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challenge underwater game for the heartJam
Submitted by Heavy sheep games, didigameboy (@DidiGameBoy) — 6 minutes, 59 seconds before the deadline

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Too many SFX was going on all at once, combined with music which suited a rave more than an underwater adventure I had to just turned down the audio. Everything has a nice look though, controls are a bit hard to grasp, it just feels a bit too restrictive.


Great game but dificult to control.


A really fast game with great art, visuals and sound. However the controls are a bit difficult, with the game auto-applying gravity if you haven't pressed space after so long, which is not conducive to the precision platforming when trying to grab gold coins a pixel away from rotating spike traps.

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Thank you so much for playing our game, we apreciate your feedback, today a post jam version will be updated with a better platforming control, stay tunned for more :)

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I really enjoyed the art and music! I'm jamming out to the music right now! 

However, I think you made one mistake (albeit an easy to fix one if you choose to do so): The hit detection. I know some people have commented about it already, so instead of critiquing it harshly, let me give you a tip about hit detection. ALWAYS make enemy hitboxes SMALLER than their sprite. Often times 2-3 pixels in on each side works wonders. This is because the player will often times be making close calls, and with how the human mind works and such, many hits will seem quite unfair, even if they are realistic. As a game developer, always remember to develop the game with the user in mind. Don't be afraid of feedback, even if it's very harsh. :)

I really enjoyed your game, and I'd love love love to see a full verison, with the problems fixed and many more levels :D

~ Adam "PixelDough" Worrell, from the Duck Jam team


Thank you so much for playing our game, loved your feedback, we took a break time and we apreciate your feedback, today I'll upload a post jam version since the voting ended, we'll remember this about the hitboxes and stay tuned for more levels in this game soon.


Nice graphics. Gameplay was very hard though. Hit detection felt a bit too strict and movement felt a bit off. 


You said everything I was going to say!  I couldn't get past the second level due to difficulty.  The hit detection was unforgivable lol.  The upside was that deaths were instantaneous so you could jump right back into the action.


Hi, thanks for playing our game, yes the movement are so hard to control, we fixed it and we'll upload the post jam version today. Stay tuned for more