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Thank you for the feedback! Still got to check what's up with that solution registration bug. A rewind button  is a good idea indeed, maybe I'll get to add it  :) 

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All you have to do is transcribing a sequence of letters and/or digits that is given to you.


Just remember that you can't always see everything.

Interact with the environment to reveal the true sequence hiding in the picture.

Check it out at!

This game is an improved and expanded version of my entry for the 2nd Alakajam! 

Cool! Thanks for the explanation.

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This is nice. The simple visuals are elegant and the bouncy effect looks quite impressive, even if crude. May I ask how did you do it? It's still quite buggy around platforms though. The slime acquires strange shapes when falling of the edge or falling from very high, and once even got stuck in a thin platform, as I didn't jump high enough and part of it was already above the platform. Good that you implemented the respawn feature :)! 

Wonderful art!

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That's strange... when I tested it (also in the browser version),  just clicking space (while holding the down arrow) produces a short shot. Which build did you play? I know that movement problems can occur if the downloadable versions are played with the graphics quality in a low setting.

Hi, thanks for the feedback! Sorry to hear you got stuck. Depending of how long you press space you can control the distance of the shot; if you release space almost immediately you can produce short shots of varying distances and thus cover a good area on the other side of the hole.

Interesting concept. Love the visuals and the face animation. Would like to see where this goes!

Thanks! :) You're right, it wasn't meant to be fun, more like some sort of emotional experience /something to encourage reflection, and I'm glad it has struck a cord with so many people. I will maybe decrease the voice volume in a future version then.

Thank you for the feedback!  

In principle it should be possible getting the bag on the couch just by standing in front of it, but you're right that the pathing is not the best - Alexa simply moves in a straight line until the target point, stopping if there's an obstacle, so one must "manually" turn around the obstacles. Hopefully I will improve this in a future version.

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Very engaging, and very interesting interpretation of the theme! It would be nice if there was some more detailed explanation of the goal and mechanics. After some tries I think I have understood most things, but many details of the wind and movement mechanic are still not clear to me, and I don't understand what happens once I get to an island (get cards? which cards?). Anyway I'll definitely play some more and try to get to the end.

Love the audio instructions! The music has just the right vibe and I the graphics look really nice (except for the ground tiles, which don't match the style of the remaining sprites).  Hope you get to implement a goal/game over screen.

I quite enjoyed the style and concept. I found the music somewhat annoying though. My suggestion for improvement would be giving the player the possibility of gaining time, either by having a single timer with possibility of adding time bonuses, or by having separate sections with independent timers (or both). 

The graphics are generally very nice, especially the little characters! I wandered around for a bit and fought some creatures but wasn't sure what's the goal. My biggest complaint would be the trees - initially I was wandering why does the player get behind the weird green tiles and only later figured out they were part of the trees. Visually it looks a bit weird, and more importantly it makes figuring out to which tiles one can move confusing, besides hiding creatures and items.

Nice puzzle game. I really appreciated the care taken into a functional user interface: clear instructions, level select, visual connection between buttons and the affected door, different colors for different types of buttons.  That being said, here are a couple of suggestions for further improvement:

- having the clickable elements get highlighted when the mouse hovers over them, so that it is clear what is clickable and what is not. 

- keeping visible the connection from a button to a disabled door (e.g. having a full line if the connection is active and a dashed line if it's not or something like that).  This is particularly important if the door is disabled at the start of the level.

- there is also a bug with the level select, clicking on level 9 loads the end game screen and not the beginning of level 9.

I enjoyed discovering the different mechanics and how varied they were. I particularly liked the moving arrows. My least favorite were the purple buttons. Unlike the other elements I felt it was not clear how exactly they work and they felt somewhat arbitrary (or maybe I'm just missing something obvious?). Particularly the ones in the last level were very confusing, there were too many connections and I didn't really feel like tracking them all and which were toggled on/off with which button.

Nice idea and graphics, but with only two defense positions and two available items there's not much the player can do, and as already pointed out level 4 seems simply impossible.

Bug report: once when I lost in level 4, instead of going to the game over screen the game continued counting negative remaining hits and remained in the main scene.

Uou, thank you for the feedback! I'm really glad that the game accomplishes its goal of reaching the player emotionally, even if there's still a lot of details to improve.

Uou, thank you for the nice words! I'm really glad that the game manages to convey the emotion I had imagined, even in spite of some technical flaws.

Glad you liked it, and thank you for the nice words! You're totally right about the pathing and the effects. It was the  first time I implemented this sort of pathing / switching between being in front and behind of an object, and only after the jam did I realize that I had probably overly complicated things and followed a totally wrong approach. I would  also have liked to have added more special objects to interact with, but only had time  for two. Definitely improving these things in the post jam version!

