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Badass game! The movement speed seemed a bit too fast for the game.

Amazing idea to make pong interesting. Only thing it needs balanced shop and upgrades + better controls.

This is a longplay game jam game, or I'm bad at it?

As a metal-head that music really tickled my pickle, but a tad too loud.

In 3 button game? Reverse W and S is nothing much in my opinion.

It seems rotation direction is reversed for both directions (like cars are driving always driving in reverse).

Idea is cool, but really needs some visual cue of cars front.

Thanks for letting me know. I'll do something with controls then. How is the N & M keys for you?

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Simple lerp function. If I remember correct, it's on each axis, since it doesn't take 2D vector. But as you see it is open source, go check it out.

Well, that was my first game I did with Godot and it was made for Trijam (3h jam). Collision works, but its weird and collides with offset. And source is there if you want to look closer.

This is demo of physics system for Defold game engine.

Yourself are not bad at twisting classic too. Really enjoyed the game.

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Walls are not the only thing you can use to force feed the snake. ;)

I hope you enjoyed the game after the revelation.

Neat work. I made something similar but to imitate NES Zelda -

Thanks for playing and suggestion!

Magic = mind blown :D

Great idea, but that random room filling can be so that there's nowhere to run.

You need to set resolution for your HTML5 game page. I see only part of the title.

This is like a magic to me!

Put animals diagonally? Didn't really get the game mechanics.

Congrats on first game jam!

Oh, so it's Godot! Use "Export Project" not "PCK/ZIP".
Always try html5 first - need to use GLES2 renderer (top-right corner you can switch) - if you want to make html5 and mobile games you need to use it. Drawback is that you have to use CPUparticles instead of ordinary and few small things you can learn by making html5 jam games and testing in browser. For html you need to name export index.html and ZIP all 5 files, then submit as html instead as downloadable.

For windows just use "Export project".

What is a pck? I don't have any software that recognizes it. If you have option to export html5 then always try to submit it, because it's more convenient for others to playtest. Often people skip downloadable submissions.

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That's stretched. too far. I doubt that in worst cases it's that bad and if it's true it's super rare. I have mild Protan colorblindness, a type of red-green color blindness. I've encountered problems only to distinguish SOME green shades.
It's less possible to encounter a colorblindness problems in pixel art because they use limited palettes - meaning difference between colors won't be subtle.

I don't see any difference from any 3rd person game where you control camera with mouse. Nothing difficult there.

Camera is the reason I keep falling off the platforms. It should be mouse controlled because camera keeps rotating on its own and redirects motion where it wasn't intended.

Not really fond of guessing initial speed and angle aspect of the game. 

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Good job!
Mouse sensitivity was a  bit too fast and I didn't noticed glass wall at first (I put the ball through it) :D

Pretty amazing idea for 3 hours!

Neat game. Bit frustrating which red thing was meant at the start because doors are red too.

If you want to continue development, try to make user experience better with buttons. It feels weird to keep moving the mouse. One idea would be to detach button while player is pressing it and keep it in place then return to its place when released.

You MotherF**ker, I just gave you your fricking  meat balls!

It's hard to guess which direction ball will be hit.

Game: Spawning more balls.
Me: WHUUUUUUT!!!!!???
It would be more fun if balls could collide themselves too.

You will will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.
Feels like you are some kind of Borg and red squares are fighting back. :D

Great idea. But in this kind of game I strongly feel that it need strength indicator to give player some kind of reference.

Initial idea is solid, but felt wonky playing it.
Taking off while turning eat up most of the fuel and didn't take off the planet.
Having gravity on the bullet didn't feel right because it's already hard to navigate the world. Sometimes camera kept rotating around it would be better to be locked to ships rotation.
Initially I thought I have ship team and I managed to kill each ship with suicide :D

As already mentioned it's easy to cheese the game by staying in one spot. Trigger jumping felt weird - sometimes I needed to double tap up/mouse left to jump. But I disliked the fact that I couldn't move with WASD.
Other than that good job and nice to see representative of Construct engine.

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I didn't want to make runner game because that's overdone. I chose skill based game approach. In this game you don't loose nothing but time :D

It' hard intensionaly and more fun by not playing safe.

What's problems do you have with colors? I have slight color blindness (the one on red color) but still didn't get in my way of playing it since I focus on shapes. I noticed one pallete having too close colors for solids and background.

Since several people mentioned color switch feels too drastic I have an Idea when I'll use this trick next time.

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Just for fun of it I trained my tongue to do fast clicking sounds. I'm glad you liked the pack.

Amazing submission! Gives some of that World of Warcraft vibe.