awkward while having to also use Z and X.

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I really enjoyed the  alpha demo, and I can't wait to play the full demo in the future! Hope you enjoy the video! 

I loved the game, it was both deep, had a cute style, and was a very interesting take on something very serious.


I can't get it to start. It just opens the text box  and does nothing. I typed run or start hoping maybe that would get it going, but after i hit enter i waited for a bit then hit enter again and it just crashes

I loved everything about the game! The  graphics, the design, the music, everything is just amazing and so great! 

This was actually super fun to play, I hope you enjoy the video!

The game was really good despite a lack of background songs or much really any ambiant sounds other than the bell, doors, lights to fill in the void. Made a video, hope you like it

This game looks absolutely beautiful, the music is outstanding, and the gameplay is pretty fun so far, I can't wait to play some more tomorrow and I can't wait to see what more  could come to this game! 

It's been a while since I played a text adventure game, but this one made me want to play a lot more. Made a video, hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed your game

Honestly this game is a lot of fun. Infuriating fun, but still fun.

Really enjoyed the game! It's a ton of fun!

Looks super cute, super fun, but is actually super dark. I tried so hard but the world was just out to get me. I JUST WANTED TO BE A GOOD BEAR


Pretty great game! The randomness of it made some pretty funny moments!

Such a cool game! I love it, love the idea, andthe puzzles are amazing

It made me so freaking angry but for real tho, i loved it. Such a beautiful game and such a cool idea.

This game is freaking hilarious! I wanted to keep playing just to here all the different things the announcers would say

This game definitly got me! Can't wait for more!

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Beautiful game. Would love to have a mobile version!