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Submitted by MiniChimera (@robsonsiebel), ycarowr (@lagrangespot) — 8 minutes, 52 seconds before the deadline
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Team Members
Robson Siebel (@robsonsiebel)
Ycaro Weschenfelder
Alberto palmieri

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Very repetitive but also very original! The idea of collecting colors to form pixels to light up tiles you will walk on is brilliant. :)

We too used Godot to make our game. It's a bit rough for some aspects, but very good in our opinion. And open source is the way to go :D


Very cool concept, it just took way too long to really achieve anything, and the complete lack of sound alongside having to press the space key continually made it really monotonous, it just needs some touching up and something real good will come out of this.


I really liked this concept and you made it with Godot! Extra points for that! Nicely done!


My first time with Godot, I loved it! A lot of godot love on this jame! =)


I was using 2 hands on my space bar, much quicker, haha. It seemed pretty solid and original. I especially liked your gloomy characters.

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

I find the concept of having to  somehow gradually earn the pixels of the game very interesting!  But in its current form the constant space pressing is indeed too tedious... Moreover I had some issues with weird collisions where no object is depicted.


Yeah we didn't have time to balance it, specially trading with the merchants takes too long. Thanks for the feedback!


I think you forgot to include the .pck for the Linux version.  Running it in terminal yields :

Error: Could not load game path '.'.


Damn, you're right. Added now, thanks for letting me know!


Had some technical problems, the game was mostly outside my screen :(

Developer (1 edit)

Did you put it on full screen?

edit: Ok, tested now, I uploaded a new version by mistake last night when I uploaded linux and mac builds. We were having this issue with fullscreen during testing in one monitor. I uploaded the previous build which is windowed! Sorry about that!


I really got into this, was wondering what would happen if I filled out the entire screen, but the first time I played I used up all my pixels and was unable to get anymore so I had to restart, I agree with the commenter below as well that it would benefit from letting you hold down the buttons to buy and mine - but nice work overall I liked it


Love the art + Very cool mechanic.


Nice visuals and backstory. Could be better if I could just hold down the space button to mine or transform the pixels, so I wouldn't need to keep clicking it a lot.


Thank you! The idea was to make it a bit of a "clicker" tye in the first area, but we ended up not adding the mouse input in the end. And then at some point we decided we wanted to make the pixel amounts precise (need 1024 to unlock a 32x32 tile on screen) and that fucked up the balancing, trading ends up taking too much time indeed!


Very interesting mechanic you had there.