Glad you liked the music choice! There's no need to move things out of the way to move; just click outside of the circle (inside = interact, outside = move). It's true that this might be a bit confusing and it's hard to adjust the position precisely, so not sure if this is the best system. There is definitely some food scattered around, plus two special items. Not sure if the time amount is enough to explore around properly though. I will have to adjust these things in a post jam version :)

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Current record: 114. Yay!  Very engaging.  The potion effects are interesting and flavorful, and the scarcity factor is really the core of the game, as each resource is invaluable and there's no room for messing up one single time. It's probably stretched a little bit too much though, and also relying too much on chance: too often it happens that I feel there's just nothing I could do, because the game simply didn't give me a single ingredient. I also agree that the mechanic for resource generation  should be better signaled; at first for example I thought it had to do with that bar on top, and only after reading your comment did I understand it was about killing enemies.

I quite liked how the character looked, especially the facial expression. Also the music and the setting really transmitted the right feel. That being said, here are some issues I found / suggestions for improvement:

- I didn't understand very well how collecting the herbs is supposed to work. In the beginning there's an indication of X for herb, I thought it was the key to collect the herbs, but they just disappear when I go over them, so are they picked automatically? There's no counter indicating how many herbs we collected so far. So what is the X for?

- There's some issue with the character movement, sometimes it becomes jittery and slow for a bit. 

- In a more polished version it would be nice having extra player animations for walking down/up.

- Sometimes the character plays the attack animation without the player having pressed the attack key, which is kind of confusing.

- The music stops playing after a while, I don't know if that's intentional?

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I find the concept of having to  somehow gradually earn the pixels of the game very interesting!  But in its current form the constant space pressing is indeed too tedious... Moreover I had some issues with weird collisions where no object is depicted.

I really enjoyed this! (Currently in level 7 and with like infinite deaths). The music is a great fit, and combined with the elasticity and speed of the jumps , and freedom of movement in the air, it conveys a great vibe.

It's true that since one cannot see where to jump, the game basically forces the player to die in the beginning, but I didn't even mind it, dying is not very punishing and flows well with the pace of the game.

I liked the dark humor. Unfortunately when running the game (in windows) the window did not display correctly, it appeared partially off screen.

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The idea of controlling a flying witch is fun, but I found the constant clicking to move tiring, maybe keyboard control would me more pleasant? From a game play perspective, the first version is not very interesting. Your post jam version however adds a lot of the flavour and life that was missing; while it still doesn't feel particularly challenging, I  loved the witch laughter and the noisy frogs jumping away whenever the witch comes close.

On the other hand I can't really see the connection to the theme as the frogs seem to abound.

Nice idea, but I got stuck in level 4, don't know if I'm missing something... There is one main issue with the game play, namely the fact that one always has to wait  a significant amount of time between movement steps, which makes moving very cumbersome. Also, it would be nice if there was an indication of where and when the holes will appear.

I quite enjoyed this game. I particularly liked the  effects during scene transitions. The way the time limit is enforced, with the approaching border of doom, is very suggestive, and the timing is in my opinion well calibrated: in the last levels, I always managed to finish  the level   after a couple of triesright at the last moment, which conveys the feeling of time urgency  without being too frustrating. The main issue is in fact the player movement control, which is somewhat clunky; I also kept being slowed down due to being stuck to the wall.

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Nice graphics and a very smooth and relaxing feel.

I really like the building visuals, but it is sometimes hard to understand their shape. Especially the ones which have some kind of platform in front of them with some sticks: since these sticks more or less align with the edges of the building I always think that the platform is below the building, and not in front. 

I agree that both being able to rotate  the buildings and zoom out to see the tower would be nice features.

Bug report: when selecting the building type, the incorrect building (or often none, at least from withing the visible ones) gets highlighted.

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The graphics are so adorable! I love them. And the little butterfly! The music is also really fitting. The crossing-the-road mechanic is fun and the hopping movement of the beaver feels very nice. A couple of issues I found: due to the size of the beaver steps, sometimes I couldn't align it in order to pick the items; there is some strange rotational behaviour when colliding with trees.

I quite like the humorous story and text in between the levels!  The music also fits really well. Regarding the gameplay itself,  while there are a few interesting sections, mostly it felt pretty straightforward, with too many canons which are just placed somewhere immediately without adding any challenge, just making the game cumbersome. Especially the last level was huge, but I guess it's ok from a story perspective and since it's the last level. But once again it was mostly just pushing canons around without much thinking. One exception was this section where *spoiler alert* it is possible and as far as I can tell necessary to exit the castle even though there is no visual indication of an exit. This quite intrigued me, is it intentional?

The idea is funny, but currently it feels too hard. I can barely ever click at the right time and when I do it just feels like it was a random success.

I'm glad you liked it! There's actually a solution for the second puzzle (the one before the logs) which is very easy to execute :) Something I thought it was very interesting about the game is the potential for the existence of multiple solutions, The puzzle with the logs might be a bit tricky perhaps, I'll have to perfect the mechanics. Thank you for the suggestions!