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I’m asking only about squish animation not how to trigger it. Can I achieve more flattening to one side as it’s squished to flat surface?

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Here’s a good example -


Sorry really new to JuiceFX and I’d like to make animation of sprite squishing against flat surface (walls, floor, ceiling). I don’t mean simple x scale or y scale.


I am speechless. I love the look and action feels solid.  I can't think how you pulled off that amazing faux 3D look and draw ordering management. Really makes me more pumped while learning Defold.

Well, text selecting won't work grate for mobiles, but idea is interesting.

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I got email on my phone (The free key is hidden in the GiveAway page... ) and opened link to GiveAway page - thanks to web code It loaded more than minute (and I have fast 4G mobile internet) - I see nothing different.
Overall I'm frustrated. Why it can't be random owner of GiveAway?

I imagined different fisting.

Thanks! That's another reason to get Everdrive.

Thanks for clarification. I'm just starting to get into NES game dev and heard BNROM couple of times. Where do you get them? InfinitNESlives show - COMING SOON development complete.

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I have programmer and cart from infiniteneslives NESmaker kit. I wonder can I run Lizard with it?

Please, read whole conversation, because guy had legit reason, only delivery wasn't the best.

Ahh, I hoped to see how you code it.

That's totally respectable thing but held behind curtains feels too shady. Although dunno if studios would browse packs on but I might be wrong.

Looking at this package sparked grate idea for game and game mechanics but since I was thrown off by that sentence I created most needed sprites myself but I still might get it.

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It is or not royalty free? Because of "For commercial use, contact me first, thanks." I'm not going to buy. If I'm buying something I wan't to be free to do with it whatever I want and not to follow some conditions. Otherwise I'd buy this pack in blink of an eye.

Looks gorgeous, and sound awesome. You said my game was trial and error to play... well this one felt like doom for me :D

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Nailed it! My weak spot is 8-bit and pixel art games (especially NES aesthetics).

As others have said, game lacks interaction with environment. Overall it was nice, but seeing that it was not your first game I was expecting bit more.

Well played, sex theme within PG-13.

Of course I'll check it!

Thank you! I tried what I could for very first game ever I made. Not really proud on music, but time was limited for it.

Thanks for playing!
It is supposed to be trial and error. Have you played Hotline Miami series, because I wanted to capture that intense feeling roller coaster (stress, fear, anger) and no delay on it - just respawn to get into it.

Only gripe I have is that it's TOO similar to Wasteland Kings/ Nuclear Throne (same tiling and even portal after beaten enemies). It IS executed perfectly amazing and jam theme is strong with this game.

Thanks you for playing! There wasn't really a collision problem I can think of. My playtesting friend also said so and in the end it was was intended as road from previous maze he thought had problems with collision. So that means I have to figure out some visual cue to players to understand that.

Well, level 4 is impossible. Only 2 places to put defenders and don't matter what put where everything gets killed by archers.

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Of course! we are going all in this and continuing development on our game to get it to the level we are satisfied with it.

BTW you got highest rating from me  I have given in this JAM.

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Still you are BOSS in my book, because you had guts to venture into The Maze.

I'm continuing development on this game, first this is essentials - menu and resolution setup . After that I and my girlfriend have plans for expanding this game with more content in as soon as possible. This is our very fist game we actually made so we are doing as much as possible to gain knowledge and skills for future projects.

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Thank you! I must say traps here are less than they appear - I put then in spots people will tend to go. My friend was surprised when I showed him screenshot with layout. Plus I put some to punish "dumb" decision to go into dead end when it's visible it's a dead end.

Well damn, it's not even fair competition against you! Well played.

I sense high Pokemon influence here. I'd suggest to have option to switch while moving, because I couldn't attack with triangle one to other than triangle enemies.

Restricting game just to controller is bad idea. I'm not voting  since I couldn't play.

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Couldn't play since all I could is running around and you need audio_stop_sound() to kill music when restarting.

Also read submission rules - use archive instead of installation.

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Not rating this for a while. And please read submission rules - use archive and not installation.

action number 1
of  Step Event1
for object obj_Interface:

trying to index a variable which is not an array
at gml_Object_obj_Interface_Step_1

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I wish scarcity theme was stronger. I just accidentallynoticed that bullets are limited after mindlessly spraying them.

Nice, I even got bit scared to get out of hiding spot! Bit jelly because I couldn't get vision range to work like your so I did it ghetto way.


Well it was intended to be like that, hence no respawn limit with game reset but a quick respawn to jump right into next try.

Nonetheless thanks for comment and I'll check your game.

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I started the game on fullscreen and when I wanted to quit I couldn't minimize or alt+F4. 

But I liked idea of duality and visually I liked it.

Everything goes according to plans.