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This is my entry for the Heart Jam!
Submitted by absurd_maxim

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Just myself!

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Sprites were nicely drawn, but the gameplay itself was pretty easy. The asteroids took a tiny number of shots to destroy and collecting one piece of energy completely restores it, I think the reward is way too large for the effort needed. Plus the entire screen being covered in a single solid colour when that happens really wasn't needed.


This is great! Your art was spot on. I especially loved the "energy" sprite. It was also fun to play, and I enjoyed how the difficulty really ramps on you. Enjoyed reading your write up on it after I played it, as I definitely ended up crashing into asteroids for energy near the end, haha. Also liked the sound effects, and the little theme that plays right when you open the game, nice touch!


Really good game, especially for your first. The pixel art was very good, and subtle features such as a screen-shake and light flashes really enhanced the experience. It fits the theme well and is fun to play. Good job!


I like the thoughtful choice of using wasd or arrows and space or mouse click so I could pick what was most comfortable to me. I saw that you're going to add levels too, which will make it even more fun. And congratulations on your first game and your first jam!!


The game starts really slowly (as in at the start it's really boring) and gets hard a little too quickly, but the idea is defenetly good. With some tweaking (shooting delay and a bit balanced gameplay) it could be perfect.


Yeah, I totally get that lol.  I realized how crazy the difficulty curve got after a few hundred points, and I'm going back and fixing it.  I plan to work on this game and put in different levels, and a way to eventually "win" the game instead of just going until you die.

Thanks for playing by the way!  What did you mean by shooting delay though?  Like, a timed delay in button press to laser fire?


By delay I meant a time constraint, like you have to wait 0.2 seconds before the next bullet fires, so it will be still relatively fast, but not potentially game breaking fast. Oh and while you're at it, instead of pressing the button how about keping it pressed for firing? These two together should give a confortable feeling for shooting.

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I wish scarcity theme was stronger. I just accidentallynoticed that bullets are limited after mindlessly spraying them.


Yeah, I tried to do a "show don't tell" aspect with color schemes and having a lone asteroid float towards you, and having only asteroids to start out to demonstrate the mechanic.  Looks like I have some revising to do.  Thank you for your input!