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OK, but the image moving is pretty annoying. I do not see a reason why it should do that..

About the ascii, it was an issue with combining too many effects and exported image was not the same as image in PixaTool.

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Just bought your tool, seems awesome. But I encountered an annoying bug in windows 10, the picture moves when i change the pixelate parameters. ( both 32 and 64 bit versions) Hope you can fix this!

Edit: Also export does not work properly. I zoom in and the picture zooms out again before exporting, so i get wrong resolution. Export with e.g. ASCII does not work at all.

Sorry to hear that. I will try to fix this issue for my later projects

Thanks for your input, I agree that it could use some more levels and challenge. Was planning to add hazards like spikes and other traps. 

Had some technical problems, the game was mostly outside my screen :(

Over 17k followers after first selfie, some pretty good swag I must say!

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Thanks, I think i only spent around15 hours on this game. Wish I had more time that weekend, to add audio, more levels and other stuff :) I used the gamejam as a learning introduction to lighting in Godot. Will maybe transfer some concepts to my main project!