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Slightly OverbuiltView game page

Small area city management game.
Submitted by Jammed Game — 1 hour, 46 minutes before the deadline
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Team Members
Filip Abramović, Žarko Goronja, Filip Radulović, Suzana Mialdinov, Miloš Manojlović.

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So stylish with a great and unique take on the theme


Super zen and only slightly infuriating. I love the aesthetic. But I'd have to agree with everyone else in the comments that a rotate button would be great


This is a really really cool concept, great job. The music is perfect for this game.


Game is updated with bugfixes for floor issue, font scaling. Also touch support is fixed.


Amazing concept, smart use of theme. I'd say audio could have a little more to it but puzzle games like these don't need them. Visuals were done really well, only problem is that it was a bit hard determining what exact shape some pieces had before placing them down, so a small little icon next to them with a top-down view of their shaped would've really helped.


Nice graphics, and the music is very pleasant, the game is very relaxing.

As others have said, adding a rotate button will be great.

Good job :)


Cool concept, I like how it ties into the theme. 

Around floor 30 though I started experiencing severe performance issues, so I didn't finish the game :( 


Sorry to hear about problems. What were the issues you encountered?


It didn't want to switch floors, and I had trouble with selecting/placing the blocks. The game is still cool though :) 


Should be fixed now :)


Thanks for all the feedback!

Zoom and rotation were intended, but impossible to achieve within time frame. We hope to add those and some more features sometime later. As for the bugs and confusing buildings we'll make sure to fix those later.

Submitted (2 edits)

Nice graphics and a very smooth and relaxing feel.

I really like the building visuals, but it is sometimes hard to understand their shape. Especially the ones which have some kind of platform in front of them with some sticks: since these sticks more or less align with the edges of the building I always think that the platform is below the building, and not in front. 

I agree that both being able to rotate  the buildings and zoom out to see the tower would be nice features.

Bug report: when selecting the building type, the incorrect building (or often none, at least from withing the visible ones) gets highlighted.


Music is really great!

It would be great to have the possibility to rotate the buildings ! Nice job you made !


Nice game, I enjoyed the pace and the graphics, very relaxing.

Would be cool to have the ability to zoom out and see the full tower, maybe it's there but i couldn't find it?