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Thanks! You were right, my DualShock4 was connected.

:( I couldn't play it because of this camera bug.

Maybe gravy?

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That’s the thing, you are supposed to be always in combat. I just finished all core functionalities for a proper game loop. I hope to get the spawning and enemies pushing the player to the edge. Everything is changing until the Trijam stream.

Very easily stuck into walls or floor. And I almost gave up I found out there was a door into another section (after falling off the map several times already). Pleasantly surprised by the amount of content.

The only juice from the theme I can see is some particle effects.

The race was rigged. My car wasn’t capable to catch up to other cars.

I wish it was in English too, but I tried Chrome browser to translate the page and it was pretty good.

It always opens on the main screen. Tried to move with Win+direction, doesn’t move. But looks like minimizing is breaking it (with win+down).

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Love the idea, but the second screen says - Hi!

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I’m doing some render testing with 3D and I couldn’t solve the problem that the 3D model gets clipped. Intuitively the checkered background looks like the area that will be rendered. Here’s everything to replicate - LINK

On one occasion it kept going further away from the center as I kept trying to center everything, and in the end, I either could see the character and have a blank render or see the character only when in a sprite sheet. Sadly I dunno how I got that.

Eventually, I redid the project from scratch and could export. It is a bit unclear where the region gets rendered when messing with canvas position and size. Ah, I found that auto resize on canvas was the culprit.

Thank you! I wish I could understand the language but I liked what I could intuitively understand. I’ll make a tutorial in video format for it to show how I’m using color palettes for games.

Please, add some screenshots.

I agree, I wanted to have some pickups and enemy variation too, but Rust language is really hard even coming with knowledge of C/C++/C# and I had to make game systems that are there.

It really misses sound effects

Dark as fudge! Walking feels like on ice, probably low acceleration or deacceleration value. Some crosshairs would help to aim and seemed like I have to aim at the enemy’s crotch to be able to hit them. I ran out of ammo pretty fast. And I found a way to cheese using the R button :D

The game seems as if it should have a top-down collision (just walls & enemies) but damage often comes from colliding with the floor. Also in this style of environment traversing, my suggestion would be to use steering/turning movement instead of strafing left/right.

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I got errors of missing DLLs - libgcc_s_seh-1.dll, libstdc++-6.dll, libwinpthread-1.dll First time seeing these as EXE dependencies, maybe there’s a way to make them statically built-in. I look into the problem and seems you are using MingW and either giving these DLLs with EXE or building using “–static” linker flag to the compiler.

Oh, that would be interesting to see.

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I’m going through a couple of chapters in a day through Rust learning materials and I’m preparing to use Emerald Engine EDIT: Due to the speed of learning Rust, I’m changing to Castle game engine

Better tileset than most non-prototype tilesets.

Thanks! What’s the name of your channel?

It’s in.

It was made as a tool to generate textures for shaders. I see that it could be used for recoloring although there are better tools for that. I use Aseprite or Libresprite for that. But I’ll put that feature in fairly soon.

Yes, that’s the palette look-up texture. It is for a simpler & faster palette-changing shader. Horizontally are laid out colors the gray value is pointing to. Vertically you can change the active palette. I don’t know about Unity shaders, soon I might be able to create an example for it. Meanwhile, I have provided a link to example projects in the description for GameMaker2 and Godot.


Basic idea is that gray texture is a horizontal lookup value for palette texture. I usually give little offset because the value is right on the border between colors, maybe that’s the problem. The offset I use is -1/colorcount*0.5 to be in the middle of the palette color. Then add a vertical offset to choose the palette row on the palette texture.

It works great but seems over-engineered a bit.

I am using Chrome. Now it works. Dunno, what happened then.

Looks like your demo doesn’t capture inputs other than the mouse.

I’m pretty sure I swiped left on black mesa game idea, and got the end screen?

Always have a mechanism that at least restarts the level and if it’s a standalone game going automatically fullscreen have a game exiting option. I’ve noticed these errors on many Unity jam games.

Clever use of theme. Not a fan of the mechanism - projectile vs projectile.

Same as for others, I’d like to have saved spring positions and an initial indication of how to move springs.

At first, I had doubts that it was possible, but I did it. It was a cool challenge.

Super nice game. It would be awesome to have some retro music and sound effects. I died mostly from falls :D

What you made me do! But I beat the game!

It’s almost as addictive as the original Flappy bird. Almost because it’s a bit too easy, it lacks the frustration part :D