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Only let your light die out when it's safe.
Submitted by Binary Shred (@BinaryShred), Ateune — 6 minutes, 10 seconds before the deadline
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Team Members
Aaron Teune (Vashsan278) - Art & Level Design
Jacob Smith (Binary Shred) - Programmer
Sarah Hsi (Nocturnal Adagio Music) - Music & Sound

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I love the style and the sound!


Looks gorgeous, and sound awesome. You said my game was trial and error to play... well this one felt like doom for me :D


I had a hard time at the beggining because I didn't read the instuctions, but the game explained itself so it wasn't that bad :P There's nothing bad to be said here I don't think the game has any issues.
I really liked it and I'll make sure to play it all the way through when I'll have some time.


Really like the concept, it would be nice to have the ability to conserve the light when it wasn't critical (control the radius). Art and music really compliment each other... I can not figure out the 4th level, if I ever do I will edit this if there is anything I missed. My favorite for music and sound so far and clearly a very talented team. Thanks for checking mine out.


The theme of the jam is pretty well represented in your game ! And the sound design fit well with the overall atmosphere ! Good job !

But there is some bug (I can leave the map for exemple, problem with colliders) that should be fixed later.

 About the level design, from the chasing ball, the game become a die and retry cause the LD is not clear enough (maybe it's was calculated) and the only objective become to stay alive and run away.


This is a pretty nice game with some good potential, but some fatal flaws really prevent it from reaching that next level.


+ Concept and theme is pretty tight. 

+ Core gameplay is overall fun: finding the buttons, using the pads, finding the door, getting chased by the org thing.

+ Art and sound is very well done. The lighting is super nice, especially how shadows cast themselves around corners as you move.


- Unclear final objective. Once you get to that room with the 4 like, dark pads(?) and the ball chasing you, it is really not clear at all what you are supposed to do. The only thing you are taught before you get to that room is to find buttons, use blue pads, and avoid the balls. But there were no pads or buttons, and the dark pads seemed to not do anything.

- Because of the above, and the fact that the game sent you back to the beginning when you died, it didn't feel worth it to me to try and figure out how to beat it, since it was annoying to have to run through the first part of the game all over again. Because of this, I never beat it (even tough I really wanted to).

- Once the light radius shrunk to a certain size, it was basically pointless to try and move since there was no way you could find your way around. So this resulted in, after a certain point, you would just sit there for a good 6 or 7 seconds while you waited for the light to refill itself. The light refilling automatically also completely removed the anxiety of trying to find the pads (but I get why you did it). I'm not sure exactly how, but some type of balancing would help with this.

- Super minor gripes: Collision was a little but janky around the edges, and the black sections of the floor made it seem like some textures didn't load.

But otherwise, very well done for a 72 hour project. I'd defiantly check out a redux version of this :)


Everything is used very effectively in this. I'm not sure if you need the activation button since you really only use it for the key tile trigger - which could just as easily be based on the player position (like the door is). If you keep it, I would say use it with the door too. It felt strange that I had to trigger the key, but not the door.

I played it about 5-6 times but really only made it to level 3 each time with limited light. I really enjoyed the level design and I think it does a great job of teaching while you play. I would just consider lengthening the overall light time or adding a few charging points. Right now I feel like it can be luck whether you run into a charge, a key, a door, or the stalkers.

Speaking of the stalkers: they terrified me. The music, the animation, the effects when they appear. All great stuff. This game's atmosphere is awesome. The moment when I first saw one I could feel my pulse race and then ease off when I made it through the door. That said, by level three the one that's there doesn't seem to leave you alone. Can you outrun them? Or hide? I didn't seem to be able to, but maybe I was just doing it wrong.

Anyway, seriously great job. Congratulations on submitting, thanks for playing mine, and good luck.


What a wonderful submission! All around beautiful. I really appreciated the Art, Music, and SFX. I also liked how the game play didn't hold your hand, and allowed for exploration / self discovery to some extent of how to progress. The lighting effect was also really well done, however, I found it led me to moving around somewhat stilted, as I would often wait for the light to recharge if it got too dim.


It was really hard and scary but you clearly put a lot into it. I would've made the chasers slower and show how much of the light battery is left to the player with a gauge. I keep dying at the first enemy, so I can't give a full review.


Spookiest game in the jam easily, the atmosphere comes together really nicely!


This is a solid game and I may have to actually change my pants. 8/10 would poo myself again. Seriously though, well done  :) I had no idea what the hell I was doing at first. But I think that's the point?


This was a great game!  Scared the crap out of me lol.  And the visuals are great.


Well done with everything, ++for soundtrack and sound fx.


Tried the browser version, while the game looks great, and the music and sounds are fantastic, for me it was laggy, and I found it lacking a tutorial and explanation. Although that is expected with game jam games. Keep up the good work.


Beautiful graphics and lighting!

I think I got through the wall at some point, it seems the light went off and I appeared on the other side O.o


We will be working on a redux version soon, but only after the voting period has ended to keep to the spirit of the game jam. :)


Great job with the mood of this game. There is a real tension with it and even though there is no text story there is like an implied story for this world. I really want to learn more about it.


really enjoyed playing the game, well done