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Random note, but since I couldn't find any other contact point I'll put it here, make sure to mark the zip as containing a windows game on itch, that way people usin the itch client can directly install your game there! :D (like i just tried to do, but I'll use the zip for now)

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Yo! You should mark your game as a windows build so people can get it through the itch client, might get a few more downloads that way too :D

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Random note, but you should mark the zip as a windows binary, this way people will be able to install it through the client, you'll get more players! (also it will show up in searches)


Forgot to mention, the Sprytile addon also has auto texture reload with it as an utility, but I got the extra addon anyways.

Good luck! :D

Looking forward to it!

This first one was a really good push for me to get back into drawing regularly, I'll be joining #2 for sure to keep the drawing thing up but also maybe try out some blender stuff :D

Thanks for the initiative!

Day after version, small adjustments:


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With the day after version:

wow, this is really coming together :D

Still seems like progress, good luck :D

devlog  is here:

Hahaha, quite a grim theme you've got going, sounds great :D
(also hadn't heard of Mundane Game Jam, sounds interesting!)

not to give you new things to learn which might be even more work, but I'd personally recommend looking at RealtimeCSG for level design, any time you're working in Unity it's a blessing to have a workflow that doesn't involve herding vertices (like with blender/probuilder):

good luck regardless :)

Also as far as things to draw goes, is a favourite of mine, gives you a new theme every day and you can always go look around at what people are posting/drawing, and you get an excuse to draw something, no need to commit to doing it every day or even to submit your work but the inspiration is pretty nice already :)

Plus it constrains you away from spending forever on things:

Do it!  :D

Hmm, I wouldn't say I have any very specific tutorial series or anything to follow (my path forward has been very haphazard),  but for general tips in how to deal with animation and pixel art as a whole, this collection of little tips and tricks is fantastic and gives you a little bit of a jump start, saint11's stuf was pretty great:


Cool, is the art your own here as well? I love the contrasting colours :D

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Aseprite! I whole-heartedly recommend it, honestly most of the mileage I get out of it personally is the colour palettes it comes with (and the ease of making your own) and the wonderful tools for shading and the like within-palette, makes pixel art a pleasure :D

thank you! i was actually quite hmm on this one, drawing food that actually looks like food is hard and shading things like this is a super weak point for me aaa

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If this looks slightly confused, it's because I'm trying to play against myself.. it's a bit hard, it's an old local 1-4 player game that I started a while back but never truly finished (needs some fleshing out with new powerup types and balancing and bugfixing, sounds, etc) as well as writing an AI so you can play it even without a friend on the same keyboard :)

Hope to make the final bit of progress this month and finally publish it so people can play it! :D

It's being made in LÖVE. (will be tweeting about dev here every day hopefully: @_profan)

I remember Aviary Attorney fondly, looking forward to this too, looks rad!

This is wonderful and all I can do is curse the time I will inevitably lose to this excellent game, thank you for making this!

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You might want to go check out the rooftop at the school if you haven't been there yet, the skip is generally just if you want to see what's there at first (at the end, but in hindsight the skip might have been a slightly poor idea), but playing through all of it the skip isn't necessary (if you hit all the events, you get to the evening still).

(also it's unclear,  but you can't enter your own house again after you leave right now, I should probably clarify that which I will with the next patch ^^)

Lovely to hear you enjoyed it!

Did you get to the other end at last or did it elude you? We realised shortly after finishing it up that the game doesn't guide you much at all to understanding exactly what's necessary to get there, so most if not everyone who jumps in the first time has the same experience of running headfirst into the wall unfortunately haha :I

Retire if you want to?? More like retire if you can!

I love the mechanics, as frustrating as they are!

Thanks a lot! That's probably enough for us to reproduce the issue ^^

Oh no! Another person reported running into a similar bug, under the same circumstances, hope to address it soon, thanks for letting me know! (if you feel up to it and can more precisely describe the exact circumstances, feel free to shoot me an email with a rough repro @

Thanks for playing still! :D

playing this made me realise why people might think you're preparing to leave this earth when one says they "want to get rid of all this useless stuff and be free".. mixed bag indeed

Thanks for playing! :D

I appreciate the bugreport as well, it's hard to squash everything before, even if we try to test a lot it's real easy to get stuck in patterns still (you can actually go faster when leaving an area for the overworld, each click/tap makes you go faster, but you only really find this out by randomly clicking, so it is a bit obtuse indeed)

Hey! Thanks for playing, it really is meant to be a mostly undirected experience but admittedly it could have been _slightly_ more directed, our main artist jammy will be glad to hear you enjoyed the style, it took some work to get it to where it is :D

Leave us a rating if you're feeling it! >:U

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Looks interesting, but couldn't work out the controls which really didn't seem to work at all with my PS3 controller under Linux, would have loved to have played it if it worked with either this controller or keyboard+mouse though :)

I quite liked it, even if there was no clear end condition  (was there?) With the way the fires went out after a certain amount of time, it was _very easy_ to get lost trying to find your way back to that one fire you forgot to light, some atmospheric music/sounds would have been really nice!

(nice work btw, as a first 3D thing)

I would love to see a sample of a real match played out in this, to understand it a bit more.

I like the idea though :D

Spookiest game in the jam easily, the atmosphere comes together really nicely!