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Eclipse Generations

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I love this game, the corgi is so cute!  Nice work.

I agree with everything Binary Shred said!  I had the exact same experience.

Its an awesome idea though.  Polish it up and publish it again, I'd play it!

I had fun playing this with my little brother!

I like the music and style.  Gameplay is simple but it works.  My only issues are (1) It's kind of hard to tell where the cannon will fire and (2) its easy to go outside the confines of the lake with your ship if you hang around the shrinking border long enough.

Man, this game was unforgiving.  I died pretty much every time after the first wave... It was awesome though!  Love the art style and music.

I would have liked some controls though.  I died about 10 times before I realized that the only keys usable were the arrow keys.  

This was me during the game jam.

Fun game!  I didn't quite get it at first, until after I played the first minigame.  I think having more variety in tasks would make it more interesting, though.  I love the music too!

I loved the Wii Play tanks game, and this one is amazing too!  Was it inspired by it?

One of my favorites so far.  Completed all 25 levels and got 10:22:72 as my time.

This was a great game!  Scared the crap out of me lol.  And the visuals are great.

You said everything I was going to say!  I couldn't get past the second level due to difficulty.  The hit detection was unforgivable lol.  The upside was that deaths were instantaneous so you could jump right back into the action.

I was so invested! 

Until I died in a totally plausible way somehow.  :(  I like the idea though.  

man that game over screen is disturbing lol.

but I like your game!

Lol I love this game!  It's hilarious.

(1 edit)

That was adorable!  A simple game with a great message.

As a user interface preference, I got really confused at the order of WASD.  Maybe if it was presented like

"  W


instead of "WASD" in a row, if you get what I'm saying.  Or maybe I'm just bad at rhythm games lol.  Nice job!

My little siblings and I loved your game!  We all eventually beat it and loved the simplicity of it.

Yeah, I tried to do a "show don't tell" aspect with color schemes and having a lone asteroid float towards you, and having only asteroids to start out to demonstrate the mechanic.  Looks like I have some revising to do.  Thank you for your input!

Yeah, I totally get that lol.  I realized how crazy the difficulty curve got after a few hundred points, and I'm going back and fixing it.  I plan to work on this game and put in different levels, and a way to eventually "win" the game instead of just going until you die.

Thanks for playing by the way!  What did you mean by shooting delay though?  Like, a timed delay in button press to laser fire?

That's right!  Though I still don't know what the solution is haha.

It's true, what they say -- its the journey, not the destination.  I was panicking a few minutes ago, but holy shit, I made a game!  I'm so proud of myself that I finally did it, I don't even think I could sleep after two all-nighters in a row.   I just want to play everyone's games!

Yup, same thing happened to me.

I was submitting my game here and it said "You don't have any games, upload one now!"  So I followed the instructions and I did.  Then I tried searching for it and couldn't find it in my feed, collections, or wherever I'm supposed to look.

Then I tried submitting it to the jam, and it said "you already submitted this game" and wouldn't let me do it.  Then the hour passed lol..

Oh well.  Here's my game too!