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Thank you for playing!

Awesome take on the theme! I agree that more mini-games would be awesome, but you got a really great idea here and you completed the jam (!!!), so I hope you come back to this 

I think between my weird layout for the WASD keys, and then getting so used to playing it myself that I kept tweaking the speed the letters fell to make it more challenging really did unbalance it. Thank you for your feedback and playing my little game!

Really fun and so challenging. Just a great card game mechanic. I saw your previous comment that you may implement a full deck of abilities, and that sounds amazing.

So stylish with a great and unique take on the theme

Oh gosh! And I'm using gamemaker studio, so I know exactly what is my brainfart with the mouse. Thank you for catching that c:

And thank you for your encouragement and playing my little game. The feedback is invaluable, and it inspires me to be more ambitious

Thank you for playing and the feedback! I think some kind of player feedback for win/lose state is definitely needed

I like the thoughtful choice of using wasd or arrows and space or mouse click so I could pick what was most comfortable to me. I saw that you're going to add levels too, which will make it even more fun. And congratulations on your first game and your first jam!!

That's an excellent suggestion, and I agree! Like with the W being all the way over to the left on the screen, it feels like you should use your ring finger to hit the left most key, but that would be hitting the A key. The visual feedback with the physical action of hitting the keys really are at odds with each other with the straight line I set them up in. Or I should have done ASDF keys to fit the straight line. Thank you for the great feedback!

Thank you so much for taking the time to play and comment! This was a great game jam, and the deadline forced me out of my malaise to create something that is complete-ish. I had never made anything like the mini-games, and, while they are simple, I think I will take them with me into future projects

It definitely needs music and more mini games! I tried doing everything myself, and the 8-bit music I was making... well, the silence is an improvement, haha! In the future, I think I want the 'consequences' for winning and losing to be funny animations. Like, if you lose the first game, there's a gif of a cat pushing you out of the bed. Or if you win, you're cuddling the cat and he's perturbed or something. So much to consider, so thank you for playing and even testing the mini-games to see what they would do and giving me your impression!

This is a really fun mechanic! I didn't have a controller for second player, but I still managed to kill myself a couple of times, haha.

Aw, congrats on your new pet and friend! Charlie is a mixture of my two cats, Pocket and Wally. I didn't want to play favorites with the name ;D Thank you for giving my little game a chance!

My husband said the exact same thing! I'm so used to using WASD, I think if I use this mini-game in the future, I should make both options available. Thank you so much for playing and giving me feedback

So stylish and fun! One of my favorites in the Heart Jam

The jumping in the store was so challenging, but I could not give up until I got to the win screen! Great 1 bit graphics, and I wish driving in rush hour was as fun as this game.

I came back to play this one a couple of times! Oooo those crabs...>:c

Thank you so much for playing!

The attack is great! So is the little arrow to point me towards items that spawn